Malevolents of Xibalba [MoX]

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Arch, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. FallenEncore

    MoX will be particapating against woodman and cobalt next sunday come join us and have some fun!
  2. Arch

    Finished our second Planetside video, and updating it to the first page

  3. FallenEncore

    mox we shoot stuff!
  4. Arch

    Are you looking for some hot drop action?

    Are you fed up of being stuck the meat grinder?

    Are you longing to be part of a great team with mature players?

    Do you like peanuts?

    If the answer is yes to any of the above, then come and join us in MoX. We only require you to be aged over 18 to be eligible for a trial with us. So come and join us in the peanut bus and see what MoX are about. We run open squads most evenings and welcome anyone to our squad, so stick with us and have some fun.
  5. Arch

    After a brief break MoX are back to support our fellow TR and annoy the hell out of the NC and VS.

    We are opening back up for recruitment so be on the look out for our public squads.
  6. Arch

    MOX participated in the first organised operation with the new TR alliance TRAC yesterday evening with great success. We mainly fought on Esamir, fighting in the south against the NC, and defending the Octagon, and the VS in the east around Eisa Techplant.

    After a failed push towards point D at the Octagon, MOX regrouped and equipped smoke and NV and pushed under the cover of a smoke screen, taking out the NC defenders as we crossed the open ground under the catwalks. We then proceeded into D and took it as it was now lightly held. Other TRAC forces, notably from BMC had now taken A and B, so we again used smoke and crossed over to the final point C to complete the recapture.

    At this point it was decided that the VS posed the greater threat and that to relieve the pressure on the tech plant, TRAC sent forces north to Mani biolab in an attempt to draw the VS away from Eisa. This was spear headed by GOON, with support from several smaller outfits including MOX. The initial attack went well with both A and B being captured quickly and the SCU shield generator disabled. The Vanu didn't disappoint, and began spawning in large numbers at Mani and pushed back to take A.

    The TRAC forces inside Mani were now dug in inside the building containing B and the SCU shield generator and were under constant attack from every angle. Zoe Maxes were pushing into every doorway and it was all we could do keep our own maxes up, with medics and engineers working flat out resurrecting and repairing, trying to keep our forces up long enough for reinforcements to arrive.

    And arrive they did! A force from PCG arrived on the south landing pad, and attacked the VS flank and took A. This took some of the pressure of the forces at B and allowed MOX to break out and reinforce A. The point itself switched back and forth a few times, but the TRAC forces refused to give ground and slowly pushed the VS back until we finally were able to send a flanking force around to C which drew enough VS away to push into the SCU, and destroy it, ending the battle.

    It was a great fight, with neither side willing to give up. In the end the superior coordination of the TRAC forces, and their ability to call for the reinforcements that tipped the balance is what won the fight. Some people will complain when one side is able to bring more numbers to a fight, but the population was at 50-55% TR for most of the fight, dipping to 40% while we were on the defensive, and hitting 62% when our reinforcements arrived. This was a good fight and shows what a great server Miller is, and what a great community we have here.

    If you are interested in joining an outfit that use tactics and works together as a squad to accomplish its goals, drop a message here, visit or join one of our open public squads in game.

  7. Arch

    We are still looking for players who are interested in squad tactics, and want to be part of a closely knit outfit. Join our open squads, or send an in game message to Archy or PirateCat. Alternatively visit our website at
  8. Mordus

  9. Arch

    Cheers Mordus, good fighting along side you guys again over the last month. Onwards and upwards for TRAC.
  10. Arch

    Sunday night is operations night, we'll be droping in to spoil the NC and VS party. Look out for our squad and send an ingame /tell to Piratecat or Archy if you want to get in on the action.
  11. Arch

    Fancy a smoke? Come join the MoX squad and see what we can do with a bit of smoke :)
  12. Arch

    PMSL when i saw the following from an NC in /Y chat while we were holding the balcony of a tech plant (think it was Tarwich) as the TR were attempting to capture it.


    It was a glorious fight, unfortunatly the VS were able to take the point back, but took another 5 minutes to remove MoX and the TR troops that had joined us on the balcony. Great fight and one of the best last stands we have done for a few months.

    New motto, 'If in doubt, smoke em out'
  13. Arch

    MoX are expanding to run combined arms squads, so we are looking for Tankers and Pilots to support our infantry operations, send a tell, post here, or visit our forums at
  14. Arch

    Were running more vehicles now but we are still looking for players who enjoy the vehicle side of things just as much as the infantry combat. Were particularly looking for players who are willing to act as close support for infantry in MBTs and Liberators.
  15. Arch

    Great fight on Amerish last night. Held off a VS air zerg, and held the NE flank while the TR were battling with the NC at Crux Headquaters. Nice to see fights everywhere again now that the WDS is over.
  16. Arch

    Tonight we are having an open platoon night, to show people what MoX is about.

    if your a TR player and always wanted to know what its like to be part of a coordinated group of players, or you have seen us around and wondered what makes us so special (our mommies told us so) look out for our squads tonight.

    We will make the experience as close to what our members can expect every evening in MoX, and all we require is you to follow your squad and stick together.
  17. OeXMoon

    Hey guys, I'm new on Planet Side 2 and would like to join you in your outfit, I'm 17 years old so i don't know if that will be alright with you. Thanks for letting me know
  18. Arch

    Hi OeXMoon and thanks for your interest in us. Unfortunately MoX have a strict over 18 policy. The reason we do this is that we have a private forum and some material may be unsuitable for anyone under 18. However you are welcome to join our public squads whenever you see them available, and if you prove to be a mature player we can see about inviting you to the ingame outfit.

  19. OeXMoon

    ok great thank you for your answer
  20. Arch

    Thanks for all of the people who joined in our open Platoon tonight, had a great time on Amerish with some great fights against the VS at Tumas Cargo.