is SOE doing this on purpose

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  1. m44v

    It would be the jackhammer.
  2. Dramma Lamma

    You have a horrible memory, or are trolling.

    Headshot modifiers did not exist in ps1 the only thing in the game that took different damage values for where you hit it were the BFR's.

    It most definitely did not 1 shot any target, perhaps an infiltrator, but not a snowballs chance in hell to get a rexo.

    People bash on the jackhammer a lot, but its not as bad as people give it credit for. The guy that has 20,000 kills with his said all he really wanted to buff it up to competition with other guns is a bit faster reload and a longer clip. Now if he has that many kills with it I personally feel like he has a credible opinion, not just QQ.
  3. Metal Insomniac

    Far from it. I was a dedicated NC Infiltrator back in the day, and I think it took around 4-8 point blank hits to kill a Rexo. It also had a very slow ROF. It was ******* ridiculous.

    I'm sure they'll balance it out in PS2. Shotguns are very limited weapons. It astounds me how many continue to believe they're perfect for every situation.
  4. 1fiercedeity

    None Taken. What aspects of my description make it the "#$%@tiest weapon ever"? The stats I gave it give it ROF, Reload Speed, and Ammo/mag on par with shotguns. The max damage range only differs by 2 meters.

    I believe the faction specific heavy pistols should have similar damage output to the NS Heavy Pistols. The shotgun pistol shouldn't have equal damage output to a full fledged shotgun or exceed 499 damage for that matter. Anything more and it is a guaranteed one hit kill on a headshot with no nanoweave. Do you really want infiltrators running around 1 shotting everyone? As far as I know infiltrators lost access to shotguns for that very reason. At 490 max damage 1 headshot + knife is a guaranteed kill.

    At close range it should be superior to the Commissioner. With the Commissioner you can't afford to miss because of its slow ROF. With this the spread means that you still have a fairly good chance of a couple of pellets hitting even if your aim is slightly off, which could be the difference between life and death.
  5. Hoki

    The repeater's damage is on par with an SMG, the revolvers are on par with battle rifles.

    The shotgun pistol? I expect it to be on par with shotguns, but worse in some ways.
    And a shotgun that doesn't 2 shot kill at close range? Thats horrible. If you were forced to use that pistol for the rest of your PS2 career you would not be happy.
  6. Plague Rat

    A few things specific to shotguns that need to factored in when thinking of what the shotty pistol's damage might look like:

    The crit multiplyer on pellets and slugs is only 1.5x as opposed to the standard 2x, so for a potential OHK would actually require 667 base damage done entirely to the head. As a practical example of a weapon that exists on this threshold we have the jackhammer, with a pellet damage of 112. 1.5(6*112) = 1008, but the jackhammer is far from a OHK outside of point blank despite it's tight spread, which brings it to the next consideration.

    Pellets spread. It's stating the obvious, but a lot of people overlook this when considering stat sheets. The average damage per shot is always less than the maxium potential, so they don't generally balance them around best case scenarios because they're a rarity. The only real way to guarentee a 100% connection with the head is to be within 3m with some wiggle room depending on the shotgun's spread value, and at that range one can easily perform the old pistol/knife combo for the same effect.

    Shotgun OHKs are fickle since beyond those first few meters they become completely reliant on whatever random number generator decides pellet placement, making the odds of a OHK exponentially worse with every meter. Even the fast reload/low spread semi auto shotgun all but loses it's OHK potential right around 5m on a perfectly aimed headshot... Pump actions are an exception to this becasue of the large pellet counts, but if it's even close to that neighborhood I'm reanimating the body of Nikolai Tesla and making him invent me a way to tase people through the internet.

    But I wouldn't stress too much about the shotgun pistol. OHKs without a pump action aren't terribly common, and they're just skirting the range of the old point blank 1-2 combo anyway. And as a pistol it's probably going to have a sufficiently lower RoF and some beastly recoil to put it's kill times where it needs to be at the various ranges.
  7. DrTeeth

    Shotguns get a 1.5x headshot multiplier as standard, so my weapon design would do 900 damage per shot if all pellets hit the head (only possible with a point blank execution-style shot on someone who's afk or completely oblivious). This is the same damage as a Commissioner headshot, so I think it's balanced.
  8. Skeith

    nah i just played TR inf,and when i got caught by another NC infiltrator i got oneshotted most of the time

    i dont play ps1 since 4 years give me a break
  9. Dramma Lamma

    It's all good man please don't take offence.

    Its kinda funny someone else already came by to post for you hahah.