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  1. Superplox

    Note: Many of you may know these tactics I'm about to list but know that this guide is for newer players

    So, you clicked on this thread cause you need some help c-4ing that pesky Magrider or trying to wipe out a clump of infantry? You came to the right place buddy! This guide is dedicated to helping players use C-4 to its maximum potential and justify its 700 cert cost:D
    So lets get started!

    Tactic 1: MAX Trap
    Hear that clunking MAX around? Sounds like a perfect opportunity to place C-4 in that doorway and instagib it! (Unless it has flak hint hint) Once the C-4 is in place, lure the MAX near the trap with gunfire or anything that will get its attention.Dedicated MAXes won't fall for this trick though!

    Tactic 2: Flash Rocket
    Variant 1: If you have a class with 2 C4 unlocked but not the Fury on the flash, don't worry you can still turn your flash into a rocket! Attach 2 C4 on the front and drive towards your enemy; once you are near enough to detonate, jump off and press the little red button. Then watch the fireworks

    Variant 2: If you have a teammate, you can increase the chance to kill your target with some OP teamwork;)
    Have a Flash with Wraith, an infiltrator and a class with 2 C4. The infiltrator is the driver while the C4 class attaches the 2 C4 and takes the back seat. The infiltrator cloaks the flash and drives it to the target, rams it and uncloaks. Then the class in the backseat detonates the C4.

    Variant 3: The most expensive and effective tactic. Have a fury on the wraith flash and a class with 2 C4. Attach the C4 then switch to infiltrator. (Follow above instructions) Once close enough to the target, ram it and fire the fury. The splash from the fury detonates the C4. Your flash is now an invisible, instagibbing rocket! (Sound OP?):p

    Tactic 3: C4 Mine
    Lay C4 on a road, shield entrance or doorway and wait for enemies to run into it the detonate! This tactic works very well in bio labs at the vehicle bay and towers but tankers and MAXes with situational awareness won't be fooled so don't expect this to net you a kill every time.

    Tactic 4: Explosive Control
    Alone in a base, trying to find the single guy trying to ghost cap can be annoying so a block of C4 on the control point can be the solution. Switch the control point to attract the player and hide; when you see the point flashing, explode it! If you are lucky, the blast will kill the enemy but flak or distance is common so the kill is not always guaranteed.

    Hints, Tips and Common Sense:
    1. Abuse the heck out of high ground to C4 annoying vehicles or infantry, they will never see you coming
    2. Be a light assault, its jet pack gives you excellent mobility to sneak up on tanks
    3. If there is a clump of infantry, fly up on the building next to them and throw C4 down to kill them with
    4. C4 is expensive and buying them when you need it is not smart, stockpile 40 C4 before using it so that you can use them even when you are out of infantry resources.
    5. Drifter packs can be used from very high ground so you can hover over targets to explode them
    6. If you are finding it hard to approach your target from the ground, use the air! Go light assault and pull an ESF. Fly over the vehicle, jump out and use the jet pack to reduce your momentum(Or slow down in the ESF) then C4 the tank!
    7. If you are an engineer with sticky grenades, you can stick the C4 on then throw a sticky on to act as a makeshift detonator! (Faster then manual C4 detonation)

    Thanks for reading this guide! This is my first thread ever and I plan to contribute much to the Forumside community! If you learnt something from this or have an excellent C4 video to show us, post something below!
    I'd like to thank Iridar51, Wrel and Belthazor3457 who's videos and opinions inspired me to create for the entire PS2 community.

    Many explosions
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  2. Iridar51

    I'd like to add a few things.

    If you see that enemy tank uses proximity radar
    (it would have this thingy [IMG] constantly rotating on it's hull)
    then better don't even try to C4 that tank, because chances are the driver installed proximity driver because he expected to be C4-d. Driver will likely notice you on minimap and either escape or kill you.

    Also, I don't want to sound snob or anything, but crashing an ESF just to kill one tank seems to be a waste, unless you never ever fly, because one ESF can be used to destroy multiple tanks.

    I'm also sceptical about using C4 as a mine. I mean, it has red light on top of it. Enemy dedicated MAX players will also likely suspect something if they see LA baiting them through the doorway. Doorway with a stick with red light on it *cough*.
    Unless, of course, the C4 is placed right around the corner.

    I mean, C4 is very effective in killing MAXes, so they have to learn to deal with this grave threat. I once threw a brick at NC MAX, he had no time to escape. I thought I had a sure kill, but that MAX just pulled out his Aegis Shield and protected himself from the blast. So frontal assault didn't work with him. Perhaps, mined doorway wouldn't also.

    Don't underestimate your opponents.
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  3. gregfox89

    You forgot a big one: Sunderers. One light assault can't take out a sunderer... at least not immediately. If the sunderer doesn't have blockade armor, 2 C4 will only put it on fire, and you'll have to wait a very long time for it to explode if it doesn't get immediately repaired (you'll hardly ever succeed unless people are helping you)

    If you use your faction specific carbine that allows the under barrel grenade launcher, this can take out a sundy when used with 2 C4. (people buy these guns just for this reason)

    Also: vehicles, specifically harassers, will try to ram you. If you time it right, you can hover and drop C4 in front of them. You'll probably only be able to get one C4. You don't need to drop it on the vehicle, just on the ground in its path, and detonate it when it runs over it. It can be hard to pull off. If you're trying to hover over a moving tank and drop C4 on it, remember that you have to account for the speed the C4 falls, so you have to lead your target like anything else in this game.
  4. Superplox

    Thanks for the feedback Iridar! I agree with your opinions but to be honest not many roll with radar. Sorry but what i was talking about was the huge biolab fights, see the vehicles in the shielded vehicle bay pop in and out in a predictable manner. I've had a few C4 kills where i put the explosive on the path the tank moved on so when it came out, i blew it up. The ESF tactic is probably for people who just have a 750 aerospace resource stockpile and can't fly:D
  5. Superplox

    I tried C4ing a sunderer in VR with UBGL and it didn't kill it, either they changed it or it is still how you described it. No offense but trying to C4 a harraser or a moving vehicle head on is suicide. Gotta flank em;)
  6. Iridar51

    I think the trick he was referring to was to place two C4, run some distance, detonate C4 with UBGL, fire second UBGL grenade, and that would kill the sunderer. Or leave it burning with really low health.
  7. Paqu

    Sunderers used to blow up with 2xC4 and UBGL, but not anymore when their armor was increased few updates ago.

    Even if you shoot both UBGL nades the sunderer is still burning.
  8. TheMonkey

    Tank Trap: Lay two or three (if engie) C4 in the middle of a busy road. Place your waypoint directly on the C4. When you see an enemy pass over, beep! This is hilarious and effective, but requires patience and not dying.

    Crowd Control: an obvious and rewarding tactic. Just chuck the C4 into enemies and press the button. This tactic works best when flanking or using either a smoke of flash grenade. This is also viable for HA with shield and Concussion grenade.
  9. Superplox

    Leave any suggestions for a thread I could work on! I am thinking of doing a Comprehensive Guide to Heavy Assault! (Unless Iridar51 has that covered):D
  10. Iridar51

    You have to be more specific. Both in this guide and possible future HA guide. Don't assume, define explicitly. If you mean "use it like that while in biolab", then write so.

    Also, on that HA guide. I'd consider that carefully, because HA is a very broad class. LA is very limited, so it's easy to write up a guide on it, bu HA is a different story. HA can have A LOT viable playstiles, and for guide to be comprehensive, you have to cover them all, not just mention stats of all the LMGs.
  11. Fang7.62

    High ground + maxed drifter + C4 = fun tiemz being a pocket liberator!
  12. Unclematos7

    Harasser holy war:
    1.Be an engineer with 3 C4
    2.Attach the C4 to the front of a harasser
    3.Ram the harasser to a sundy
    4.switch to the rumble seat and detonate the C4
  13. Silus

    And those that do, like Lightnings, don't ever have the right weapons to deal with the *Insert string of swears here* C4 Fairies.

    HEAT and HE rounds? LA needs to be on the ground to get in a good hit, as hitting an airborne target with a single cannon shot while evading dropped C4 is, honestly, a b*tch and a half, let met tell you. And Skyguard? Only a direct hit with the erratic flak will do anything to the LA, and even then one shot won't kill (That's why I think Flak ought to explode in proximity to airborne soldiers).

    Seriously, I want to maim whoever thought it was a bright idea to add in C4 and give it an instant arming time.

    I've been C4ed too many times and lost too many Resources for this to be "fine". Hell, I'm literally sitting here at the Amerish Warpgate, waiting my my Resources to hurry up and get back to "Yes you can pull a Lightning" levels because some SOB LA C4ed my not-eve-two-minutes-off-the-pad Lightning.

    *Flips table and storms out*
  14. Nuubo

    Oh, please.... wait for the LA to use Jetpack while evading the C4 drop (shouldnt be hard with radar - not that I roll with it, but havent been C4ed that often to be crying on the forums about it), let him waste fuel while aiming on the ground where he is likely to land..... and BAM!!! Dead LA (who just wasted atleast one C4 that hasnt even got him a kill).

    Only smart LAs with max lvl Jetpacks will stop jetpacking when they still have fuel (= they will look like falling down), to trick you into shooting, while reactivating their Jetpack before landing and hopefully evading your one shot.
  15. Iridar51

    Why try to kill the LA? Especially from inferior position. Escape first, then deal with him, or just roll away.
    Motionless tank is dead tank, no matter what's engaging him.
    Another good advice is to avoid high cover in proximity to enemy base or a spawn room, because it's exactly where C4 will be coming from.

    From my experience, if I'm detected before I place the C4, I won't be able to kill that tank. He'll just escape. Or escape and then turn around to kill me. And no amount of jumping around will help killing that tank after I've been detected. But sometimes I can escape and recover after failed attempt.
  16. Nuubo

    Thats what I was trying to say with the second part of my post. Looking at it now, I should have probably worded it better.....

    The Jetpack trick helps only when you are too far to reach the cover with the remaining fuel, but close enough, that you can make it on foot in the time it takes him to reload (works especially well on Viper Lighnings, since they have the longest reload).
  17. Kcalehc

    When baiting MAX's into C4 traps, its often better to place it on the wall, just round a corner. It's much less obvious than on the floor that way. On doorways, placing it on the underside of the doorframe also works, though its a little harder to place in a hurry.
  18. Iridar51

    This assumes that tank will be motionless while reloading, and this is what my problem is - any half decent tanker will know to move first, shoot next.
  19. Nuubo

    Not really, if "making him waste" one reload timer is enough time for you to get to the cover, it doesnt really matter whetever he chases you, repositions himself, or keeps standing still, because some cover is still better than none.

    It seems to me like you are misunderstanding (and if thats the case, its my fault, for not wording it better in the OP)...... the "jetpack trick" is not used to increase your chances to C4 a tank, it is used to delay your death (by said tank) after a failed C4 attempt.
  20. Iridar51

    Oh, I get it now. You meant JJ trick to survive long enough to ran away. This makes a lot more sense than what I've thought of :p
    I thought of the absurd scenario:
    Run to C4 tank, get detected, get shot at, evade shot and C4 the tank, which is lunacy.

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