Mercenaries - Black Ops, Airborne Infantry

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    Just because.
  4. Hosp

    You guys still alive? If so, anyone there that I can PM about help w/ making a video?


    Jeez I take a break and the thread drops to oblivion, bumping us back to relevance.
  7. Pattyfathead1

    MERC - Great Dudes. Check em out. If you already have an outfit, Connery TR. Make sure you are part of The Terran Alliance!
  8. Pattyfathead1

    Thread needs some love. On it!

    Hit us up every Wed and Fri 6pm pst, any potential recruits are welcome to role with us for a test run.
  10. Pattyfathead1

  11. SNAFUS

    Check us out tonight, we'll be running a heavy focus on our vehicle play. And as always I'm always looking for new or old pilots to join our ranks.
  12. SNAFUS

    Friendly reminder to all our applicants, please make sure to apply on our forums, as your in game app will be ignored until that is done.
  13. SNAFUS

    Feel free to contact us in game to try us out every Wed and Fri 6pm PST.
  14. SNAFUS

    Join our airwing today!!!
  15. Pattyfathead1

    Same place. Same time. Wednesday Night and Friday Night. 6 - 9 PM PDT.

    Here is our most recent highlight reel.

  16. Pattyfathead1

    Well, might as well dust off our thread. Still going strong in game, just don't pay attention to this much. Recent gameplay below.

  17. Pattyfathead1

    We are still available to anyone playing TR that is looking for a tight knit group of people to go stomp the fields of Auraxis with.
  18. Pattyfathead1

    Welcome. Everyone new or that is coming back to check out the game. [MERC] is still out there going strong, and diving into the construction system, if anyone wants to join up. Head on over to and put in an application.
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  19. Pattyfathead1

    We are here for you Connery. If you need a TR outfit, look us up.
  20. llNomadll

    Great outfit. Recommended!