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    Test Server Policies

    The goal of the Public Test is to give our community an opportunity to participate in the testing process and provide feedback before features go live. PlanetSide 2 is a large, complex game and we could use all the help we can get in making it better.

    1. By its nature, Public Test will have more downtime, bugs, and general issues than Live servers.
    · Although development and QA are also testing on internal environments, every individual change is not screened before going to the server and that will cause issues.
    · We have an interest in keeping the server up and functional as best as possible, but we may have extended downtime from time to time.

    2. Developers, QA and other Daybreak Games employees will also be on the Public Test Server frequently.
    · Please treat them with the same respect as you would any other player on a Live server.
    · We may have requests for players on Test to help with specific testing, so keep an ear out help out when you can.
    · You may have questions for us, but please remember: It’s very likely we’re at work trying to get through large task lists and fix bugs on a tight schedule; we can’t promise we’ll have the time or ability to answer them.

    3. There are no real money transactions on Public Test.

    4. Game progression values on Public Test may be different than live.
    · As an example, we are granting all new characters 10,000 cert points as a way to jump start their characters.
    5. Public Test uses the same station account as Live, but the characters and actions on Public Test do not transfer to Live or vice versa.

    6. There is no Customer Service support on this server except in the event of significantly disruptive players.
    · If you run into an issue, report it via the in-game bug report tool or Test Server forum post. Devs, QA, and Community will be going through these frequently, but it’s likely we won’t have time to respond to most issues or posts directly.

    7. Player wipes can happen on the Public Test server.
    · Depending on what kind of testing we need to do, we may wipe all Public Test characters. Don’t get too attached to them!

    8. Public Test Server won’t always be the latest and greatest features and content.
    · After a major game update, the Public Test Server may have the same features and content as the live servers.
    · When the next batch of features of content is ready to be put onto Public Test, we’ll be sure to make an announcement in the forums.

    9. The Public Test Server is located on the US East Coast.
    · Depending on your location, latency and server lag may be more prevalent.

    Click here to download the Test Server client.
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