[Guide] How to use C4 effectively and entertainingly

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Superplox, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. jak

    Sundy Buster - If you REALLY need to kill a sundy have have the resources available, fly a lib out, drop your nose clip into it, then bail and C4 it. There are more refined ways of doing this, such as dropping as engineer with mines from a squad beacon/deploy, but this is my move when everything else hasn't worked out. You can also do it with an ESF, but the liberator armor lets you handle dedicated AA long enough to get the sundy weak enough for C4.

    Flash Surprise - Don't forget we LAs have flashbangs and mobility. If enemies have grouped up, you can often blind them, then run in with C4 to blow quite a few of them up. I've gotten a few 10+ streaks doing this. It's risky, though, as flashbangs have traditionally been buggy or if you miss a few of the guys, they'll take you down before you can detonate. But when it works...

    C4 dropping on populated areas is far more about learning the trajectory your block goes depending on your forward momentum. Lots of enemies like popping in and out of doorways shooting before retreating so their shields regen. If you learn drop trajectory, you can often "toss" the C4 partly in the room to take out a bunch of guys hiding inside. Once you learn the trajectory, killing most anything with C4 gets a lot more easy.

    Nice post for your first one. C4 is a fine art, though really horrible tankers like to create new rivers with the amount of tears they cry over it. Enjoy the hate tells, they can be fairly entertaining.
  2. ironeddie

    Not yet got a kill by placing c4 on the control point.

    Must play with it on a flash, could a harasser also be used?
  3. Superplox

    Yes a harasser can be used as a C4 vehicle. It has more armor and speed with turbo so it is better but the downside is increased resource cost.
  4. ironeddie

    Thanks. Does it matter where on the flash or harasser you place the c4. Or does the blast radius of the c4 always take out the other vehicle?