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  1. Zorok

    Hi, I have noticed an upward trend with more and more cheaters using hacks such as ESP and aimbot software. I had read about Planetside once containing code that would analyze player's behavior to see if they were cheating and if it suspected they were cheating, it would suspend their account until it could be verified by one of the support staff. It seemed that this software worked quite well with the exception of a few truly top-skilled players who purposely tried to see if they could get banned.

    At first, I had faith in the BattleEye system. I didn't see as much blatant cheaters and such but lately I've been seeing a trend with some folks using lag tricks and *suspected* ESP-type software where they can find infiltrators that are crouched and not moving even when hiding perfectly in the shadows. I have even seen recent videos on YouTube where these players brag about their use of hacks (and you can clearly see the hack being used on the screen). When pointing out to the person that using hacks is cheating, the YouTuber then told me how much of a l33t player that it made him and tried to justify their use of using such hacks.

    I understand that you guys have a lot of other things to add/work on right now, but I was hoping maybe there was a way you could revitalize the cheating code. I'm sure that there is a way to just whitelist the players who have proven that they aren't using hacks and then just analyze the other players for anomalous activity. I do enjoy playing Planetside but it bothers me when you see one player take on 4+ people at once and kill them all. Maybe they are really skilled, but after watching these recent YouTube videos, I'm not so sure anymore. Apparently BattleEye is being subverted somehow by these hacks and they just seem to change the code when BattleEye blocks them.

    One other suggestion (maybe this is already the case). If BattleEye blocks an attempted hack, would it be possible to flag that person's account (assuming that they are really using a hack and not innocent software like Recursion for example) and then ban them? Not sure if this would help keep those toxic people out of the game but just a suggestion.

    Sorry for the long winded post but I'm a bit upset after seeing these cheaters gloat on YouTube and brag about how great they are when you can clearly see the cheat being used....
  2. HippoCryties

    Sorry which “cheaters” are “gloating” on YouTube?
  3. Towie

    Anecdotally, have to say i've been coming across more suspicious characters recently.

    PS2 used to have an auto-ban but I suspect it's no longer active considering the stats some people are racking up in a very short time after only just joining.

    Plus some of the golden oldies seem to be coming back - twice now i've had suspected teleports next to me (once halfway up a tree as a LA - knifed by a Heavy) and I hadn't seen those for a while.

    Trouble is, PS2 has been out for ages now so it might just be the twitch reflexes of individuals are so very good and they've just created an alt.

    One thing I really really would like is for DBG to randomise or move around some of its program structures - often after a large update, things get better but then 'offsets' get posted to hacking forums and we soon go back to the norm. This won't help defeat the people bypassing Battleye though...
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    They Stream it :D
  5. JobiWan

    I consider my self an average or below average player and even I can sometimes take on 4 players and win. Sometimes it's luck, sometimes you're on fire or sometimes they're just not very good.

    I do feel that some players seen to have an uncanny knack of knowing where I am. Sometimes when I come through a door or take a flanking route they seem to be ready and waiting for me. One player in particular who kills me a lot always seems to know exactly where I am, even in deep cloak, with no spotters around.

    I think there are cheaters in the game, some use it subtly to stay under the radar, and it's so difficult to prove.
  6. x360pc

    They need to rename battleye to blindeye,because thats what the devs turn when it comes to subscription cheats,iwould be rightly pissed off if i paid a yearly subscription,but hey pc gaming is cheat or be cheated.and the only crime is getting caught.
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  7. Skraggz

    This day in age... kill a guy I'm a fps, he was a newb and I'm a pro. Get killed by a guy, coming crying to the forums claiming cheaters. Smh, seriously doubt you seen a cheater, you're probably overestimating you ability.

    Side note it's possible to smash 5+ people if they are newbs, I have videos of it if you don't believe me..
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  8. saronyogg

    I cant tell who or which faction are the cheaters at some points, but i can tell you there are bots that help the imbalance population of a server.
    Anyway, since im below average, and still i have several directives unlocked, i cannot complain much.
  9. LoneRanger69

    personally i actually witnesses a real cheater the other day.. a Vanu ESF was under the world, killing everyting with impunity. figured out to use C-4 and him being cocky and stationary.. put c-4 on ground above him and boom.. but was still blantant cheating.
  10. LoneRanger69

    then just now.. on connery.. a VS lib under the ground destroying everyhting.. couldn't kill it period.. SCREW U DAYBREAK
  11. DeadlyOmen

    When I win, it's skill.

    When I lose, it's cheaters.
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  12. Zorok

    Here's one example:

    The video as of today's date is only 4 weeks old. It's obvious that BattlEye is not catching them. I think the crappy developers of these shady programs just tweak the program enough to throw off BattlEye until they update their signatures again.

    If you look down in the comments of the video, the supposed "pro" player D3S states that he is looking to buy the said hack. This stuff really makes me mad....
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  13. MonnyMoony

    I have been thinking the same for a few weeks.

    I went up against a player a few days ago - and it didn't matter which direction I approached him or by what method (cloaked stalker, LA by air) - he always seemed to know which direction I was coming from and was lying in wait just around the right corner to instagib me each time. It was a reasonable sized base too and he was coming to me - rather than me just walking into his kill box each time.

    I have been playing this game for almost 6 years, so i'm used to all the little glitches, lag spikes, odd game mechanics, exploits (like ADAD spam) as well as recognising the genuinely good players etc - but sometimes you just get a sense when things are a little off.......that some players are just too good....and the past few weeks has felt like that.
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  14. BorgUK1of9

    If you look on Reddit theres a video from the last week showing aimbotters and anti-cloak users.

    Definite increase in HS aimbotters, its getting boring.
  15. FateJH

    If the video isn't on the front page of the subreddit, and you don't link it, it may as well not exist.
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  16. Robert Patrician

    It is getting pretty bad. I was part of an AMAZING battle tonight, back and forth over a tech plant, full flips both ways, everyone fighting their hardest to push the other side out, a glorious brawl.

    And then in a span of 2 minutes all five of our sunderers died to a single BR 5 lightning player who zipped around, somehow running over everyone in the vicinity and blowing up the sunderers, then taking off at the speed of a flash.

    It was fantastic up to that point, particularly at one point where we lost a dozen vehicles at once to a well-placed orbital strike. But when it ends due to cheaters deciding to swing the battle, and the F2P nature meaniuung they can make as many accounts as they want... it sucks.
  17. HippoCryties

    Ok let’s just clear this up. There are hackers. Definitely. As there are in all games. However, you rarely come across a real hacker like the one shown in the post by Zorok. Most of the time these people are skilled and bad players who can’t aim for crap just start calling hacks. In my entire 6 years in this game I’ve seen 3 hackers. All of whom are now banned
  18. PlanetBound

    There's a few I've run into lately who are blatantly using a minimap hack.
  19. Zorok

    Okay, so I guess we can both agree that hackers suck. That being said, my proposal to Daybreakgames is to re-implement their stats based anti-cheat system that seemed to be good at catching hackers. It seems like a win-win to me.

    Here's the thing though about hackers. Since Planetside is a F2P game, the only thing that distinguishes one player from another (aside from skill) is either A: How much time you put in the game grinding certs or B: How much Station Cash you have used to acquire assets from either cash or membership subscriptions. By using a hack, you are subverting the entire monetization which is, in my mind, a form of piracy because cheaters have no need of any in-game resources such as implants or better weapons because their cheats will enable even the weakest weapons OP.

    I think that Daybreak should start treating hacks the same as piracy because it really is subverting the game and it's highly unfair towards the players who pay for subscriptions or SC directly as the cheaters will nearly always have the upper hand.
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  20. HippoCryties

    Very true, IMO game hacking should get you fined by your local jurisdiction wherever you live. But I think the most common hack on PS2 is actually just aim botting (though there are few even of these ). When the old system came out I thought my NC smurf was gonna get banned because my average HSR was 56%, luckily it didn’t , IMO if they reintroduced this and got rid of BattlEye which they should they would have to make minor tweaks and not just judge of HSR but ridiculous SPM and Batlle rank.I would also really like to see the old system come back :D