I'd like some feedback from NC players on the Blitz

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  1. Metal Insomniac

    This. The Blitz just feels like a spray-happy pea shooter compared to the Cyclone. The damage per bullet is far too low for my liking.
  2. RX530SS

    That's true, fortunately it's not usually too hard to get in hip fire range.
  3. Syphers

    I wouldnt pick a SMG over a carbine and soft point is not really good overall
  4. PGxSazBot

    I use the blitz on every kit. advanced lazer sight, soft point, x2/ir, and flash suppressor. It is true that the bloom is so low with the lazer sight that hip firing is just as effective as shouldering the weapon. At range shoulder it obviously. I like the fast reload and high accuracy of the weapon. I play engi mostly so I dont have my gun out all the time so it pays off to be able to pull it and start firing from the hip. I have won 1v1s where I was repping something, started getting shot, and still managed to pull my blitz and hip fire headshots to kill the guy. It is a fast weapon, not a powerful one.
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  5. Hibiki54

    I ADS with the Blitz and aim for the head. Fast kills against Heavies with shield up.
  6. Phazaar

    It's probably already been said, but here goes anyway...

    Adv Laser Sight is vital. You're wasting your time with anything else. Silencer and softpoint ftw, and NV scope in case it's too dark and you're slouching WAY below your screen to lose contrast because there's no such thing as 'too dark' in the game at the moment.

    NEVER ADS (except in the aforementioned scenario). Your accuracy+COF are identical either way, but you sidestep at half the rate. With the Adv Laser Sight, at your correct operational range, whilst ADADADing, your crosshair is the size of the enemy player's head. This means you're getting half the TTK on enemy players because you're doing double damage (via skill, instead of randomness that occurs with a wider crosshair).

    That's it. It's a ******* incredible weapon. Easily the best thing NC has going for it (probably alongside the Piston, BAWS SAW, and lackluster vehicles). Also, if you fight primarily in squad drops etc, you can put this on -all- of your builds, and no matter what class is required, you're perfectly adjusted to the weapon. That's seriously overlooked as a strength.
  7. Noxx(ia)

    Advanced laser sight = hip fire victory. I use it on my medic in cqc situations, but it's way more fun on an infiltrator
  8. FnkyTwn

    So you replaced arguably the best gun in the game (NS-11A) with a highly situational
    CQC gun (designed mostly for Infiltrators) and you're wondering why it's not better? :eek:
  9. Jrv

    Blitz is best used with a heavy. It's the highest ROF weapon an NC heavy can use, so if you're in tight quarters it's deadly.
  10. Hosp

    Tested both before buying, I chose the Cyclone over Blitz, but that's primarily for my Infil. I do ADS a decent bit with it, and hte Cyclone is better ADS whereas Blitz is better Hipfire. (IMO).

    Specifically for medic however, the Assault Rifles on any empire are some of the better weapons in the game. I wouldn't trade them out for a more situational SMG.
  11. Fire Works

    I Blitz only on LA and infil. Mainly LA.
    adv laser, soft point ammo for me. Incredible mid air accuracy.

    It never runs out of the clip even with 2kills, meaning you get the short reload - to get the 3rd kill too. So with maxed shield and jetpack you almost never have to stop your killing flow. Very enjoyable toy in towerfights and anywhere else you would see a light assault.

    Keep moving and you use its potential. If you like holding back and go for distance shots, you got the wrong weapon category.
  12. Athessu

    What have you been smoking? All of the NS weapons are mediocre guns with high bullet velocity and slightly larger magazines than NC/VS get access to, every faction has better weapons available to them unless you specifically want something marginally easier to single shot snipe with.

    The blitz isn't particularly situational, yes it's a close combat weapon, but since the majority of infantry fighting takes place within about 50m saying that's situational is misleading. It has such low recoil and CoF bloom that it's a very easy to use and an effective heavy assault/light assault/infil replacement weapon.

    With every weapon there's a general limit of how much of your theoretical damage you actually manage to land on a target, having a very easy to control weapon generally means that your effective damage goes up because you're more able to apply your damage where you want it. On top of that your misses are less punished by the larger magazine and good RoF. If you are already a headshot machine (which 99% of us aren't) then go for one of the more difficult to use weapons that will kill people faster.

    High RoF, low recoil, large magazine size and tiny hipfire spread make it a good run and gun weapon that can take out 2+ people in a single magazine reliably at the vast majority of ranges you normally fight at as infantry.

    While the cyclone is a faster killing weapon, you really have to take extended mag to get the most out of it..and that means you can't really use the adv laser unless you want to be punished by reloads at awkward moments relatively frequently. Also it has alternating horizontal recoil which is harder to compensate for than the rightwards recoil of the blitz.

    Edit: Lot of editing :/
  13. hsal9

    Using blitz on my NC char with 2x laser, silencer and nv scope. Only time I use scope is to highlight targets or take potshots at longer range, you should hipfire in all other scenarios. Weapon is beast in CQ, didnt even use it all that much and I'm already near auraxium medal for it. Granted, class it really shines on is infil or LA, heavy can make good use of it too. If you are medic that stays in the back and seldom comes face to face with enemies then I'd say your gun choice is sadly wrong.
  14. Darlith

    Make sure you get the adv laser sight for the blitz, without it the gun is pretty much junk, with it the gun will truely shine.
  15. Tilen

    I got it and it's still utterly worthless. I am really disappointed by it.
  16. X3Killjaeden

    You have to get used to hipfiring... I know the feeling, i used NC HA with uncerted SAW and GD-22 in the beginning and i would always ADS as soon as i see an enemy. But hipfire is uber if the situation allows it. ADAD involves almost no skill, but ADS and following the ADAD is alot harder.
    To me it feels like everyone in VS outfits on cobalt use it...

    I got it myself today and i liked it. Stormed out of the Spawn to defend a small outpost from a squad of said outfit. They where right down the stairs and i mowed 1 HA (no shield) down, then a rezzed player and the medic. And that without letting go of the trigger. Of course this wouldnt have happened if they would be prepared with all guns readied, but it shows the potential. I even had some bullets left to put a small dent in the next HA, but then it was over. With GR-22 1/3of the bullets would have missed because of COF bloom and the other half would have sufficed for 1 target because of the huge ROF overkill.
    It is of course situational, you can't use it everywhere and i will be still using my AR if i don't know what i have to expect.

    And the Silencer is so silent... the bullet impacts are louder then the shots themself. From 20m its almost not audible anymore. Awesome for stealth missions/ flanking
  17. drNovikov

    My loadout for infiltrator: Blitz + Foregrip + NV scope + Silencer. I haven't noticed any benefits of SPA in VR room.