June 21, 2023 - PTS Update

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  1. Mithril Community Manager

    The following are changes, fixes and additions to the latest PTS build that will be available tomorrow.
    (stay tuned to our Twitter account for delivery time updates). This thread will be opened for discussion tomorrow after the PTS update goes live.

    Download the Test Server client from this thread after reading the Test Server Policies:

    Seeking to increase the options and variety of implants available, we've gone ahead and added 7 new implants for the battlefield. Check them out below!

    New Implants
    • Take a Walk
      • Your movement is not impeded when underwater. Weapon behavior is unchanged. MAX units can equip.
    • Juggernaut
      • Melee attacks knock enemies away a short distance. MAX only.
    • Living on the Edge
      • When your health drops below 20% your accuracy increases by 5/7/10/12/15% for 5/5/7/10/12 seconds.
    • Rapid Response
      • While wielding a beneficial construction module your sprint speed is increased by 7/10/13/15/15%. At max rank, the unequip times of beneficial construction modules is reduced by 50%.
    • Air Drop
      • Upon exiting a vehicle Jump Jet recharge rate is increased by 7/7/7/7/10% for 5/7/8.5/10/12 seconds. 20 second cooldown after triggering. Light Assault only.
    • Karma
      • Each time you revive an ally a charge is added to Karma. At 30/27/24/20/20 charges, your next death allows you to self-revive once at 50/50/50/50/100% health. Redeploying or using an equipment terminal will wipe your current progress. Combat Medic only.
    • Overcharge
      • While overshield is active your primary weapon's bullets will now pierce through one infantry target before stopping at the cost of 30/25/20/15/15% of your overshield uptime. Heavy Assault only. At max rank, this will also affect the bullets of secondary weapons.
    UI Changes
    • Added ability to toggle off HUD Indicator Waypoints.
    • Added ability to toggle off HUD Indicator Nameplates.
    • Added terminal icons to deployment interface for construction bases.
    Bug Fixes
    • Mining and depositing cortium will again provide experience.
    • Oshur meltdown alert should no longer be able to start while the continent is locked.
    • NS-D Helios will correctly play its reload animation in first person when switching to alternate fire mode with under 50 ammo in the magazine.
    • Fix for intermittent flicker on certain shield shaders.
    • Fix for deployed vehicles that could still display despawn timers in some situations.
    • Fix for loyalty gain notifications always showing +0
      • Note that this was a display issue only. Players were earning loyalty as expected.
    • The Implant: Test Server Bundle (Summer 2023) has also been added to the depot for testing purposes as well.
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  2. Mithril Community Manager

    Hi all, as we're working to lock in a launch time, please note we've added the following to the notes today:
    • Fix for deployed vehicles that could still display despawn timers in some situations.
    • Fix for loyalty gain notifications always showing +0
      • Note that this was a display issue only. Players were earning loyalty as expected.
    The Implant: Test Server Bundle (Summer 2023) has also been added to the depot for testing purposes as well.
  3. EWanderer

    So I just finished running through all the implants and checking if some new ANT bugs are gone. At least on the bug side the three main problems seem to be fixed so thank you for that.

    I already left my oppinion on some Implants in another thread, but here are some more notes:
    • Does Rapid Response Speed Buff not stack with other things? Because I don't see a difference as far as I can tell.
    • Take a Walk. Weird confusing name. Amphibious Mobility, Underwater Action, Water Elemental. I dunnow. Otherwise solid
    • Living on the Edge. Without Carapace the health threshold is nearly impossible to hit. Maybe put the trigger at a static 250 health.
    • Air Drop. Yeah just as weird as it sounded at paper. Really consider swapping it for a temp fuel buffer, which is burned away.
    Need to find some actual opportunity to test the rest. Properly, pop kinda to low for Karma and Overcharge.
  4. EWanderer

    Some reports on Juggernaut:
    That punch. Ouch. I mean if you crouch and do an "uppercut" it works pretty well most of the time 60%. But you hit someone straight on and they barely move an inch 95% of the time. The entire thing is so inconsistent.
    You want to keep it around? tilt the force vector always minimum 45° upward. It might look silly in some situations, but at least you are garunteed knockback. Or do whatever disengage does, though out of my 10 uses, I also saw that one 3 times fail to properly throw away the enemy.

    Also maybe a bug, but you can push an enemy defector around punching their seraph bubble. Of course given the lack of leverage, the effect is 90% of the time minimal.
    Seraph NSO cannot really punch people out of their bubble, since meele has such a limited reach.

    even when it works the effect is kinda underwhelming, considering that you give up an implant slot. to quote my earlier post on the matter:
    It also doesn't show in crafting list or implant list if unowned. Had a lot of people confused I was testing this, because they didn't saw the bundle for implants.
  5. AgentX

    Rapid Response - As a builder I don't see a reason to take this over just going to a terminal and switching to my Light Assault/Drifter Jets.

    Take a Walk - This is going to be an expensive/hard to get implant for people unlucky with RNG or without ISO-4 stock piled. Big balance problem that could alienate the few people who enjoy underwater combat as it is now. Essentially, people will associate Oshur with -1 implant slot since many would feel it's mandatory to be competitive. Could this be a reward for maxing out the diving device or just made a passive/general change to underwater combat itself?
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  6. RiP0k

    Is there any plan to reduce NCZ at all?

    Will you do anything with CC so it doesn't look like a builder joke?

    The Rapid Response implant does not save the builder from this running around, we will run the same amount but a little faster.
    Why is this?
    You need to make it possible to pre-install modules, or at least make the Repair Module on all structures installed by default.

    If you fix the Glaive IPC then it will be OP, because finding this beacon on CC is equal to luck, and even if you find it, you are unlikely to be able to destroy it because it is only visible from a certain angle and it is almost impossible to destroy it. What are you planning to do with it?

    When do you fix the Flail that explodes on CC's Skywall and the explosion reaches the tall structures under that shield?

    I only see the bad attitude towards the Construction System from the DEV side, all we have is Player Bases that play the role of Piñata and nothing else.
    CC can't exist without Fortress Shield, and it can be easily destroyed by a few lightning bolts that will just move closer to CC under Fortress Shield and quickly destroy CC.
    Walls simply do not play any role in this case. It all looks like a joke.

    And where are the decorations for the Construction System behind DBC? You don't need money?

    As a result, on each server there will be several builders who build well-thought-out bases, the rest will put an end to spamming vehicles or Flail and OS as before and nothing more, simply because the current Construction System simply creates a huge load for the builder, and it’s generally easy for attackers walk and destroy the base without any problems. The piñata is the most precise definition of the current state of the Construction System.

    It would be better if structures were made invulnerable so that attackers would have to infiltrate the player's base in order to be able to destroy it, rather than stupidly pressing LMB repeatedly, which is just a "wonderful" skill requirement.
  7. Walking Shark

    Take a walk screws up the feel of underwater combat. It might not be for everyone but keeping everyone on the same footing and finally having a part of the game where tweakers can't exploit netcode to warp around is kind of nice, this is going to introduce even more problems to underwater combat not solve any. Adding an implant to underwater to make it better would be better served by addressing the issues down there, like something that would let the engy repair tool work underwater, and also allow it to damage shields on deployed sundies to solve that problem (as it is now, destroying a max shield sundy underwater is too difficult, with 5 tank mines not being sufficient to the task).

    Rapid response shouldn't be an implant it should just be the default when you are holding a construction module (or maybe a 30 second buff you get when you pull one). Kind of like you get a speed buff when holding the conduit.
  8. blueps

    The downside to the new implants being added.

    The more types of implants you have, the harder it is to get what you want.
    The current method of obtaining implants is by lottery, so if unwanted implants are added, the rate of getting what you want will go down.
    There is a way to create one, but it is expensive.
    This is another factor that is discouraging newcomers.

    The method of obtaining the implants needs to be adjusted to make it easier.

    If a major renovation of the implant-obtaining process is not possible, another option is to modify existing less-used implants.

    In any case, the Devs should consider that the introduction of implants that will never be used is simply a negative update for the players.


    Take a Walk

    Introduce this and people will hate underwater combat even more.
    About the current state. It is necessary to consume a lot of certificates about fighting in the water.
    Diver Propulsion Device, Amphibioud weapons.

    Preparing these items is a hassle and will be an obstacle for newcomers.
    Moreover, since it is a preparation for a very limited number of battles, it must be given a low priority.

    In particular, differences related to the maneuverability of the characters will make a difference that cannot be ignored in the firefight.
    At least I would never participate in an underwater battle except with a well-equipped character.

    so, those equipment needed for underwater warfare should be free I think.

    Additionally, there are currently many limitations on the equipment and capabilities that can be used underwater.
    We feel that these need to be strongly redesigned as well.
    Also, these are very confusing. Please describe these somewhere (e.g. Codex).



    I will not be using this as it is pointless.

    I would like to see it comically blow up to 20-30 meters or more.
    If the target cannot be moved that large, there is no reason to use it.

    But if it can get your allies to move in large distance it could be interesting.

    So, about the effect of this implant.I propose to remove the damage from the punch and instead make it an effect that blows up long distances (both friendly and hostile).
    Then you can use it in a variety of fun ways, including tactically.

    I also think it would be fun (though impractical) to be able to move vehicles with a punch. It could be a countermeasure to roadkill.

    Or how about an implant that gives the max punch some other effect?
    Such as stun punches that will prohibit the opponent to fire and move.


    Living on the Edge

    The conditions under which the effect is triggered are difficult.
    Is it not enough that it is triggered when damage is received?

    AND this game is always unclear in its explanations.

    Please clarify what exactly you mean by "Accuracy".
    Is this a COF? Is it left/right shake? or recoil?

    Does the effect overlap with attachments? Does it not?
    Don't tell me you are going to let the players test those things?
    The player can't tell if they are a bug or if they are working properly.

    As a minimum I believe that the behavior that the Devs intend should be explained in advance, otherwise there is no way to test it.

    I have previously seen players on VS Slicer and others (I won't go into details) who are treated as bug or cheat because it is unclear if the action was really intended.
    These are very annoying as they may trigger a false Ban.

    Again, an explanation from the Dev on the intended function is needed.


    Rapid Response

    I think we need to rethink the building system and the modular system itself before adding implants.
    Therefore, the introduction of implants related to construction should be discouraged.


    Air Drop

    I do not believe this implant will be effective.


    Normal players prepare to avoid death, but this implant is based on the assumption that you will die,
    it is unlikely that many will be interested.


    It is the best implant for NC. Because it will allow you to penetrate your enemies and your allies.

    Well, I'm just kidding. Now, this implant is interesting.

    The regular way to use it is to damage multiple enemies at the same time.
    Of course, the situation is quite limited.

    It would work powerfully, for example,in defensive situation to prevent door entry in large battles.
    It would also be effective in blocking the narrow, long corridors that exist in some facilities.

    The attacker may also sometimes find it effective to use an ally's MAX or other shields to penetrate the attacker and attack the opponent.
    Since attacks on allies now do half the damage, it would be worth considering as a means to an end.

    Also, when the moment you make a perfect Aim, the attack will not fail even if an allied body blocks it.

    Other advantages include the body of an enemy who has been reduced to zero HP will remain a hitbox against bullets for a little while longer.
    This would result in wasted Ammo, but this implant avoids this phenomenon.

    The penalty is generally reasonable and seems to be the most effective implant in this update.
    Nanomesh Specialist and Resist Shield can be used together to emit effects for a considerably longer period of time.
  9. Cleridwen

    EDIT: scratch that, other players without the PTS are having the same issue, and it seems to be unrelated to the firewall at all.

    Another player and I, both after downloading/updating to the latest PTS update, and playing on PTS, have then gotten a G15 error while trying to play live, after clicking Play on the character screen. Upon further inspection, both of us had extra entries added in our firewall, blocking connection for the Planetside 2 Live .exe files. It kinda sounds anecdotal so far, but there may be a slim chance that the installation of the PTS has caused the addition of those entries? Flipping them to "Allow connection" or deleting them entirely, simply fixed any G15 errors.


    The two entries in question were set to only block connection on a "Public" network, but my desktop has my home network (the only one it knows) set as "Private", yet the entries were still blocking the Live game from connecting. I was thinking it could be related to a Windows update, but I am running Windows 11 Beta insider builds, and the other person having that issue says they are running Windows 10. I suppose it's not impossible that a Windows Defender update could cause this kind of misshap, but I think more people would have been complaining about the issue on the Discord server if that was the case
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