[Suggestion] Incoming patch - No love for infiltrators

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Nehemia, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Nehemia

    Infiltrators truly need some love, hacking provides next to zero experience, our weapons are far from interesting in comparison to that of others. We have absolutely no tools against anything else than infantry.

    Please, introduce us vehicle hacking, explosives (we would appreciate the C4). Give us a minor buff to our cloak, which you nerfed pretty damn hard in the last patch (The cloaking sound). Provide us with more tools, give our weapons some additional things to certify into (Rail launchers, INF with smoke would rock), and allow us to use those upcoming SMG's as well.

    Do not let infiltrators become an extinct class, support us now.

    Edit: Some community members have smacked some ideas (harsh gems that need polishing but still):
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  2. Malsvir Vishe

    The patch hints at some love for infiltrators.

    People who play infiltrator have wanted SMG's - They might possibly get that.
    Infiltrator could be classed as a support class - They might get their XP buffed in the support class XP modification.
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  3. Dreck

    This has my support. Infiltrators in this game could use more tactical options and gear.. After all it is supposed to be the most tactical class of all. C4 is a must, and a long range inrv or night vision scope would be appreciated :)
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  4. Timeraider

    perhaps SMGs will be for Infil, who knows. These ofc arent the full patchnotes but yeah.. expected more.

    1 thing im really really concerned about though is the experience you get more when having a killstreak..

    nothing more destroying all teamplay then a couple of douchebags trying to get high K/D because of the experienceboost..
  5. OldMaster80

    - Stalker Suite (PS1 style) asap as altnernative to Hunter.
    - Protection from NRV as we're the only class whose special skill can be broken by a 30-100 cert points attachment that even vehicles can have.
    - Buff EMP grenades and adjust resource cost (see here): http://forums.station.sony.com/ps2/...s-this-is-how-emp-grenades-should-work.77304/
    - Improve hacking somehow. Do what you want, but please do it.

    Who cares about smgs, we don't need more freaking firepower, we need tools to do our job effectively.
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  6. Seryi

    Sure, you can have PS1 style cloaking.

    But only if you're willing to give up your rifles and be restricted to pistols for self defense. Your call, really - limited cloak in exchange for snipers, battle rifles, and possibly with this new patch SMGs...or PS1 style infinite cloak with only a handgun or clever use of explosives for defending yourself. Your call.
  7. wrenched

    and that's why you never see heaps of snipers on your team hiding way behind the front lines, putting themselves at almost no risk while still able to kill

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  8. Palor

    Unless we want them to hold the patch for 3 months there can only be so much in each patch. Keep voicing your opinion but I think in the terms of the things they need to address infiltrator is sort of in the middle of the pack. I would expect more work in Feb or March.
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  9. Nehemia

    Actually, that's exactly the reason there's tons of snipers on the ridges, there's barely anything for infiltrators to do at the moment. An close/medium range infiltrator is an rare sighting for a reason, and I don't want us to become extinct completely.
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  10. Nehemia

    And that's exactly what I'm planning to do, and hoping that it catches the eyes of the developers.
  11. Daibar

    if you want protection from NRV scopes, then i want protection from bullets and stabs fired from the infiltrator class.

    the NRV scopes is our only way to locate the infiltrator who isnt sitting still... snipers paradise,i think not!

    That would create an imbalance like giving 200 meter Radius, 1000 meters column AOE Nukes to Light assaults.
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  12. wrenched


    you get almost invisibility, terminal and turret hacking, massive damage output at ranges that put you way outside of danger, and yet you are complaining.

  13. Nehemia

    First, our invisibility isn't an invisibility, its more of an weak camouflage that once enabled tells everyone within 50 meters that one infiltrator just became cloaked. Same is applied upon decloaking. Also, have you attempted to hack stuff in this game? Its far more difficult than it sounds on paper. And being outside of the danger makes the infiltrator well, more of less useless in comparison to everything else. And the damage output isn't massive, a single shot can kill, yes, but comparing for example an heavy assault, the overall "Damage output" is minor, not to mention infiltrator cannot do anything against vehicles.

    Seems to me that you have an grudge against snipers, that's alright. I ain't one.
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  14. wrenched

    Mate, I agree 100%. Holding "e" is way hard - especially when you can spawn a sunderer and deploy it straight afterwards! I reckon infiltrators should just get a sunderer automatically deployed anywhere on map to balance.

    And yeah man, paper sounds way hard!

    Sniping must be useless because I never see anyone doing it! I mean, unless you hit them in the head it takes 2 SHOTS! Are you kidding me! The rate of fire is fast too which means sometimes I even spam them too death instead of just one hit kill entire platoon. So underpowered!

    So yeah, I agree with your suggestions 100%. Infiltrators should get tank main cannon, jumpjets, medpacks, c4, captain planet heart ring, ability to fly, nuclear bombs, "iwinmap" buttons. COME ON SOE GET ON THIS!
  15. innersphere1

    infiltrator is ok if you say they need love, just change class because maybe something is wrong or isnt the class for you, what i would like is a tool to call a delayed artillery strike like in warrock, to damage some tanks
  16. Pachins

    XP has never been an issue for my sniper. Headshots and kills supply me with plenty of XP so I would save the argument that we need more XP for performing other tasks for a later topic. I prefer we stick with the mechanics of the class first. An SMG does us no good in a battle. In CQC situations you will never use cloak. Cloak is easily seen up close and provides your enemy with a second faster response since you have to wait to uncloak plus lag. The thought here is why play an infiltrator in CQC with a squad when you bring nothing to the group.

    The class needs repaired and there have been plenty of suggestions from the Infil community on how to do so. We would like acknowledgment that something is being worked into the process.

    We want to be part of the team is all.
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  17. Nehemia

    I refuse to give into the idea that my beloved class in PS1, and my favorite role in all games has been turned into an redundant sniper class.
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  18. FateJH

    Unless your opponent is playing in LOW settings.

    Never actually noticed that. Where is the message displayed? in the chat? an overlay? or is this something you can spot?

    Okay, while we were talking about Engineers previously, Infiltrators are definitely better candidates for a small-magazine AT rifle. They already have a playstyle suitable to balance the weapon's implied weight and kick (even if you have to enforce that balance), and when you think Infiltrator you think the class that can kill you the fastest - two-shotting tanks at a distance sounds like something right up their alley.
  19. Nephera

    very little infiltration actually takes place as infiltrator. Often times LA with a silencer is better suited to that job anyway.

    and with no medical terminals, one-to-no resupplies at most outposts, no control consoles, no uploading viruses to bases there's very little reason for an infiltrator to infiltrate anyway. Once you've flipped the turrets and terminals your job is done, unless you're running dedicated recon for a platoon (which still might be done better by an LA)
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  20. Nehemia

    Its the new voice level of cloaking and de-cloaking (Or the beta over nerfed voice level, as I call it), not to mention each faction has an different cloaking sound, that combined with those heavy footsteps that sound like an obese guy walking in steel stairs really isn't helping us either. (Headphones required, but well who doesnt use them in an FPS game?) And I don't want infiltrators to **** tanks, but I want us to have an option of doing something to them. Not to destroy, but to disable. That wrenched took his trolling beoynd what I want, and i suggest not following his posting guidelines.

    And yes, that low settings invisibility graphics glitch has to be fixed.
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