Malevolents of Xibalba [MoX]

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Arch, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Arch

    Good nights action on Amerish tonight against the NC around West Pass and Cobalt Communications. I think we faced down the entire NC air armada trying to attack Heyoka with a squad of bursters. Not many made it through! Great fight on all sides, and much fun had by MoX members.
  2. Sovereign533

    Friendly hello from a WASP member that backstabbed a couple of your members ;)
  3. Arch

    Whats friendly about stabbing people in the back? Now a MAX punch to the face is the friendly way to greet your enemies :D
  4. nbuo2

    great guys to fight alongside,***** get kicked when MoX arrives
  5. Pirate Cat

    MoX AA squad in action over Amerish.

  6. Pirate Cat

    Public squads / platoons running many evenings at the moment. Come join in and be shouted at by a kitten on a power trip x

  7. Pirate Cat

    Join MoX, develop a smoking habit, collect amusing yells!

  8. Bvenged

    /yell Oi, PirateCat, give us back our amusing yells!
  9. Pirate Cat

    The Yells are mine precious, oh how they sparkle my pretties, yes they do. Hush now the nasty waspy man shan't have you my sweets.
  10. Pirate Cat

    MoX clears Wasp nest in Esamir.

    Recent reports from the Esamir front line indicate that the MoX outfit were successful in evicting a ruthless band of terrorists from the Aurora Materials lab. "The assault was a complete success" one MoX trooper said, "Like any domestic wasp nest the application of smoke makes these terrorists slow and easy prey for a republic trooper and his trusty Carv".

    An official report that the terrorists were taken by surprise by these tactics and were unable to react to a coordinated attack from an unexpected angle.

    Do you want to know more? MoX are recruiting today!

  11. Plastix

    It's been too long since I last played PS2 as seems like everything has changed... expect for the awesome team play when in a MoX squad! Some of those point holds the other night reminded my of the PS1 glory days back on Werner! Strength in unity!
  12. Arch

    MoX, holding your point since 2003 ;)
  13. Arch

    Got a Sundy need busting... Who you gonna call?

    MOX sundy BUSTERS! dropping from a gal near you :)
  14. Arch

    Bump for bumps sake.

    Also need more sunderers from the NC and VS to drop on.
  15. tekknej

    was getting a lot of frustrated tells and hack accusations from one of your members today. thanks for supplying :3
    though seriously, watch for his mental health, i am worried. hope he'll get well.
  16. Arch

    It would be helpful if you supplied the name?
  17. Arch

  18. Arch

    /bump because the nanites told me to :confused:
  19. Arch

    We are now training our newest members to be a part of our spec ops game play style. If your looking to learn and be part of a great team, then we could be just what your looking for. You can post here, apply in game, or visit our private forums at
  20. Bullborn

    Free peanuts on Galaxy rides! What's not to like?