[Joke] New Implants

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    Breast Implant:
    Rank 1- Increases Breast size by 5%
    Rank 2- Increases Breast size by 10%
    Rank 3- Increases Breast size by 15%
    Rank 4- Increases Breast size by 15% and let's them wiggle while sprint.

    Wrelativity Implant:
    Increases Rate of fire by 100% but decreases Rate of fire by 100%.

    Schroedinger's Implant:
    Maybe you are dead...maybe not, you can only see it if you equip it.
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  2. LegendarySalmonSnake

    Rank 5- Increases Breast and Buttocks size by 15% and let's them wiggle while sprint.
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  3. Halkesh

    Sorry I couldn't resist.
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  4. SixNineFour

    new faction specific implants:

    NC Freedom of speech:
    NC characters will automatically taunt the enemy upon receiving a kill.
    Max rank: NC will automatically call out sorry/need medic/need repairs upon hitting ally.

    VS enlightenment :
    Increases projectiles size (visual only)
    Max rank: replaces all vehicle projectile effects by PPA projectile effect increased 3000% in size.

    TR tactical superiority:
    Grants additional spawn option into battles where TR has overpop.
    Max rank: You can now drop pod into any battle where TR has overpop.
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    -You can now only see 5m Far
    But it is no Problem, we have made an Hawk Eye Implant:

    Hawk Eye Inplant:
    Let's you see normal again*

    *Does not work for Max Suits

    - All In Implant:
    Your shield and health heal twice as fast, but every damage you take does instantly kill you.

    - Magnetic Helmet:
    All bullets are redirected to your Head and count as Headshots.