Lancer in relation to the other ESLs

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  1. Redzy

    Taking a close look at these stats, it can be noticed that, whichever way you look at it, the Lancer remains both an underlooked and an arguably(!) underachieving weapon. Surely though, what can be said in its defense is that it fills a specific purpose of being a tank sniper in the literal sense of the term.

    However, it being a weapon that doesn't really pack that huge of a punch even at a full charge which requires a few seconds, nor have a decent scope (the zoom level is the same as that of all launchers), it doesn't seem to have as much appeal as the Striker and the Phoenix launchers.

    The Striker in particular is an all-vehicle lock-on launcher with a higher range than all the other ones, which shoots multiple rounds that seemingly ignore terrain unlike the other lock-on launchers. All of this comes at the expense of dumbfire capability. Let's face it, the disadvantages seem far outweighed by the advantages, but a substantial nerf (which all lock-on launchers will suffer) is on its way already. And I am still interested in knowing if the terrain-ignoring bug will be fixed, although I believe that will be connected to said lock-on nerf.

    The Phoenix is a weapon that fills the specific purpose of being a guided AT missile that in the hands of a skilled player becomes absolutely dangerous for an advancing armoured vehicle. Aside from the initial excitement (perhaps due to the fact it was an infantry 1HKO sniper), I did notice a decrease in usage throughout the months. Still, though, considering you can guide the rocket behind cover and hit something that you would normally not be able to hit with other launchers, I would say it quite fills a niche.

    The Lancer would too, but it still doesn't seem to warrant a purchase for the average VS player. Perhaps they believe the Hades could fill the role of long range tank "sniping" similarly while only costing 250CP and perhaps obtain better results. Personally, I do use the Lancer and as with basically every single launcher in the game, it shines in a group. Again, though, it does not have either the individual power or appeal of the other two ESLs.

    What I would suggest in this case is a small buff aimed at reducing the time it takes to reach the fully-charged state and/or perhaps the much needed scope slot (which could be added to other launchers as well to make up for it). Or perhaps just a higher zoom scope instead of the current one, so that at least people will be able to call it a "tank sniper" for good reasons. I do like the Lancer, I do use it too, but I see why many other people don't. And I also see why the Phoenix and especially the Striker attract even the most casual of players, whereas the Lancer is only seen in more organized environments (not that the other two aren't).
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  2. Morpholine

    I love my Lancer.

    It's not a kill-generating launcher, unless one is being a ****** and holding off for kill-shot sniping, but it puts out strong and consistent AV damage at ranges from fairly close to way, way out there.

    It's weakest at short range, due to the charge mechanic and uncharged shot-spamming being the weakest of its options, but it is workable. It's just outshone by the Decimator/S1/Nemesis/Hades alpha damage at those really short ranges.

    It can damage Aircraft, but it's rarely going to kill them, and the bigger, slower fliers are naturally a lot easier to shoot than the agile ESFs. In any case, the best a lone Lancer user can expect is sending the aircraft away to repair for a bit (much like a lone burster/skyguard user).

    It has the largest total damage-output capacity of all the launcher options (when ammo is scarce), which is a huge plus for HA that tend to live long enough to run dry.

    And there are few things that can absolutely destroy an armor column as quickly/easily as half a squad of Lancers in an elevated position with good sight lines. AV MANA turrets come close, but Lancers are still a touch easier/faster to use.

    Of course, all of that is based upon one's ability to hit with the thing. I do well (better than some of my lock-on launchers, actually), but not everyone necessarily will.
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  3. TheBlindFreak

    I haven't used the lancer, but it looks nice. Morpholine's description looks spot on from the organized squads I've seen use it.

    The phoenix is pretty meh. That 300m range is pretty lame. I haven't tested the damage output much, but I think it might be able to put an ESF into the fire damage range which kills it in 10(?) seconds if it doesn't land for repairs.

    Can someone with more phoenix experience comment on it?
  4. KenDelta

    Lancer is just fine , on another note : Striker isn't #1 such blasphemy.
  5. KenDelta

    300 range is pretty low to be honest , the damage output matches a decimator 4-5 rockets for an MBT , it 1 hits hovering ESFs with ease(if they're not podding you). it's main and unique trait is hitting behind cover sometimes shooting at TR lockdown maxes , 2 rockets while they think they can survive with an engy repairing them.
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  6. Cinnamon

    All the weapons at the bottom of that list are dedicated AV weapons unlike the decimator at the top which people mainly use to kill MAX and Phoenix which people used like crazy to kill infantry then stopped using.

    The stat you really need to see to see if lancer is effective is vehicle kills+assists/hr and score/hr. If you sort by vehicle kills /hr it sits between phoenix and striker with only decimator at top being the only non empire specific launcher that is better. And naturally striker is worse than both phonix and lancer at killing vehicles because facts how do they work. In fact all lock ons that target air are severely under performing.
  7. axiom537

    If I had to rank the ESL I would put the Striker as #1, Lancer #2 and Phoenix #3. I rank the according to usefulness. On my NC character I use the Decimator 90% of the time, Annihilator or Hawk 9% and the Phoenix for those rare situations its worthwhile. On my Vanu, I use the decimator for up close and the lancer for distance or fast moving targets such as harassers and Air. And on my TR character there really is no reason not to use the Striker, unless I'm up close and personal or up against maxes then I will use the decimator, but over all the striker is the most useful over-all for most situations.
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  8. blessedpatrick

    I like the lancer, it takes some skill and it pays nicely, I would like the option for scopes on it though, and maybe a teensie weensie upgrade to bullet (laser plasma thing) speed. (Projectile! I knew I remembered that one!)
  9. Jac70

    I rarely equip my Lancer - there's no doubt that it is by a long way the best option for hitting armour at range. The problem is the times that it is actually worthwhile doing that are rare. I use the Nemesis as my default, the S1 for close range and I might occasionally pull out the Lancer if there is a turret I want to take out at 150m.
  10. qwertyqwerty

    Phoenix better?Ahaha, nice joke)
    With lancer u have always any assist kills
  11. haldolium

    Phoenix is more satisfying since it's damage still counts more. However it too became so easy to avoid... now they have to kill off the Striker at last and then all ESLs become utterly useless support toys any engineer laughs about and pull out it's turret...

    As I said as they announced this ****: no one needs ESLs. No one. And now we have it... one utterly, air-denying OP ******** of sucker weapon and 2 rather useless toys that only makes sense in very very rare situations.
  12. Stromberg

    This is not true. Spamming one charge shots delivers same DPS as charging to 3 charges each. You can go VR and try it out by checking the TTK on different vehicles by spamming or charging, if you don't believe me. In the spamming case you can't go for cover while charging ofc and gonna use up much more ammo, though.
  13. StolenToast

    I like my Lancer but I haven't used it recently. I normally run with the Nemesis since it's got dumbfire for ground and lock-on for air with decent damage all around or my Deci if MAXes might be an issue.
  14. cryax1

    I really wish more vanu would get the lancer if there where as many vanu carrying as there are TR with strikers I am sure we would see the forum flooded with nerf the lancer threads. As part of a organised outfit we use the lancer on a regular basis to take out incoming armour AND AIR with surprising ease at ranges where I don't think we even render properly to the vehicles getting hit.

    The lancer is almost hit scan on a full charge at all but it's most extreme range where a small amount of target leading is required but it's defiantly a weapon that needs to be used on mass because solo it just tickles the enemy :p.
    Hence why I wish most vanu heavy's carried it because if they did almost any enemy vehicle that is visible to the vanu would just explode instantly :p

    Oh and the reason for charging to full isn't so much for the damage but the insane projectile velocity it gets at charge 3.
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  15. llPendragon

    ^This, to the letter.
  16. Corporate Thug

    The lancer leaves you exposed for less time when you compare it to the other ESLs. It doesn't require you to sit there and maintain a lock or to guide your rocket to it's destination. It is also more fun to use then the phoenix, but it isn't nearly as rewarding when you kill an ESF with one :(
  17. CrashB111

    You cant buff the Lancers damage since it is already very effective when more than 1 VS is using the Lancer. Unlike lock on weapons the Lancer offers no warning that you are about to get hit, and sometimes the beam doesn't even render to the victim.

    Just like the Striker really doesn't accomplish much solo, the Lancer is the same way.
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  18. NinjaTurtle

    I think the lancer is the best of the ESRL's. The Phoenix is too situational to be overly useful although fun too use.

    The striker is just a crutch weapon for people that can't fly or can't hit ESF's with a tank shell. If you can't do either of those 2 things you should be investing in flak like the Skyguard or Bursters.

    Not using a "**** it I'll let the computer do all the work for me" kind of weapon

    I use it purely for the uniqueness of it. The Shrike or Decimator in most situations are better options

    The problem with the Phoenix is as you said it's 300m limit. This wouldn't be that bad if it carried on once this was reached but you just lost camera control of it.

    Also the movement is too sluggish to make any significant adjustments if the target decides to move even slightly. What would be good is if you had an option that once lined up you could hit the afterburners that would double it's speed but result in you losing all control of it.

    It is however great for OHK'ing engineers in turrets and is extremely satisfying sniping Infiltrators. If used in small groups can be devastating though that is the same for all weapons so not really a major factor.

    For the most part the Phoenix is supposed to be an AV weapon though in most situation all you can do is harass and you will find yourself mostly just getting assists with it, though this xp does add up quite fast in large battles

    I also missed the boat as I didn't purchase it until after it was nerfed from the OHK against Infantry :( and have managed near 300 kills with it so far so it isn't useless by any stretch
  19. haldolium

    Awesome signature!
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  20. Vixxing

    If as many VS carried Lancers as TR carries Strikers we would get crushed by air.... (IDK what ppl say Lancer is piss poor at taking on ESF)