I want my 100 cert points back....whats the point of bouncing bettys?

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Kassidus, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. JDCollie=VX9=

    I have. They're great for mining access to control points at bases, but they make a lot more sense when being used by the infiltrator than they do the Engineer. (Like you mentioned, losing the ability to drop ammo is too steep a price)

    EDIT - holy crap, I didn't know you could still deploy ammo o_O
  2. Jaguar

    Try hitting 4... then hit B. then you'll understand why replacing slot 5 is win.
  3. Silent255

    Mines are far from useless and can even be pretty damned funny. In heavy fights to where both sides are clogged up, tech plants especially or on top of towers, I'll run in with a prox mine or two, find the nearest medic circle-jerk, and drop it on them. BOOM! Kills, lots of kills. Just rinse-repeat for lol's and a lot of exp and certs.

    AV Mines make REALLY quick work of spawn sundies. If you can manage to find their sundy and it's pretty guarded...take a lightning or MBT, hop out, and drop two of the AV mines on top of the sundy...it's gone and you get kill credit for everyone that got blown up by it as well. If it's not too guarded...you can probably get away with attacking it with an ATV or on foot.

    I know a lot of my tactics sound like suicide missions....and they are, and they don't always work, but they're practical and CAN work and can be often funny. Tossing two mines on a heavy enemy sundy can seriously change the way their attack is operating, especially on outposts and strongholds, by cutting off their infantry zerg or setting them back a ways to the back-up sundy.

    Now....for when I'm working in a commando-ish way/solo, such as recapping facility forward outposts, repairing generators in a contested CY, etc, I'll drop a prox mine (since I'm only running with 1 at the moment) at one door (2 door rooms are the best by far), get behind cover that protects me from the mined door, and aim at the other door. If the prox doesn't kill whoever runs through, which isn't that frequently, two rounds will end him. Multiple people running over the mine is just icing. Already scoped in at the other door gives the first-shot ability 95% of the time...other 5% is when I'm caught reloading. In regular crowded basefights, especially bio labs, just tossing a mine in the doorway, maybe a little more inside the building than out or on the middle of the stairs, will do you some good. Prox mines can, and will, detonate by any type of explosion scraping it so placement is key and can be a little tricky. Worst part is, their explosion is large but it's a double-edged sword. If it detonates by indirect fire or is set off by infantry and one of your teammates is next to it...they'll probably die and it'll suck.

    AV mines are a little trickier when it comes to not suiciding vehicles (Yes...I do the 2 mine trick on Vanguards and Prowlers that just aren't paying attention) as placement can prove to be pretty difficult. In a heated courtyard in which the vehicle shields are down....anywhere near the entrance will do BUT the short-end of the deal is that you have explosions happening EVERYWHERE in that CY. That in mind, your mines can get popped by indirect fire...and that sucks because they aren't cheap. In open field fights....seriously, as crazy as it sounds, placing them in the dead center of the road is perfect. People drive up and down those roads as if they were on a highway....you're almost guaranteed to pop a tank on the road. Yes, you'll get tanks that are your all-terrainers but when they retreat, you can see them taking the roads a lot. You'll find there are just as many tanks, if not more, that drive on the roads rather than exclusively off-roading it.
  4. Kracken


    Bettys > All
  5. Dhart

    I have noticed that you can't deploy more than one at a time... The tool tip is plain that you can only carry one... but I have found to my frustration that I can't run back get another and deploy it as well without the first despawning.

    Wasted infrantry points.

    I does appear that you can cycle through BB and tank mines so long you don't exceed your 'carry' limit for each and they'll stay up even if you swap to another class.
  6. Dhart

    Be nice if the 'arm and drop' action was faster. It's dead slow... in a fire fight I have a 1 in 5 chance of actually deploying the BB, tank mine, ammo, or grenade before I get killed- still holding it in my hands.
  7. Patooie

    I actually really enjoy using these. Ditto on all the posts above on placement strategy and situational use. I get kills with these 70-80% of the time I place one. Most losses w/o a kill are due to explosive/grenades setting them off before they can be tripped.
  8. Dhart

    My favorite spot for BB... just about 1-2 feet away from a shielded spawn area... as soon as they come out... 'boom'
  9. Dhart

    Take a point/outpost... leave one on the stair and leave... amazing how many are typically taken by the solo infiltrator/player looking for personal glory... I don't even have to stay and guard it. Best part is that once folks die of it once... they usually don't come back for seconds... not alone at least.
  10. Bubblewrap2

    From my experience, there's only one frustrating bug even when taking your time placing these and it took me a few moments to realise it. So for all those new to AI mines:

    - if you place an AI mine near a dead enemy body (which can take many seconds to disappear), the mine will instantly explode, hurting or killing you...
  11. Silent255

    The first tooltip doesn't say diddly about only dropping one, the second says carrying capacity goes to 2. I DO believe they allow you to drop as many as you can 'carry'.
  12. Dhart

    Didn't realize that... thanks for tip
  13. Dhart

    It's not that you can carry one and deploy it... it's that you can go back and get more but can't deploy it/them too until the first one explodes... just wasting Infantry points else. Just one of those things that is 'assumed' by Devs while I had to figure it out the hard way.

    I was trying to set up an ambush... no combat at the time; and when I went back to the first location... BB was gone. Only the last one I deployed was still there.
  14. Silent255

    You're using Prox mines right? Final build of beta, I *think* I only had 1 cert into AV mines and I was able to run around with, and drop, 2 of them. I haven't gotten the chance to unlock them now as of yet.

    Want to see if unlocking the second cert for prox will allow you 2 drop both of what you can carry. I can understand a little bit as to why they'd want to keep it to one prox deployed at a time but it would be nice otherwise.
  15. Bubblewrap2

    Yes, the second cert for AI mine gives you ability to drop 2 at a time.
  16. Mafarett

    yeah, you can only drop as many mines and C4 as you can carry, getting the utility pouch maxed makes that 5 AT, 3 AI and 4 C4.

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