MAX Charge removed WTF

Discussion in 'MAX' started by whitescar911, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. Memmio

    if you walk in as Max, you will immediately get three rockets in face and two C4s to the backside
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  2. Zagareth

    This is still one of the worst changes for the MAX class - maybe we can get some kind of "Jumpjet backward" movement for the emergency? Push the button and you make a high jump backwards. Very good to escape roadkills or every other sudden threat.
    Currently, if you notice such a threat, you cant react in time - you are dead, before you move 2 steps.
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  3. Nenarch

    They made maxes more rare with resources, and took away charge (+ other nerfs).. let's just say and Still some ppl are complaining about them...

    I used max a bit, especially in big fights to push. Dunno they made game easier to play but that's what happens in all online games as people complain a lot. I'm a HA player, I like slow maxes but I was able to deal with charging maxes and never got angry because of an charge ability on them when I died…

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