I'd like some feedback from NC players on the Blitz

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  1. Tilen

    I've just unlocked the Blitz along with a 1x scope and soft-point ammunition to use on the medic only to find that it performs a lot worse than the NS-11A at all ranges.

    Now I'm not sure whether the latter is just what some would call OP or the former being a bad weapon, so I'd like to know what you guys think before I judge this a poor investment of SC.

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  2. PS2Freak

    it is more of cqc weapon, or weapon for spraynpray/chaotic moments, where enemy adad, with blitz you have enough bullets..

    get forward grip for it, blitz become more controlable with sustained fire.

    i also was not such happy about perfomance, but since forward grip, weapon become more useful then before. try it in vr.

    get adv. laser if you play with LA and need hipfire.

    and for the price the weapon is very good..
  3. RX530SS

    I used to like the blitz less. Then I realized that you shouldn't aim down sights. The bloom on the smg is the same when you hip fire as it is when you ADS. Which means, if you get the advanced laser sight on there, it's almost as accurate when hipfiring as it is when you ADS. If you take advantage of the increased movement speed you get while hip firing to strafe your enemies, it becomes very effective.
  4. Tilen

    That may be the case as I always ADS.
  5. PS2Freak

    you are right. you dont need Ads with blitz, it is accurate with adv.laser sight.
  6. ladiesop

    It's a hipfire weapon mainly, and will always be behind an AR at range. It's sometimes worth ADS for some enemies that are slightly further (short-medium range), but at medium-longer ranges SMGs should be treated like shotguns and you should avoid conflict and take a different route.
  7. RX530SS

    Also, I decided to stop using SPA, since the blitz already has a low projectile speed. I feel I do better without it in the ranges where SPA is suppose to help.
  8. Tilen

    The problem is I find it easier to take down enemies even at close range with the NS-11A than with the Blitz. I also noticed that with the Blitz it is very hard to kill a Heavy Assault, while with the NS-11A I can easily take them on at any range.

    Which left me wondering: what does this weapon have that's worth it?
  9. Sen7ryGun84

    NS11A is boss. Why would you, want any other rifle?

    Apart from the awesome *** destroying TAR that is.
  10. ladiesop

    Soft Point Ammo is different (sort of) for SMGs, in that it extends the damage to ~10m rather than 15m, because they begin damage drop off at 5-6m instead of 10m.
  11. TeknoBug

    For some reason I prefer the Cyclone over the Blitz, especially with extended magazine- it just hits harder.
  12. Tilen

    I also couldn't help myself but try the flashlight attachment. It is absolutely worthless. It does more harm than it helps, really. You'd have to be standing right up in someone's face to properly light them up and usually such encounters happen in indoor, well-lit areas. Running outdoors with the flashlight (where it might be actually useful) is just a death sentence.
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  13. ladiesop

    There's a lot to like about the Cyclone, I just wish it had 35 as the default magazine size so I could use the Advanced Laser with it. Genudine Dynamic's offering feels less like an NC weapon but it does have the capacity that helps it a lot along with being able to have the advanced Laser.
  14. RX530SS

    Ah, good to know. Thx.
  15. Aegie

    The Blitz is really only going to shine with some upgrades like advanced laser sight and soft point ammo- without these and it will not be so great. As another poster has pointed out, the SMGs excel at CQC choas spray n' pray and are really best suited for a LA class as it is the only weapon really worth firing while you are airborn (and within 25m of the target). You need the advanced laser sight because the SGM is really supposed to hip fired and this only becomes truly viable at most distances with the advanced laser sight.

    As a medic you would probably be better off with the NS-11A, unless it really does not fit your playstyle, because as a support role you should probably be trying to stay behind some friendlies and cover- not necessarily in the back but not in the front lines either.
  16. Tilen

    I see. So I can count on it being better than the standard LA weapon?
  17. Clonecenter-resident

    The cyclone is a better weapon than the blitz, sorry to say it but you bought the wrong smg.

    That having been said if you're an NC medic you should be using the carnage BR. It is hands down the best AR in almost every situation. Better recoil, faster TTK's. It is the best NC AR.

    If you REALLY want to salvage this blitz then I recommend as above posters said, Adv. laser, SPA, suppressor and stop ads'ing. Also, don't engage at more than 10m.
  18. infinite loop

    Blitz is amazing, but honestly not very useful for medic. I use it on Infil and LA w/ adv laser, suppressor, and soft point. Try it on Infil and flank enemies. It's the next best thing to the shotgun infil of beta.
  19. RX530SS

    I play medic as my primary class, and use the blitz as my primary weapon. The thing is a beast with medic.
    1: Kill your enemies by ADADing them while hip firing.
    2: Heal yourself.
    3: Repeat.
  20. infinite loop

    Well yeah if you are able to get into decent hip firing range it is a beast. The OP seems to like the ADS accuracy of the ARs, and coming from that it's not the same type of weapon.