[Suggestion] Magrider and other Balancing Suggestions (no Infil)

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  1. darktr00per4

    Ok, I have separated these items away from the prior thread because the prior one has become primarily about Infiltrators. This thread will be to discuss balancing ideas pertaining to these items here:

    1) Magrider Movement speed Needs to be adjusted. I see them moving at excessive speed around the map that completely outclasses other tanks. I get they should be maneuverable but this is extreme. They are the only tank that can find their way on to roofs and mountain tops with out needing to be dropped int as a war asset.. They need to be brought more inline with the other tanks and their abilities.

    2) VS Weapons - Lasher splash damage radius needs to be reduced. It has more splash damage radius than the thumper and having an entire squad with them is worse than a squad with HE. They do not have drop over range and have plenty of ammo to spam splash damage through out a room. Great for the VS not so much for anyone playing against them.

    3) C4 - please change C4 to a class specific item such as for LA only instead of giving it to everyone and their mother on this game. It would help bring more class importance to the game instead of zerg with heavy and medic.
    Please refrain from idiotic toxic reddit behavior here as these are issue that need to be talked about and agreed upon by the community so we can come up with a solution.

  2. Botji

    I would like to know why you think Magriders need their movement speed nerfed, mobility is quite literally the only thing they have that they can use to try and create advantages with. Magrider loses by default to both Prowlers and Vanguards in a 'trade' scenario.

    How are Magriders supposed to gain a 1-2+ shot advantage on other MBTs if you reduce their mobility more in line with the others?

    There are already 30-40% less Magrider users than Prowler/Vanguard users on a daily basis, in other words you would have to increase the number of people using Magriders by 50-60% to reach a similar number of MBTs on the other factions, nerfing wont achieve that unless your suggestion is to reduce their mobility but relatively speaking, massively buff their combat effectiveness so they are "more in line" with the others there too.

    And yes these are actually quite accurate numbers, last Saturday(22 July) there were:

    929 unique users for the Vanguard main weapons, 857 Prowlers and 575 Magrider users.
    These are pretty much the daily ratio, NC/TR trades places every now and then as the faction with the most but VS is constantly 30-40% below them.

    If you ask me there is a very good reason for the lack of people using Magriders and it has nothing to do with them being good since its more the complete opposite.
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  3. darktr00per4

    Here's a good reason or video of several reasons why. it falls completely out of line of other tanks and the capability's. stats or not is see far more Magriders than I see TR prowlers or NC Vanguards on most play sessions I have on peak hours. Vehicle combat has been hindered mostly due to the redeployside game mechanics that have been brought in but that's for another discussion. I would rather see the Mag get a buff in survivability than the current ridiculous mobility it currently has. Nerf mobility, increase survivability. The Mags weapons are plenty strong being on the receiving end of many of the main and gunnery weapons. I get sniped more from Mag secondary and main guns than any other tank on the field.
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  4. Aris12

    The content of this video is outrageous.
    I'm from Connery, and the most BS that I have seen VS Magrider griefers pull off is reaching the landing pads of guard towers.
    I have never seen something like being able to hop from one Galaxy to another, let alone transport a Magrider to the top of a Bastion. If you try to transport Prowlers, Vanguards, or Lightnings via Galaxy like that, they fall-off almost immediately.
    The parts where the griefer magburns off the cliff of Oshur to swat Mosquitoes/Reavers is also ridiculous.

    As it pertains to MBT vs. MBT:
    The scenario that I've dealt with the most (being on the receiving end of that) is what is shown in 3:30-3:46. Here's a summary:
    • (3:30) Magrider lands a "cheese" side shot on Vanguard using Supernova FPC and discontinuously retreats into concealment by using ~15% Magburner, dodging a Titan 150 AP while at it.
    • (3:34) Magrider uses another ~20% Magburner to discontinuously peek out of concealment and pokes Vanguard on the side again with Supernova FPC.
    • (3:35) Vanguard (which must be at about 63% health) decides to push out of concealment. Shields-up in the process. After a delay due to the terrain forcing the Vanguard turret to aim high above ground, Vanguard fires a volley consisting of E540 Halberd + Titan 150 AP. Both shots miss (owing to the difficulty of re-adjusting aim + Magrider's weird strafing).
    • (3:36) Magrider pokes Vanguard a third time from the side using Supernova FPC. Pokes Vanguard a little more with Light PPA.
    • (3:37) Magrider uses ~80% Magburner to discontinuously initiate a flank of the Vanguard side,
    • (3:38) Magrider (in the middle of the flank/boost) uses *whatever it's name is* to instantly replenish Magburner to 100%.
    • (3:39) Magrider pokes Vanguard a fourth time from side using Supernova FPC.
    • (3:39) Vanguard fires a salvo of E540 Halberd + Titan 150 AP, this time, the salvo hits bringing Magrider to 60% health.
    • (3:40) Magrider uses ~100% Magburner to discontinuously retreat back into concealment.
    • (3:43) Vanguard's gunner poke's Magrider with E540 Halberd as the latter is concluding the retreat maneuver. The hit is received from the side, but because of either clientside or the directional armor on the Magrider the shot is processed as having gone through front armor. Magrider is at ~44% health.
    • (3:45) Vanguard shield wears off.
    • (3:45) Magrider pokes Vanguard from the front with Supernova FPC, this is a killing blow
    What's messed up:
    • The Magrider won with a hybrid loadout (AV primary, AI secondary), whereas the Vanguard was geared for anti-armor (AV primary, AV secondary).
    • Magrider did not need to leverage any terrain or long range, the engagement was for the most part CQC on flat terrain.
    • Basically, it killed a Vanguard head-on in what is supposed to be the most favorable condition for a Vanguard. You can't win head-on like that against a Vanguard with a Prowler, Chimera, Battle Bus, and sometimes 2 Lightnings.
    Granted, the Vanguard driver made two mistakes:
    • Recklessly pushed out of cover.
    • Allowed himself to get hit TWICE from the side prior to shielding.
    • Missing. We gotta cut him slack here because of the Magburner rubber-banding motion.
    What I would have done had I been the driver:
    • Align chassis with initial cover, retreat to more favorable cover such that my aligned chassis doesn't project beyond the cover.
    • Monitor the enemy Magrider using 3rd-person camera.
    • Play peek-a-boo.
    • The moment I score my first hit and Magrider scores their first miss, I bomb rush.
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  5. Aris12

    This is not currently quantifiable.
    The statistics needed to make a solid argument from "the numbers" are not (to my knowledge) tracked.
    We need metrics along the lines of:
    • MBT1 vs. MBT2, (i.e., Vanguard vs. Magrider, Prowler vs. Magrider, Vanguard vs. Prowler, Chimera vs. Prowler, etc.)
    • Shots fired by MBT1 at MBT2 and vice versa.
    • Shots hit/missed by MBT1 at MBT and vice versa.
    • Average KDR of MBT1 on MBT2 and vice versa.
    The best I could find on Voidwell was "MBT Primary Vehicle KPU" (https://voidwell.com/ps2/oracle?sta...,4008&startDate=2016-07-08&endDate=2023-07-26). Looks like Supernova FPC leads, on occasion being rivaled by P-120-AP. Both Supernova FPC and P 120 AP consistently beat Titan 150 AP across the years in Vehicle KPU.
    If you look up Vehicle KPH, the trend reverts: (https://voidwell.com/ps2/oracle?sta...,4008&startDate=2016-07-08&endDate=2023-07-26)

    Otherwise, I can only offer "my personal experience."

    Right now, Magburner + Hover + Strafe is tripling as a shield, a sword, and then some.
    The Magburner makes it so that opponents forcibly miss shots ("shield").
    The Magburner lets you reach tall cliffs from which you may poke enemy tanks but not be poked back ("shield/sword").
    But because you're also moving (into better position), you presumably get line of sight to your opponent's side/rear armor ("sword").

    "Then some"
    • Stabilized turret (i.e. there is no moving chassis that throws your 1st-person aim off).
    • 1 vs. 1 play out so that Magrider only takes hits on the Front armor.
    • Low-profile peeking.
    • You cannot be rammed by other MBTs (save for one in a million fringe cases).
    • Can shoot through terrain on downwards slopes.
    • Can "nope" out of unfavorable fights whereas Vanguard, Prowler, Lightning, Chimera must commit to fight to the death.
    • You never get stuck on rocks or slopes.
    • Have access to locations that would require sacrificing an ANVIL to access if you wanted any other ground vehicle (save for Javelin).
    • Oshur can be coped with, you can traverse water faster, and recover from falls off the cliffs.
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  6. Liewec123

    its so very rare to click on a "magrider changes" thread and and not have some ubernoob rank 1
    asking for buffs to the best performing MBT. (Magrider)

    yep 100% agreed a well played Magrider absolutely demolished Prowlers and Vanguards,
    and VS will always overplay how much effort it takes to learn to become good with Magrider,

    i was beating the occasional 2/2 MBTs as a solo maggy fairly early on, its pretty damn simple,
    stay at range, dodge their shots, land your own, everything about mag makes this easy,
    it reverses fast allowing you to stay at range.
    it has crazy good agility and strafing allowing you to dodge shots.
    it has much more stability over bumpy terrain than its opponents and ZERO recoil allowing you to easily land shots.

    magrider simply has no skill ceiling,
    while vanguard has an exceptionally low skill ceiling and prowler isn't too far behind.
    if you are a half decent player, you will do better with maggy than you can do with vanguard/prowler.

    personally though i wouldn't nerf magrider, nerfs suck, i would buff vanguard (and prowler by a tiny bit).
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  7. FlashBang

    The op doesn't actually test stuff he just feels it or in this case watches a video. The video makes me feel like I should start using a mag instead of a lightning.
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  8. darktr00per4

    Are you going to add to the discussion or continue to create pointless toxic reddit like posts? You are not helping to fix the situation or to even make any suggestions your just being a typical reddit user on a non-reddit forum.

    There are several videos showing the mobility is excessive and broken in some aspects. This isn't just a fluke video Not to mention its what I see every time I am in the game playing anywhere near armor.
  9. Botji

    You always see Vanguards with around 700 kills total on their AP and it being their most used tank weapon?
    They also fight Magriders with over 40 000 kills on just their AP alone?

    And what you take away from those fights is:
    "Man, the Vanguards deserve to win! The Magrider only won because its absurd mobility!"

    Yeah im sure the thousands of hours difference in experience barely mattered at all, it was the Magrider doing most of the work for them. The Vanguard driver that barely could control their vehicle, ramming into walls and not even facing the enemy with the shield surely deserves to win that fight.

    The truly ridiculous thing is that if the Vanguard did not miss near point blank shots, which is 100% a user mistake, not something a Magrider can 'dodge' because unlike popular belief they are not faster than a tank shell and even less so when its clientside, then the Vanguard would actually have won that fight.

    It missed at least 2 shots, even to the front of a Magrider that is 2550 damage. At the end the Magrider had 2285 health left, it would never have been able to fire the killing shot.

    Again, I do not really see the "Nerf Magriders!" having any reason aside from "It killed me so...."

    If you constantly see these top 1% Magriders and they are killing you, do you have a similar or at least somewhat comparable stats/experience to make the claim that you are losing because the Magrider is too good rather than the other player simply having about a hundred times more experience than you?

    You did say that this is not a fluke and this is what you see when you play so I have to ask because believe it or not, thats not anything like a 'average' Magrider if the stats were not obvious enough.
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  10. Aris12

    It's not a skill issue.
    Fighting Magriders is annoying.
    Magriders can force an engagement to be a stalemate.
    There are more outrageous such videos. Below, however, the heroes are swapped for the villains.

    The "driver not being able to control their vehicle" is actually a balancing mechanism. The thing that keeps the Vanguard shield in check is built-in clunkiness by design. It's the only way that other tanks may score kills on Vanguards.

    To enable the clunkiness, the Vanguard is handicapped in four ways:
    • (1) Lethargic acceleration (Crutch can be removed by certing Racer chassis).
    • (2) Lethargic turning (Crutch can be removed by certing Rival chassis).
    • (3) Longest chassis + turret is not flush with either front (like Magrider's) or back (like Prowler's, Lightning's, or Chimera's),
    • (4) The utility of its ability (shield) is coupled to the hit-points available. No such coupling is present in Magrider's Magburner or Prowler's Barrage or Anchor.
    Why are these, "handicaps" ?
    • (1) Would-be-prey (i.e., vehicles that Vanguard gets the jump on) likely to escape and Vanguard unlikely to catch-up. The exception, of course, head-on collisions or making turns that lead into one.
    • (2) Same reason as (1).
    • (3) Makes Vanguard ineffective at peeking and gives it an unnaturally accessible hitbox.
    • (4) Vanguard's ability can (practically) be nullified. Thanks to Wrel, the current shield is resistance-based as opposed to the old hit-point-based. If a Vanguard is low on health, the shield is next to useless. Whereas before, the shield produced utility even if the health was low (you know, like Prowler and Magrider continue to benefit from today).
    So, basically, the Vanguard is a dumb bomb-rush tank.

    I disagree. It's not 100% user mistake. You must predict the curvature of the motion, not just the instantaneous motion. If I see a Prowler moving far in the distance, I'll account just the instantaneous motion, I'll do ranging, I'll do leading, *click*, *bang*, *dink*. Prowler reacts to getting shot by stopping abruptly. Reverses, stops again, shoots back, moves forward, stops again, shoots, reverses again (but not as much as before), stops, maybe it reverses more, maybe it moves forward more. The correct leading + ranging for hitting this Prowler is no longer predictable, it has curvature. So, do I lead , or do I actually start trailing? "Trailing", wtf? Yes, I've had engagements were I had to do the opposite of leading to hit.

    Mathematically, I can only shoot within acceptable error bounds as long as I am close enough. There will be a distance at which whether my shots hit is a matter of chance. This distance depends on the maximum curvature that my target may generate. Aircraft, particularly ESFs, generate the most curvature and are the toughest flyers to hit. This is why, to them, getting sniped from ultra-far away is outrageous (typically, a lucky shot). For ground vehicles, the greatest curvatures are, in ascending order, Sunderer < Vanguard < ANT < Lightning < Prowler << Harasser <<< Javelin < Magrider. Magrider's curvature (Magburner go brrrrt!) is soo great, that the luck/skill boundary distance can easily be within CQC range. We've seen this in the video.

    Here's my personal Vanguard stats according to Voidwell:
    I also have some personal Prowler stats (same source). I don't play Prowler as much.
    Am I your average Vanguard/Prowler player?
    Can my complaints get a little more weight?
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  11. Botji

    They do but it begs to question where is your Magrider stats and why are you acting like the Vanguard has like a 100m turn radius if you think the Vanguard in the video would have been unable to turn and face the Magrider, without ramming into the wall, as well as missing near point blank shots somehow being expected?

    If you cant hit a Magrider at that range I can only assume you simply walk away from the computer if a Javelin starts fighting you because there is no way you are going to be hitting that if you are unable to aim centre mass on a Magrider up close and personal.

    Sorry to say but if this is the expected level if I were to fight you I would probably beat you with a Javelin but somehow I doubt you would fail to hit a Javelin or a Magrider at these distances. It just seems unlikely, kinda like someone being a sweaty infantry main with several tens of thousands of kills making absurd claims like they cant aim for headshots if it benefited them to make those claims.

    Could be true but seems really unlikely and would be tragic if it was, being stuck at pretty much entry level skill despite sinking thousands of hours into it would kinda suck.

    But yeah now I am curious about your Magrider usage.
    Since those two characters are Aris12, Aris14 and both on Connery could it be that Aris13 that is also on Connery and fittingly is a VS character could be yours too?

    a.... br14 character with seemingly around 15 total kills using a Magrider.
    See its stuff like this that makes these threads make some sort of sense because the only way anyone can legit think the Magrider needs even more nerfs to its mobility, its one and only way of fighting, are people who have not really used it.

    But lets ignore the super blatant faction bias we have going on here and lets focus on something constructive. Lets pretend that we have a good reason to nerf the Magrider mobility even more, what, is, the, compensation?

    Surely the goal cant be to make it a floating XP pinata just slowly sliding around the place? More than it already is I mean.

    Its already one of the slowest vehicles in the game excluded the boost ofc, it has no advantage with durability like a Vanguard and the DPS is pathetic compared to a Prowler so what are you planning on giving the Magrider in return for giving up its only way to fight and survive?

    No one has even attempted to say anything on this even though I think this is the 3rd time I bring it up.
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  12. UberNoob1337101

    Here's some stats from Voidwell

    Overall kills of HESH for MBTs and Lightnings :

    Overall anti-vehicle performance of AP MBTs and Lightinings:

    Interesting, despite having less uniques Perihelon pre-nerf and FPC are at the top of VKPU.
    Also interesting is that HESH is pulled in comparable amounts, yet for most of the year Magrider VPC has the highest KPH and Kills per Unique...

    From personal experience : Magriders are pure cancer but also very fun to use.

    It seems much more an issue of how abilities are made for tanks rather than how big the numbers are :

    Vanguard - Shield that you activate, very simple, can't be played around except by baiting it's use. Mostly compensates for it's slowness.
    Prowler - Reload buff ability and deployment with instant undeployment for buffs, again, can't be played around. Buffs mostly compensate for low velocity and slow reload time.
    Magrider - Dashing around with turbo, potentially game-breaking and dodge-tanking isn't bound to limits like HP and DPS.
    I'll just add this : Magriders definitely have a higher skill ceiling because innate strafing ability (and lack of ground contact for lower profile) lets them dodge shots a lot easier esp at range, and use of magburner and recharge lets them pull off things like climbing up slopes of mountains which you can't play against as a MBT/Lightning driver.

    I wouldn't mind if Prowlers and Vanguards got comparable skill ceilings, or similar creative ability that depends more on the skill of the user.

    Stop calling me out hehehhehehhehe.
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  13. Ps2 player

    Those two magriders, i kill them both occasionally. they arent OP just based off a VIDEO. Feel free to ask em both.
    you can literally drop pod a prowler or Vanguard the same places where these magriders are going either way.

    what server are you from?
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  14. darktr00per4

    I am on emerald. The only side note to that is you have to drop pod them in which cost outfit resources where as you can do it freely whenever at the cost of just the vehicle with a Magrider. I am not suggesting this because I'm killed all the time by them while it is annoying, Usually once we encounter a large group of Magriders we just redepoy and take the fight somewhere else or pull out every lock on launcher we have. Which is fine for us but kills the vehicle fights because very few people on TR or NC like fighting the side strafing tanks, especially when they randomly fly to the top of a mountain that other tanks cant get to or on top of buildings and pads.
  15. FlashBang

    M8 I mean this in the nicest way but get of the forums and learn how to play. No one is shrinking away from madrigers outside of you and your friend. Your just such a narcissist/solipsist so you think they do.

    Make a video of people fleeing from you in the mighty madriger plz lol.
  16. Aris12

    To your point, the Vanguard in the video messed up, I called 'em out in my original reply.
    Now, why would your typical noob mess up like that? Notice that the Vanguard traversed in a straight line for a little bit.
    The likely reason he didn't turn is because he was (probably) aiming from 1st-person and didn't want the turning to throw off his 1st person aim. If I had been him, I would have in fact turned and face the Maggie head-on. My aim, however, would have been from 3rd person. Why? Because the 3rd-person camera stabilizes the turret. In 1st-person, your aim is coupled to the movement of your chassis. Most noobs are likely aiming from 1st person and quickly learn to stop turning the chassis so they can aim. Magrider's are spared from this because they aim with their chassis.
    In recent memory, I take no more than 3 shots to get a Javelin. I will hit them, but, there are always those lucky one ones that just piss me off. I hate it when they happen to rubber band (boost) right before my reload completes. You can't neglect them (or Flashes) because they boast substantial alpha-strike. Magrider makes me more nervous because they get to rubber band at least twice, they may rubber band more if they effectuate partial magburns (we saw this in the video).
    Yeah, the low skill ceiling is a thing for all the treaded/wheeled tanks. The best you can do after sinking the hours into them is to perfect your aim, movement, and positioning. That's it. Exotic flanking abilities are not a thing that the treaded/wheeled tanks can do.
    I don't own the "Aris13" name unfortunately. I do have a VS alt that I log into ocassionaly for Infantry play.
    Full disclosure, I don't play Magrider at all, getting to play the Prowler was daunting because I had to grind certs.
    Basically, I don't plan on playing Magrider because I don't want to grind certs again (now, if I were allowed to transfer certs from my NC main to my VS alt and fully cert a Magrider, I'd give it a try).
    I would like it if NC/TR get their own hover tank and VS gets a treaded tank.
    The Magrider is fundamentally different from what the other factions have, it has never been an apples to apples comparison.

    Alternatively, I wouldn't nerf the Magrider, rather, buff the other tanks.
    • (1) FFS stabilize the first-person turrets.
    • (2) FFS remove the soap coating that all hills have.
    • (3) EITHER: Buff projectile speeds so that we don't have to lead as much.
    • (4) OR: Allows us to re-fire faster (nerf alpha strike, buff reload speeds).
    Regarding (4), basically, I've been wanting to use the Titan 150 HEAT, but man, Wrel under-delivered the buff for that weapon soon after the new MBT guns were introduced. We were promised 275 m/s speed for that gun but only got 250 m/s. And, we were promised 300 m/s for the Titan 150 AP, but it remained at 275 m/s. Why do I want to use HEAT? Because it would let me one-tap (most) infantry, (most) Flashes, (most) Javelins, (most) ESFs much faster than what I can do with AP. Man, I hate flak/composite armor on these things.
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  17. darktr00per4

    Thanks for continuing to not contribute to the conversation. Really doing well at not being a community member.

    Thanks to everyone that came to contribute and voice their opinions.
  18. Demigan

    nope nope nope.
    What we need is the overall capabilities, not MBT vs MBT. There's many threats out there, from infantry to Harassers to Sunderers to the great equalizer that is the Lightning. Focusing on just MBT vs MBT means you create a giant gaping hole between the factions if one tank is simply better at hunting down Sunderers for example (say a tank that floats and can get into more positions than the other vehicles). And we actually do have those, we used PS2alerts repeatedly and showed that on a per Magrider pull basis, it and the Prowler got the most vehicle kills.
    The Vanguard got the least by a significant margin, while also having the shortest lifespan.
    Also compared to population the last time I checked the Magrider was pulled just as much per player as the other two MBT's. Also checked through PS2alerts.
    Also also the VS "superior skills" that most VS players will immediately through out evaporate when using carbon-copy weapons like snipers, shotguns or NS weapons on NS vehicles. This signals the VS not having more skill but simply better weapons. It's especially telling that some of the "worst VS weapons" are actually not doing worse than their counterparts. Most of the VS noped out when they had a discussion about their "horrible LMG arsenal needed to get the Betel" and I pointed out that the LMG's supposedly so bad didn't actually lag behind the counterpart weapons on the other factions.
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  19. Ps2 player

    you must not see how they even go to the places they go. VXIVITCH or whatever his alien name is and Variable valve timing know me quiet well as i kill them frequently while they are doing such things, so you can actually thank me for that as i am the guy who deletes the sweatiest of players who think they are unkillable.

    they drive their magriders ontop of a galaxy from the warpgate, and it takes them well over 5-10 minutes just to get to their destinations where you seen them be at. some of those areas they can easily drift up slopes where a galaxy isnt needed.

    all it takes is a flak harrasser to ruin their attempts.

    also if you ever bothered to be in the vehicle game, there are TR and NC vehicle mains that do the same. 784 TR, GOLD NC. the magriders are no different then those sweaty vehicle mains, its all skill, and just cause somone took the time and effort to be good at what they do, doesnt mean they need to be nerfed. its a combat team fighting game, also, TR and NC are usually peabrains, most lack the skill to begin with to counter those magriders and they continue to do their farming and stay away from the VS which is exactly why the VS have been winning 90% of the alerts on emerald., hence why you see magriders as you claim in big groups just roaming free.
  20. Aris12

    I didn't know about PS2alerts. Thanks for letting me know (respect +).
    Just checked it out.
    I am really looking forward to that Vehicle vs. Vehicle matrix that they claim "is coming soon."
    Maybe you're right. I guess I'm an MBT purist.
    Anyhow, I went to (https://ps2alerts.com/), selected "Vehicles", and then "Any" (for "Server") and "All" (for "Activity Level") for the two big boxes. Here are the numbers I got:
    • Vehicle Kills: 3,185,246
    • Infantry Kills: 4,945,500
    • Vehicle Deaths: 1,085,312
    • Infantry Deaths: 375,091
    • K/D: 5.57
    • Suicides: 78221
    • Vehicle Kills: 3,943,940
    • Infantry Kills: 6,127,693
    • Vehicle Deaths: 1,414,425
    • Infantry Deaths: 554,238
    • K/D: 5.12
    • Suicides: 42134
    • Vehicle Kills: 3,663,358
    • Infantry Kills: 5,276,126
    • Vehicle Deaths: 1,419,901
    • Infantry Deaths: 576,207
    • K/D: 4.48
    • Suicides: 41,975
    • I'm not sure how the site calculates K/D. From a "back of the envelope calculation", it looks like they do (V-Kills + I-Kills)/(V-Deaths + I-Deaths) = K/D.
    • Vanguard has lowest KDR, Vehicle Kills, and Infantry Kills. The reason for this, is that I can't carry the entire NC, #NC scrubz git gud.
    • Vanguard and Prowler boast more Infantry kills than Magrider. I think this is because NC/TR MBT mains are more likely to wieid E540 Halberd (one-taps infantry that don't wield Flak armor) as part of their AV load out, whereas Magriders favor the Saron HRB for AV. Also, Prowler has two cannons, that's why it has substantially more Infantry kills than Vanguard.
    • For a vehicle that doesn't have Shield or Barrage, Magrider has the highest K/D. Passive gameplay? I think this is the Magburner at play. Got ambushed? No problem! *hold shift to GT-FO* <-The "-" is needed to fool a remarkably lame profanity filter.
    • What is up with Magriders commiting suicide? Are they all dying trying to do Magburner parkour?
    • There's more data than this, fetch more before drawing conclusions.