Issue With Cheaters

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  1. BorgUK1of9

    There are significantly more cheaters right now than there was a few months ago, its like someone has released free or very cheap hacking services.
    I seem to report 3 or more a session at the moment, the obvious ones like a squad of russians shooting at my stationary all modded cloaker. Also using aimbotted chainguns, nailing them in their back as soon as they started to turn I was getting shot.

    One guy yesterday whose name (I reported him) was his website to his PS2 hacks and was even using them in game to advertise they worked.

    When the pops started to drop in PS1 and the CSR's stopped live monitoring in game relying on reports which they got round to at some point in the day (like now in PS2) then PS1 just died, it killed the game.

    When the teleporting max's started you know its time to stick the fork in it.
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  2. x360pc

    i like my post even after i sobered up.passion is real.
  3. PoopDatGame OUT!

    i only had one experience with a cheater.But the biggest thing that cheats you in this game is the hit box.. :((
  4. Scatterblak

    I don't agree. The Hitbox is pretty bad, but the client-side hit detection is worse, IMHO.

    ...the Quakeworld source has been out for 20 years, and it completely solved both of these problems. The fact that it's not implemented on PS2 is another reminder than PS2 is a FreeRealms mod, and that Daybreak employs no developers - only modders, who can't/don't get down to the engine level to fix anything.
  5. Botji

    While there are cheaters in any game and I see my share of weird players that not only kill people fast enough that you can barely hear their guns fire before you are dead and if you get the drop on them the way they move as they avoid fire its like they are floaty/laggy etc.

    I also get people messaging me that I AM obviously cheating, enjoy ban etc... im not even that good. Personally I think a lot of these things are just how bad the servers are now, it was the first thing I noticed when I got back to the game, horrible server lag. I can only guess how anyone with a bad connection or those that do it intentionally can mess with the game atm when the normal state is bad, throwing in some extra lag and missed packets is probably like giving yourself a 150% skill boost.

    ClientSide ftw.
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  6. PoopDatGame OUT!

    i havent played in a few weeks maybe 10 min one day.After playing OW i hate having to have to zoom to scope to kill every time lol
  7. AlcyoneSerene

    Clientside is a real severe problem. It is really not fun nor 'competitive' when the other player's damage output appears to vastly surpass yours, nevermind when getting instagibbed by burst damage out of stuff that can't do that in situations where that's hardly possible, repeatedly, such as while falling or running between cover at a distance.

    Just last night, in biolab (the most wonderful place ever) I 180 to see a stalker following me, so I run back through him, 180 to face him, unload MSW-R to body shoot (knowing going for ADS headshots would be worse) with full health and resist shields up while ADAD spamming, he appears to jump and jitter side to side, somehow managing to also shoot me at the same time, right in front of me, and I die to 100% dmg of his pistol. Ok, so it is possible to headshoot me while ADAD jump spamming and land a lucky commissioner headshot, but soaking up most of my fast firing hard hitting magazine while doing some floating/lagging 'dance' is another, and this sort of thing happens too often, and my connection is always good and it's a private line.

    I'm getting very sick of fighting in the distant past. Cheaters no doubt exploit clientside limitations, and they know they get away with it because it's impossible to tell.

    Just grab a TR or VS max and shoot some of these guys. As they take damage, their player model teleports around and out of sight, showing just how far in the past you're seeing the game action given that whenever they take damage, it updates their coordinates, making them teleport and jitter.

    I have endless examples of this. If I recorded this nonsense clientside gameplay, it would look like a joke of a game in a montage in how I experience so very many players.

    Off-peak hours is the biggest nightmare. It isn't a fair competition, it isn't fun, and in all the years they've had it's not going to improve or change.

    I'm going to try to find another game off peak hours. The laggers, exploiters, macro-keybinders and all other cheaters can have 'fun' playing with each other.

    This isn't a challenge of my skill to fight someone invisible (they see things 'in the future'), 3 game actions ahead of me, teleporting side to side, soaking more damage, and instagibbing me from anywhere.
  8. JayL

    Today 2 people "saw" me while i was clocked, stationary and crouched.
    The first time i was siting ON an deployed enemy sundy. Someone spawned, changed to pistol with flashlight BEFOR looking up to me and start "serching" for me. I killed nobody at this sundy so far. Nobody was at the sundy while i jumped onto it.
    10 Minutes later i was AGAIN clocked, stationary and crouched on a rock. Someone 100 meters away suddenly turned to me and went for headshots (?!?). I play this game some time and there was NO WAY he could see me from 100 meter while i did NOTHING and was in the state where the clocke is almost perfect. I didnt spot anything, i didnt move, didnt unclocke, did ABSOLUTLY NOTHING. Im so pissed right now because im sure he will get away with it.
    BR 98 and goes with a trac right for headshots while 100 meters away at a clocked, stationary and croched target that didnt move, unclocke, spot or anything.
    Im realy pissed right now because i KNOW he cheated and i cant do anything against it. So unfair!
  9. WinterAero

    edit: removed prior post as its retreading old ground. The volume of cheating in the game is self evident at this stage. Not much point adding to it.
  10. Ketenks

    Client side hit detection leaves most or all of the code that cheaters need right in their laps on their pc. They can look through it all day and figure it out. There will always be cheaters but in this game the cheaters are undetectable and that makes this game a waste of any money put into it. Players should not pay a dime until Planetside 3 comes out. And if Planetside 3 isn't everything Planetside 2 should be then players shouldn't pay a dime until Planetside 4 comes out. People think that if they pay the game that developments will come out and the game will get better. But its the exact opposite. They will only fix the game if there is a high enough people playing it. The money means the game is good enough for money so they don't want to change it. The population means its a good enough game to play at all. So combine a high population not paying anything and you get every reason in the book for developers to change it.
  11. adamts01

    Battleye doesn't appear to be loading anymore. At least in my list of processes. Also, I really get the feeling some vets are creating alts to hilight the problem. Quite a few of the exploiters are active in proximity chat, which I find historically rare.

    Every single modern shooter uses clientside hit detection. Seriously, pick a shooter you think is better and research this for yourself. It's what makes gunplay so snappy and accurate. This game's problems come down to latency and it seems Co pressing data sent to the target to save server processing and bandwidth. Plus Daybreak seems to do a terrible job validating some key files on startup, such as trusting files just because they're encrypted, or maybe not checking enough of them to reduce game loading times.