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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Collin, Aug 31, 2015.

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  1. Collin

    Seems like the HA is not getting balanced and VS stays with the Betel and Orion as starter weapon. I am kind of shocked i have to say because just to see the Betelgeuse perfroming in a way it is at them moment is just insane.

    I do predict after the release of the new AV weapons, if that ever happens or we get a change in the Roadmap again for TREES 2.0, we will see a huge shift to the VS. For me its kind the tip of the iceberg to move to the easy side. Who is moving as well and why?
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  2. Ragnarox

    Actually VS need lots of buffs to have OP weapons like TR does. Satisfied?
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  3. Elkybam

    Would rather buff all the other weapons but the most useless ones to create diversity, as I don't like to be killed by the same go-to gun that is recommended by elites. Each weapon is created to match a particular situation, but if one gun is a do-it-all, I can only see wasted efforts on "art" (recycled parts lol) and coding. As much as I would like to see this happen, I understand that the devs are not willing to place themselves at a position to spend long periods of time coding the other weapons, but do not want a firestorm if Orion gets nerfed and so on.
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  4. Taleroth

    The Betelgeuse is a starter weapon, now?
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  5. Isokon

    Ah, I see you got an elaborate plan to bring down VS performance...:D
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  6. Elkybam

    fixed an edit
  7. OldMaster80

    Did you realize the lmg tuning patch would eventually BUFF the Orion / Betlegeuse? They would be even more precise than they already are. The 0.75 nerf would affect only like 5% of fights.
    The way to balance that thing is to change strafe acceleration so players can't change direction that fast anymore.

    For the rest of the patch yes, that's pretty sad. Some lmgs are clearly not where they should be.
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  8. Scorpion97

    If .75 would effect ONLY 5% of the fights then why are you guys crying so much about it??!
  9. Villanuk

    Its the haves and the have nots.
  10. Collin

    I am more talking about you grind though the weapons and get the butcher or do you want the betel.

    The betelgeuse is overperforming its not even funny but the devs dont do anything about it.

    Its REALLY unfunny to be on the recieving end since ZOE 2.0

    ZOE 2.0 you heard it all as well:

    Learn to play. We are better orginised. We have the better players. Its unique to the VS aso

    But we will see when the AV hammer is falling and the last real TR gun is falling to the vs because why not give it to them all
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  11. OldMaster80

    Forumside: where small problems turn into a huge cataclysm due to mass hysteria.

    Personally I think the 0.75 issue does actually exist but it's not as tragic as many pretend it to be. And the solution is not to remove 0.75 ads from lmgs.
    Make strafe movements more realistic and 0.75 weapons will feel more balanced all at once.
  12. Collin

    Explain me why the VS HA is performing about 20 % better then TR and NC?
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  13. Naphemil

    Many reasons that may or may not be true:
    1. We have more skilled players
    2. We have more players playing HA
    3. The use of our 'easy mode' weapons allows us to have a better KDR compared to TR/NC
    4. We have more accurate weapons so that further helps those players with poor aiming
    5. We have a pretty legit directive weapon (betelgeuse)
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  14. OldMaster80

    Probably because their best gun is the starter gun so it's very common.
    Personally I feel like I die a lot by Orion more because it's bloody precise than because my target is moving a lot. Thus I don't think removing the 0.75 would make such a difference.
    Applying instead the changes of LMGs tuning patch would make those weapons even better. Personally I'm afraid the counterbuffs to balance the 0.75 would make them even more OP.
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  15. customer548

    Aren't you all tired of spamming the same useless daily thread since 1.5 or 2 years ?
    Just play the damn game instead of whining and whining to death.
    Seriously, learn to aim, choose your weapons and adapt.
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  16. Bindlestiff

    So let us assume that they removed 0.75 from the Orion and Betelgeuse. What will you cry about then with regard to these weapons when the stats still show they are excellent, and still very well used? Do you honestly believe that 0.75 ADS is the deal breaker in every fight? How many 1v1 fights do you find yourself in where your opponent is VS, is HA, is using either Betelgeuse or Orion, is ADS, and absolutely nothing / nobody else is shooting at you or doing anything that could possibly sway the fight against you (such as sensors or people on TS)?

    It is a shame that the removal of the 0.75 ADS isn't going through (yet) because the level of hysteria, as has already been mentioned in this very thread, is nothing short of ridiculous.
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  17. Collin

    no because i see TR and NC get out of balance more and more. ES stuff for TR got nerfed into the oblivion. TR weaponary is going over to the VS. Banshee got nerfed to hell and the striker is well its the striker. Fractures are a joke and now we get four of them on a tank. I mean the devs have humour i have to say that. VS HA is one of the most unbalanced things in game and make this problem even more problematic. The DEVS promised an LMG balance pass. As we heard by yesterday it got scrapped because of reason.

    The Betelgeuse the Butcher and the Godsaw are so far apart you can fly a spaceshuttle through them but nothing is been done. Its really frustrating to see this. I think in each thread i see from the VS asking for anything i will just meantion the betelgeuse.
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  18. Collin

    we will never find out.

    Same could have been said of the:

    Tank HE

    Again reading and understanding is not a strong part of VS. I will try it more slowly. I am asking for an LMG Balance pass. Removing or maybe giving some weapons 0,75 movement could be a part of it. Or maybe leave the Orion alone and just nerf the Betel. Or just buff the carv and saw + the directive weapons.

    But well it got scapped and trust me i will remind the VS from time to time that SKILL is not a part of their Empire thing. Its the usage of OP stuff: A VS would not take a gun unless its totaly OP : quote higby
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  19. Zombo

    are you really that biased? you really blow my mind

    why don't you try playing VS for a change and see how "OP" all these things are? i can allready tell by your attitude that you are only playing TR in a big BRTD Zerg on Miller and nothing else, and are just angry that DIG always has the bigger zerg and forces you away
  20. Collin

    BRTD Zerg thats funny we do have most of the time like 10 players online but farming DIG you really don´t need anything.

    And that quote is from Higby and what blows my mind is the OPness of the Betelgeuse
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