I want my 100 cert points back....whats the point of bouncing bettys?

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Kassidus, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Kassidus

    They are useless , has anyone even been killed by one? why would I get rid of my ability to drop ammo for team mates for 1 useless mine....ffs the only thing i can think of is that its a joke.
  2. MortarionX

    Don't forget they cost infantry resources too =p
  3. Bubblewrap2

    You can drop ammo by selecting the key for your turret (5) and pressing B to switch to ammo box.

    Bouncing betties are far from useless, though they are expensive (both resources and time) if you try to spam them, no matter how good you are at placing them, which is a skill in itself.

    That said, if you are really into ammo resupply, I guess it would feel like a waste of certs given how costly upgrading ammo resupply is and how often you should be dropping ammo (compared to dropping mines).
  4. Beltway

    Alright everybody move over. O'l Beltway's explosive class is now in session.

    First of all you are going to have to explain your situation. You see explosives (bouncing Betty's specifically) aren't just "Drop & Plop".

    Explosives Facts:

    All empire specific explosive traps need to be walked over. Which means placement is everything. If you think you are going to snag anyone coming through a door way by placing explosives somewhere near it you are going to be sadly mistaken. Let's go over some basic operations tests and see how you do.

    Question #1: You want to stop enemy forces from advancing to your position only accessible from a narrow stairway so you

    A: Place your explosives in your pocket
    B: Place your explosives on specific steps
    C: Place your explosives at the base & top of the stairs

    Question #2: You have your enemies pinned in their spawn room but want to deter any freshly spawned enemies from coming back if they die you

    A: Place an explosive near the sides of the exits
    B: Place explosives right in front of the doorway
    C: Place explosives randomly outside hoping to get a kill

    Question #3 You encounter a deployed AMS outside your base and you have noticed 2 enemies have just been killed you

    A: Place explosives on either side of the ams hopefully killing them buying time for friendly heavy assaults to come blow up the AMS
    B: Place explosives in the direct path of entry to your facility
    C: Try to spawn camp the enemy until they stop trying re spawn

    Test Results:

    If your answer to question 1 was anything else but C, you should probably put the explosives down before you lose a limb.
    If you answered question 2 with anything but B, you might have a slight common sense deficiency.
    If you answer to question 3 was C, then you are a KD ratio ***** that should probably play team death match instead.

    Fun Facts

    :eek: Cloaked enemies can completely bypass your explosives. Even if they are carefully placed.
    :mad: If timed correctly enemies can sprint past triggered explosives and survive with little health.
    o_O Heavy Assault shields absorb 0% of the damage from your explosive.
    :oops: Flak armor can help reduce the damage done to the enemy from your explosive device

    Alright kids recess.
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  5. Locke

    If these are the same as the Infiltrator version they are actually pretty good. Drop them at choke points and you are pretty much guaranteed a kill. Whether they are as good as the ammo pack is unlikely but that's something that can be overcome with teamwork.
  6. Ghostfox

    The insane thing is that you can sprint over them and be out of the blast radius when they go boom. Not to mention anyone smeezing hard enough will make them go boom.

    The only effective use ive found for them is in odd places and in places where i can make my enomies pull back for a second.
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  7. Marinealver

    Guess they heard too many complaints of being placed at control points and killing anyone who tried to cap it. Used to love those but a beta bugg kept me from getting them resupplied.

    I have over 300 kill with these no lie. Its all about location.If I can afford it I alway have 2 BB placed at all times.If i get a kill ,I run over and place another one in its place,and repeat.I play on Jeager NC
  9. nibew

    too bad this mine doesnt work like

    kill or heavy injure ppl in large radius

    able to kill whole squads
  10. Thagyr

    I've caught many an infiltrator off guard with a mine placed in their typical generator routes. I've also dropped one as I retreated to have my pursuer end up dead. They do their job.

    Though one can attribute that to the new generation of players in the game. Before I took the Bouncing Betty, I didn't even know what a mine looked like.
  11. Gary

    Why on earth would you take Bouncing Betty's over landmines. How much are the bouncing Betty's I hope they are 75 like land mines.

    1. 2 Landmines will take out any vehicle in the game.
    2. Put them on a road and leave them eventually someone will run them over.
    3. If the opportunity arrives to a more likely kill replace them here.
    4. Land mines last for ever even after you die.
    5. The vehicle does not need to be moving to trigger the landmines.. (Hello Deployed sunderers) Earned up to 12 certs at once doing this.
    6. You can use them as anti Infantry mines, Place them in choke points when the enemy flood in simply shoot the mine. The damage and radius is far bigger then a grenade and will likely net you more kills.
    7. You can almost always bait and kill a Max suit with 3 bullets. Peek round the corner, Run back round dropping a landmine on the corner make some distance from the max and you await it to chase you round and bingo.... shoot the land mine killing the max instantly.
    8. When attacking an enemy base Drop 2 landmines in front of the vehicle pad. if they try to spawn any vehicle it is instantly blown up.
    9. Get creative... Yesterday saw a sunderer after a few attempts realised i was not going to be able to approach it so instead i spent resources on a mosquito... Flew in landed right next to the deployed sunderer in the confusion dropped 2 landmines right on it then hopped in the mosquito flew away to the sound of explosions and 8 cert points.
    10. Had to finish on 10 really... errr Sunderers with blockade armor make great vehicles to charge the enemy sunderer and at mine it then back up and enjoy the show.

    Land mines - a short 2 minute video showing how easy it is to get the landmines into position in the chaos of fire.

    Remember engineers If you take something instead of your ammo pack simply equip your turret and push "B" changing the pattern in this nanite machine from the turret to an Ammo pack
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  12. Bubblewrap2

    Because the whole point of anti-personnel mines is they are fire-and-forget.

    They free you up to do other things, effectively in the right situations 1 skilled player can appear to the enemy like a small highly annoying group. You can even use them as an early-warning system that a base or critical facility you left an hour ago across the other side of the continent has just been attacked. Given you cannot take most bases without getting out of your vehicle and it works without vehicles, this is far more reliable than using landmines.

    Don't forget that you can deploy any type of mine and then switch and place another type without affecting each other. All mines, not just landmines, last past death.

    Also, the game has loadouts, making it trivial to switch between weapon sets at a terminal. You can have an "AV" loadout with AT mines and an "AI" loadout with proximity mines, for example.
  13. Dhart

    it's a niche device for sure... kinda useful to guard your back so long as opps can't get to you through a window or such.

    My biggest complaint... and with any explosive is that the kill occurs while you are in deployment (dead)... you get no credit for the kill. And they despawn pretty fast. I think you can only drop 2 at a time... like Ammo... any more and one will despawn, so it's difficult to really get any coverage.
  14. Sarcasmo

    Incorrect, It will not show the tick for the kill but you still get the EXP. I frequently do this with sticky grenades and Deployed sunderer Anti-Tank mine extravagantza.
  15. MobileAssaultDuck

    The BB, like the Claymore in other shooters, is a deceptively skill based weapon. While it appears at first to be a nooby "fire and forget" weapon, placement is KEY.

    You must learn to have a 6th sense of the "flow" of a room. Watch your own team move through the room and you'll begin to notice that there is an average path that most people take. BB that path.

    I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that 30%+ of my kills in shooters come from booby-trap type weapons. It is truly an art form that is very under appreciated because many people just randomly throw them anywhere for a cheap kill here and there.

    When you get a nuke killstreak in MW2 using only claymores and scavenger, then you will understand.
  16. Ice Pirate

    It's actually fairly effective for doorways and around generators. I'm not sure where you're using it or how but it kills quite good. Claymores I don't know about yet but the betty is a ****.
  17. Bloodlet

    I kill plenty of people with them if you place them in smart areas AND you don't lose your ammo pack. Press B when you have your turret placement hologram out and voila you toggle your turret into an ammo pack.

    Proximity mines are fun.
  18. Recursion

    I use the VS equivalent and it's amazing. You can do up to 3 total if you max out your utility belt and they stay even after a class swap (I think if you attempt to place more than your class capacity the first one will disappear though). You have to use them defensively and place them in high traffic areas. Sometimes I use them to see if I can trip up an enemy if you've spotted your enemy and they've spotted you, starting the "building search spiral." I'll place one on the ground and try to get him to follow me into the building over it or I'll place one at an entrance I think he's going to attempt to surprise me at. If he walks over it, you win (if he doesn't die, you'll know exactly where he is, lol).

    You DO still have the ability to drop ammo by selecting your turret (5) and pressing (B) to toggle the pack. It will take an extra step, but you don't totally eliminate one of the defining characteristics of the class.

    I love it when I'm in hearing range when one has detonated. The bass kicks in a little bit and I get a slight screen shake. Be warned that if a close quarters fight between an enemy and a team mate happens to float into one, the enemy may trigger it killing both of them. All in all I find them much safer than grenades though because friendlies will not trigger them.

    You might have buyer's remorse right now, but I don't think you realize how amazing they are yet. Try them one a little more before you totally swear them off, they really are annoying to the enemy.
  19. Tatanka

    These are also amazingly fun to leave behind in a spawn room when a facility is overrun. Just drop them in the middle of the room right before the room turns hostile. You are guaranteed kills shortly afterwards.

    And as mentioned previously, they are great for generator defense. Particularly in gen rooms where there is a small space that folks like to hide to compromise or repair the gen. Another guaranteed kill.

    As with any type of mine, you have to think ahead as to what patterns folks use to move around. Just takes a bit of observation and planning.
  20. Koldorn

    While I have yet to re-unlock the betty; my personal beta record was 5 kills with one bouncer.

    Placement. Is. Everything.
    On that note: I kind of hope I don't meet Beltway on the battlefield. He seems to know his explosives.

    Finally, reiteration in-case it was missed: ammo pack remains on your ACE tool; bring up your turret and 'switch mode', (via default: B key)

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