Last rank of the medic gun worth?

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Swooped, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. Swooped

    I've been playing the medic a lot lately and have it at the 5 rank. Is the last 500 cert rank worth it of would it be better to invest in revive grenades or something.
  2. Regpuppy

    Yes, I'd highly recommend it. Faster revive, better range, and the guys you revive stand up with full health. Both you and the person you revive will be happier for it.

    Then you get your revive grenade, which while potentially lucrative in short bursts. Doesn't stack up as much against a maxed medic tool, in the long run.
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  3. Crayv

    Very much worth it. The faster revives and not having to heal them up after said revive means you can revive very quickly and at full health.

    Revive grenades are nice but they do cost resources to use and in the Med Tool is free.

    The last rank of the healing aura is also nice and would recommend it as well.
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  4. ThePropain

    Maxing out your revive tool should always be your first priority.
    You are very vulnerable to attack with your tool out, so you want to always have the least time possible. And trust me, there is a notable difference in revive speed between the 100 cert level and the 500 cert one.

    Max it out first, then get the revive grenades.
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  5. Swooped

    I got and have been using it. No regrets, thanks for the advice.
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  6. DoomFruit

    Definitely. I don't accept <100% health revives when there are still enemies around.
  7. Vortok

    Arguably the single best upgrade in the game for any class/vehicle and worth every cert it costs and then some.
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  8. Matt879

    It's the best 500 certs you'll ever spend. The amazing improvements pay themselves back very fast. Also, a note on the revive grenade. A lot people will tell you to max grenade bandolier as soon as possible to get as many revive grenades as you can. I completely disagree with this. Revive grenades are effective on only a few select situations, and they help out your team in even fewer situations. Reviving 15 people only for them all to get gunned down by the people that killed them is pointless.

    A situation where it's useful (i.e. room of teammates gets wiped out, you manage to push back in with a few teammates and then use your nade to revive them all) presents itself far too rarely. Usually there are other medics around, and picking up the teammates with the applicator is faster in that situation. I'm not saying that you should use frags, because a medic does need that revive grenade for when a useful situation does come along, but such situations almost NEVER come along multiple times in one life. What is however very useful as a medic is flak armor. At rank 4/5 it makes you very resistant to explosives, and usually you're the one to survive when all the teammates fall to their death around you, allowing you to pick them up with your applicator or your one revive grenade if you feel like it.

    I used grenade bandolier on my medic for the 2 hours of the mergersmash because this was requested by the leaders. I threw exactly one revive grenade during the entire smash, in every other situation my applicator did the job just fine. Flak armor would have been so much better, and I really hope that there are some other medics that have come to the same conclusion.
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  9. DatVanuMan

    Revive homies in 2 seconds or less with full health, and enjoy the certs:D
    I love seeing the medic icon on my death screen, coming to revive me, and when it is no where near my skull and just begins to resuscitate me, I begin to chuckle. NS did it againXD
  10. \m/SLAYER\m/

    if you limited with certs, you can delay with it, upgrade Nano-Regen Device - and you will revive+heal=more certs
  11. AngersRevenge

    yes, when ya got the certs to do it. Not extra certs. It should be one of your mid to top priorities. Right after upgrading your regen device some and a couple attachments to your weapon. But, I would get at least rank 3 (more likely 4) before I did anything else with the medic.
  12. JarinArenos

    Since when can you tell the rank of the person reviving you?
  13. reydelchicken

    Yes you can to some extent, by the time it takes someone to rez you...

    It's possible to confuse the last 2 ranks at times, but usually when someone tries rezing you with a rank 1 medtool, the difference is very apparent.
  14. Leeloo

    One thing was not said explicity enough:

    At max level you can res people on the run without actually stopping. That is what makes all the difference in the world.
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  15. Improvisus

    Yes, this, exactly... As a Medic (or Eng) you are a high-priority target via the enemy and getting them up ASAP will not only allow you to get more people revived but also allow you to move along. Also, IIRC this translates to the medic-specific grenades and you get more XP all around.
  16. Dudeman325420

    Even though everyone else is saying it, this is important enough for me to repeat again. If you intend to play as a medic for more than a few hours of your total time in Planetside 2 ever, maxing out your medgun will be the best cert points you ever spent (and even if you only play medic for a few hours...)

    Maxing out your medgun first before spending as few as possible certs in anything else makes sure you spend the least time possible struggling with a weaker version of the tool that defines half your role, and simply makes playing as a medic that much more enjoyable. Another thing to keep in mind is if you just go up to rank 4 then start buying other things (thinking "It's only 30 certs for this scope, I can earn that easy. Ooo and this one...") its easy to put off buying the last rank until you realize that you need to save up another 500 certs to get it.

    If you really want to go all-out healing, maxing Nano-Regen is the next best way to spend certs. The shield is cool, and apparently people say it gets you a lot of xp, but I've found Nano-Regen to be much more valuable to a medic focusing on healing because it allows you to heal while sprinting, heal while fighting/shooting, heal multiple targets at the same time, and (possibly most importantly) heal yourself.
  17. Borsty

    Maxing out the revive gun is definitely worth it. Helps both you and your teammates a lot.
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  18. DrBash00

    yep, and if you play medic all the time, go for 4x revive granade so you are no more medic but a necromancer :D
  19. Souleater

    Definitely get it as soon as you can.

    You heal faster, better and further.

    Not been mentioned but it also means you bring MAXES back with a little more health. Not enough for them to go straight back into the thick of it but enough to.let them flee or take cover. As a MAX pilot, Medic and Engineer i cannot over emphasise how useful that is.

    And it is only 500 certs compared to 1000 each for stuff like Vehicle Stealth, Motion Spotter, Recon Darts (other very beneficial Max outs.)

    I also agree that Flak is generally better than more Revive 'Nades.
  20. Brenold

    i think you can with the lower levels too, its just that the range is so limited and its not as fast so you will still need to stop to complete the rez.

    at max level you can run towards a dead dude and start pointing and holding down right click and without stopping the guy will be revived right as you are about to run past his dead body... I personally do a little sprint jump rez where as soon as my tool connects i jump and right after I land right next to dead guy he will be up. most of the time anyone trying to shoot me would wait for me to slow down if he sees i have my tool out trying to rez someone and the jump takes them off guard and more often than not that person would then decide to try to shoot the guy I just revived instead.