MBT too hard to kill?

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  1. Millsy

    At the moment tanks destroy tanks, obviously, and it's a good part of the game. But ESF also destroy tanks, if you leave the zerg you're likely to be quickly destroyed by an ESF, not so much fun.
    But infantry, wow. They have mines, grenades, homing missiles, dumb missiles, base turrets, eng turrets and C4. Why don't SOE give infantry armour piercing knives so they can stab tanks to death as well?
    Yes there are lots of tanks because SOE make it so everyone can have one, so everyone uses them to get from A to B, but they aren't what they ought to be in a game like this that's for sure :(
  2. Klondik3

    Shh, don't give them ideas...
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  3. Jaes

    Why not? I'd think that'd be hilarious.

    But on a serious note, the devs designed MBTs around the need to be supported by other units in order to be truly effective on the battlefield, not the all round one solution item to win the day. Modern warfare tactics dictate that tanks MUST be supported by infantry and air vehicle in order to assault a heavily fortified position because of everything that was stated by the OP. Lock on rocket launchers, Anti Tank Mines, hostile aircraft, and hostile tanks. If you continually use Paper when your Enemy is rocking Rock and Scissors, you're going to lose even if you manage to win against the Rock portion of your enemy's defenses.
  4. HellasVagabond

    Modern tanks bring down entire houses with their HEAT, ours do nothing.......If we had a more REALISTIC Tank i could care less about mines and C4 but we DON'T.....Too little blast radius, too slow, not enough traction to get to places every Tank should.....Generally the problems are countless.
  5. FateJH

    I don't see what you're complaining about. Vehicles have higher damage output and greater TTK than most things in this game.
  6. Jaes

    This isn't a military sim. It's definitely an awesome combined arms game, but not a sim. I don't want realistic tanks in this game. If I wanted realistic, I'd go boot up ARMA. Plus this game has enough optimization problems as it is and they want the battlefields to be completely persistent, the last thing I want is for vehicles to be able to destroy buildings and make infantry next to useless with no cover to hide behind.
  7. Klondik3

    Infantry can hide everywhere, every heavy assault carries rocket launcher and tank rounds have been nerfed so badly that HE rounds don't instakill infantry if you fire them at their feet. You need direct hit or two rounds. Might as well buy high caliber sniper rifle.
  8. Stormlight666

    Sniper rifle works wonders against lock-on groups of players. If people who gripe about HA's would spend the same amount of time sniping them as they do whining there'd be no HA sitting idle.
  9. Bill Hicks

    Wow tanks are too easy to kill ! if only there was a machine that could make a tank out of thin air.........
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  10. Klondik3

    Suuuuure. I'd appreciate if someone recorded one of those combined arms platoons which use tanks, infantry and aircraft in coordinated manner. I've never ever seen it and I'm playing since the game was released.
  11. Crashsplash

    I don't mind the turrets and the infantry with mines and C4 .... but the AV turrets are multiplying at present. They are becoming the new annihilators.
  12. Tuco

    We have "heavily fortified positions"?

    *Thermians look around*

  13. Klondik3

    Same can be said for infantry not costing resources, not having timer ( except few seconds) and being able to appear near deployed sunderer out of thin air. Not to mention droppodding.

    I want old HE shells back, but their ability to damage armor removed.
  14. Klondik3

    Everything is heavily fortified position after the explosion radius nerf.
  15. Tuco

    There are no "heavily fortified positions" without fieldworks such as the PS1 mines, PS1 spitfires, PS1 motion detectors, and PS1 cloaking AMS behind it all to provide infantry with a reliable spawn point.
  16. Jaes

    Amp Stations when your faction isn't being lazy as hell.

    They're extremely rare but they exist so I understand your doubts. I've yet to see videos of them myself and I've been playing since release, but if you care to look, you'll see them here and there... Granted you yourself wont be enjoying playing the game if you you do haha.
  17. Zapon

    i've heard stories that in PS1 it took teams of people to bring down a tank- and that it was really epic when tons of tanks showed up- and that they were NOWHERE near as easy to kill as in PS2.

    It makes me sad that i missed out on that and can't find that in this game. I'd like to have a good tank experience in a game aside from the ARMAs. Why can't PS2 be more realistic than arcadish(AKA like...for example , COD WaW tanks)

    The devs mentioned heavy tanks were eventually coming, and that gve me hope- but i think they're just going to do stuffl ike the railgun for the nc, the 4 barreled prowlers- which is a upgrade, not a heavy tank.

    Indeed tanks need infantry support sometime,s but not always

    There's a reason during some thunder runs we send in Bradleys with our M1's. And for the record, our M1's do remarkably well on their own. Things like Chobham ensure it.

    So why can't we have at least something similar in PS2? Why continue to only make more and more AV weapons? This is going to become infantry centric....
  18. Klondik3

    I see what you are saying and I agree with you. Infantry needs more equipment so they can dug themselves in and create proper defense perimeter.

    I'm talking about using tanks for breaking infantry stalemates. Nothing annoys me as fight which is going nowhere. Thats when I grab HE lighting and flush out heavies hiding behind cover. Now that is no longer possible. Guess only thing left is Sniperside.
  19. Serin

    Check out this FNO with 666

    I miss the steel rain!
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  20. HellasVagabond

    So PS2 needs to be realistic as far as C4 and mines go but not when it comes to Tanks ? Sure i am not talking making holes on the walls of buildings and such but right now things are ridiculous. 9 out of 10 times unless you do a direct HEAT hit you can't kill infantry. This has gone far beyond unrealistic. We would be more succesful if we threw rocks on people.