i run ps2 at 45 to 55fps in zerg battles

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Mortucus, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. Mortucus

    my specs are below the
    i use a thermal take a31 chaser case
    cost me 999$ from a shop with 12 months warranty stop complaining and spend some dollars i used to be like u i have every setting on hi bar shadows cos they are a pain at night to see with my spec is simple my system was even called a budget gamer let go of your 5 to 8 year old tec and god dam upgrade

    on a side note im sorry for all the crap i gave u soe this game looks awesome plays awesome and with some more tweaking will satisfy the i need constant 60 fps nerds that are winging for even more out of their outdated systems

    cpu runs at 55 degs and gpu with fan on 60% and over clocked runs at 45 degrees
  2. HooWoo

    i em on forems and i dun no how 2 englesh wuld u gais tech me pls#
  3. BlackDove

    I would never touch anything Thermaltake.
  4. OldMaster80

    I've spent the same, AMD CPU and graphic card and run everything on Ultra so what? This doesn't change the fact the game should perform better and crash less.
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  5. Eleo

    Well next time save some bucks and take an english course.

    For your information $1k is what a lot of people have to live with per month, but perhaps you'll explain us that it is their fault for being poor and that they shouldnt be allowed to have access to entertainment.

    Those moneyless losers.
  6. shd

    This. Thermaltake cases should be in the dictionary next to "overpriced crap".
  7. Mortucus

    i earn 650 dollars a week have 2 kids and a bill like everyone else i saved i also don't speak English i think i do ok but if that's all u got to say i guess that's why u are called a troll i also fixed your spelling lol did u notice that
  8. Mortucus

    i paid 77 dollars for a mid range tower case with 2 fans and easy front end modding and plenty of ventilation was that expensive was my first pc box in 10 years been using laptops
  9. blackboemmel

    yeah, moneyless losers are almost as disgusting as those uber-losers that come here without being native speakers!
  10. RankWinner

    You... never actually mentioned any specs. At all. So... yeah. I have to call ********.

    Also, from another one of your posts, "mate unless you buy a 1500 dollar pc that you built your self and then over clocked to 4.0 plus ghz you are dreaming this game is poorly optimized..." you said you bought yours and your PC is under $1,500 so then you must be dreaming.

    P.S. I'm OC'd to 4.5GHz and I drop to ~30fps in huge Zergs.
  11. TheAppl3

    What an impressively stupid thread...

    I has thing go spend $. What is your point? Obviously if everyone had a grand to drop they would buy a new system.

    Also, eww Thermaltake. Double-eww (with a bonus of "duck and cover as it explodes!") if it's a Thermaltake PSU as well.
  12. shd

    Any amount of money is too much for a thermaltake case, speaking with first, second, third, fourth and fifth hand experience.

    Also, the problem with your english isn't so much with grammar or vocabulary. It's with punctuation, which you obviously never heard of. And that has little to do with english but rather with your basic writing skills no matter the language. Commas, periods, capital letters and stuff like that go a long way to making your text readable.
  13. Eleo

    You are comparing 650 dollars a week to 250?

    Fix your own next time.
  14. TeknoBug

    I have a Thermaltake V4 case for my Intel system, actually pretty nice. My AMD system is using an Antec 300 which is a MUCH better case though (but slightly larger too).

    But aside all that, why did it cost $999, the specs in the sig implies it's a mid-range system which should be around $500-600.
  15. TheAppl3

    $77 for a mid-tower is too much in my opinion. You can get solid mid-towers with plenty of ventilation for $40-50 (Rosewill Challenger for $40 is an example - it's surprisingly decent). At $77 I'd rather just spend a little more and go full-tower. The Chaser A31 isn't worth the price. Too much plastic. I'd rather pay $110 for steel all over and a lot more room.

    It's not all that far off depending on quality of PSU/Mobo.
    $110 for a good mobo
    $70 for a great PSU
    $240 for a 660Ti
    $190 for a 3470
    $55 for 8GB RAM
    $85 for a good HDD
    $100 for an OEM Win7
    $20 for a combo optical drive
    $77 as he says for an overpriced case

    $947 assuming decent mobo and PSU. Since those were probably atrocious and the HDD is also probably a low-grade one, figure $860 cost of parts. Then of course the builder took $140 for two hours of work (I wish I got paid $70/hour...) and poof, $999. It's a rip-off, but I've seen worse.
  16. Botji

    Can I question why you make a big show of your overclocked GPU and no mention about your CPU clock when you probably dont even have to touch your GPU settings to get the same FPS that you get now?

    Im also a bit offended that you think my quite "high spec" i7 920 is somehow a bad computer that I have to upgrade anytime soon, it will be 5 years old in just about 3 months :(
  17. TheAppl3

    @above: Does it matter? Since it's a 3470, just look it up. It's a 3.2/3.6 quad-core.

    Also considering newer i5/i7 setups tipping 4.4GHz+ get just 40fps in zerg-smashes, a 2.66GHz Nehalem isn't exactly incredible for this game, even at 3.67. It's not a bad computer however and I agree that most of OP's post was ill-informed and generally silly :rolleyes:
  18. BlackDove

    You can regularly get Liani-Li cases for $79-99 on Newegg. Those are better than Thermaltake, and yeah, he didn't mention any other specs on it. This is like a bragging thread, only where are the quad Titans?
  19. ironeddie

    Wow can't believe the hate against a guy who's pleased to be running the game well. You shouldn't knock a guys English either if its not their first language or even if it is! Nobody's perfect.

    I've never had a problem with thermaltake cases or psu's either. Always found there products to be reliable and well made. Sometimes its ok to pay more for quality.
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  20. TheAppl3

    That would be fine if Thermaltake was actually better. Half of their stuff is decent, the rest is total trash. The decent stuff is a tad overpriced, the trash is flat-out dangerous. TR2 power supplies have died on me every time, once involving a fire. They manage to be ranked Tier 5 (replace NOW) on Eggxpert's list.