i run ps2 at 45 to 55fps in zerg battles

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Mortucus, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. ironeddie

    That's really not good! Just not been my experience with them. In fairness it's been a good number of years since I bought one of there products. My case is a decade old & my psu 4 or 5. I shall have to re-evaluate them when I next need a psu or case.
  2. BlackDove

    Yeah, it's good to pay a lot for quality. That's why I buy from brands like Lian-Li, Gigabyte, Intel, Seasonic, Delta, Cooler Master and APC when I'm building computers for myself or others. I would never touch a Thermaltake product, since they are just an overpriced rebrander that slaps a logo on substandard parts, then charges a lot of money for them.
  3. ironeddie

    if I'm honest as good as intel are I think they charge a little to much for it being an intel product.
  4. BlackDove

    What? Like $50 more for a product that significantly outperforms the competition and consumes half the power?
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  5. ironeddie

    Well it can be more than $50 (the difference between an i5 I looked at recently & my CPU is £60 or $92US) and they don't significantly out perform anything, only slightly in some circumstances & certainly not enough to justify the increased cost. I'll give you they use less power.
  6. BlackDove

    Well, take the 8350 for example. That's supposedly a good AMD CPU. It's also $200 and 125W.

    It has ancient i5's like the Sandy Bridge i5-2400 keeping up with it or beating it in some tests, or at least keeping up with it in most(check all the pages of benchmarks). The AMD CPU also has three times the memory latency, and consumes about twice as much power as any Ivy Bridge LGA1155 CPU. The only cases where the AMD seems to be a good value is for extremely multi-threaded applications... which PS2 is the opposite of.
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  7. LibertyRevolution

    Cooler Master Elite 430 is my go to for a decent cheap case, $35.
    Black, 5 120mm fans slots, dual top 120's for watercool radiator, bottom mount PSU, tool free, free flow front mesh.


    BTW, your thread is useless without video proof of you getting 50FPS in "Zerg vs Zerg" battles.
  8. TeknoBug

    ^ this pretty much in a nutshell. AMD are still pretty good for a lot of things (and rarely has issues in games besides PS2, FC2 and GW2), Intel are just significantly better in power efficiency, cache and overall performance. I think one of the drawbacks is shared cache on AMD chips (across all 4-8 cores while Intel has cache per individual core).

    However I'll go to AMD for video/audio converting, and even *nix database servers. 7zip FLEW when I had an 8320 in my AMD system.