[Suggestion] How to buff the Valk & Spitfire in the most simplest manner.

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  1. Plastikfrosch

    it does not have to be immune to small arms but a better resistance is needed beause its one of the easyest to hit vehicles in the game that can take damage from small arms.
  2. Nintyuk

    in addition as I didn't really get to finish earlier as I was on my phone:
    The need to re supply greatly reduces spam ability, the spitfire could easily morph in to the mini-sentry from TF2 if it could just be thrown down at no cost.
    But there are ways to make it work:
    1. Have a very long cool-down, Main issue is if the turret survives for a while then the engy will get another ready to put down as soon as it's destroyed without having to leave his camping spot. Plus cool-downs are notorious for bugging out in this game.
    2. Have an average cool-down that only starts when the turret is destroyed. There would also have to be a system that let you pick up the spitfire again so you could move it in this case
    3. Have the ability to re-collect your own turret back to your inventory, a good idea all-round.
    Unrelated to that the Valkyrie one is a no brainier needs to happen buff.
  3. Klabauter8

    If you fly over a huge group of enemies with the valk you also do it wrong. You have to use the terrain to your advantage with it. That small fire arms can damage the Valk is actually a good thing, because it makes many people fire at it like fools, since they think they can kill it, instead of hiding, although they hardly do any damage and then the Valk can kill them.

    I said it earlier and will say it again, the valk is perfectly fine the way it is, the problem are the players, because they have no idea how to play it. The only problem with the Valk is that you really need a good gunner and know how to fly it. Every second gunner I get in my Valk can't even manage to pay attention to the front of the vehicle (or just simply don't care about it?).

    People are just totally incapable to play this vehicle, because there are so many more things to pay attention to than with the other vehicles, but this doesn't mean the vehicle is bad.
  4. Mianera

    How to buff the Spitfire to make it properly balanced:
    - Increase RPM to 1100
    - Increase damage 250|15meters 200|75meters
    - Increase turn rate by 150%
    - Increase bullet velocity to 900m p/sec.
    - Reduce COF to 0,01
    - Additionally targets light vehicles and light aircraft
    - Increase target range to 500meters

    What do you say guys?
    Yay or Nay? ;)
  5. Klabauter8

    Small fire arms are not really a problem for the Valk. Problems are when you get hit by launchers, turrets, Vulcan Harrassers, etc
  6. Nintyuk

    Nay, It's fine as is. It's useful and not too over stated.
    Targeting Flashes and harasser's would be nice though.

    I would love to see it made even better but I don't need it to be for me to use it.
  7. FateJH

    That's typically because they can't keep up with the front of the Vehicle. In most other Vehicle-weapons, there's visual on-camera cues, another part of the aircraft usually, to indicate when you are about to encounter a rotation limit or to estimate where you are facing with respects to the aircraft. The Valkyrie front-facing-180-degree weapon lacks any perspective on the Valkyrie to which it is mounted.

    If the pilot yells instructions on where a target is, I have to keep taking my attention away from the target to check the Vehicle Health Icon to make certain I'm turning the weapon in the correct direction. When I'm engaging a target and the pilot is maneuvering, I need to keep checking the Vehicle Health Icon to make certain I can keep turning the weapon in that direction. If the pilot is maneuvering at all, to be honest, I have to keep checking the Vehicle Health Icon just to check which direction I have the weapon facing. The weapon's sights are inherently cumbersome because you lose orientation between the weapon and the craft easily and are left wondering what you can do next to stay on target.
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  8. OldMaster80

    Yep. The fact is the pilot must slow down in order to land (unless he has the squad logistic system, in that case passengers can jump down on the fly). But as the Valkyrie slows down it typically receives a storm of rockets, bullets, flaks, grenades, tank shells etc. While during flight esf are the enemy number one, it's during landing / troops deployment that the Valkyrie is very likely to explode.
  9. Klabauter8

    Yea, I know, it is really easy for the gunner to lose orientation in the Valk. You constantly have to keep an eye on the vehicle icon, and most people just don't understand this, or simply are incapable to do it, or just don't care.

    That's one of the things why I said, you really need to have a gunner with the Valk who knows what he is doing. Otherwise the vehicle is partly unplayable because you have to pay attention to too many things which average players just don't know about.
  10. Klabauter8

    If you slow down when in danger, then you also do it wrong. You don't drop groups with the Valk how you do it with the Galaxy, where you just merely move straight over the A point and let people jump. If you do this with the Valk, the people who get dropped will all just die anyway, because they are easily outnumbered.

    When you drop people with the Valk, you have to drop them in strategically good spots where they are more or less save, otherwise you will just kill them if you drop them right in the battle scene.

    And ESFs also shouldn't be a problem. You just have to keep an eye on them and stick to your troups who can support you in case ESF notice you. That's also one of the things which people don't understand. The Valkyrie is a close-air troup support, not some jet like an ESF. You have to fly it below tree top height, usually. It is supposed to stick to your ground troups to support them from close distance.
  11. Vivicector

    I was killed by a spitfire once. It was a friendly spitfire shooting an enemy.

    Spitfire needs some rework, really. Valkyrie needs a buff and a heavy one.

    OP sounds reasonable.

    P.S. In PS1, you could set up 20-30 spitfire turrets to protect your base. Nobody was complaining.
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  12. Mustarde

    What is this???

    I'm agreeing with a Scr1nrusher post. whoa
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  13. sustainedfire

    It's odd, yes- though the ideas are fairly common requests made by a sizable portion of playerbase that uses the val and spit.
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  14. Scr1nRusher

    And yet.... the devs still haven't did them.
  15. AlterEgo

    Solution: Typing in Jehad (the actual word) destroys all sentries in a 250 mile radius. In return, buff the sentry's color. Think it's a fair exchange.
    But seriously, the sentry sucks. I feel like the Engineer could be somewhat complete if it were fixed. The Valkyrie has the potential to be a LA-AT, but it hasn't been given side guns... yet.
  16. Talis


    Spitfire Auto Turret really needs to be redeploy-able. In its current state it is simply not powerful enough to justify constantly returning to a terminal - and EVEN IF IT WERE: forcing players to run back and forth is NOT a good mechanism for balance; it just annoys the players.

    Regarding the Valkyrie: I'm a rather new player, and I found it sad that after spending 100 certs on Squad Logistics it turned out to be mostly pointless. I noticed two problems:

    1) It seems most people don't notice having a spawn-able Valkyrie in their Squad. I believe this is also partly the fault of the Map Overview page design - it does not highlight (or properly show the location of) moving spawn points such as the Galaxy / Valkyrie.

    2) Unless you are familiar with the game, and you spawned inside the Valkyrie, there is no way to tell if the owner has Squad Logistics. Many players who hop into one are, therefore, unaware that they can paradrop out without dying, thereby rendering Squad Logistics pointless.