[Suggestion] How to buff the Valk & Spitfire in the most simplest manner.

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  1. Scr1nRusher


    • Squad Logistics is now automatically built into the Valkyrie.
    • No longer needs to be resupplied due to it now having a cooldown like the other Engineer turrets.
    Short term thats all it takes, nothing complex. Just simple & effective changes.
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  2. Pikachu

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  3. Migs

    That would be nice
  4. Dirge.

    Yes on the valk, no on the spitfire.

    Anything that does your work for you, both in damage and in awareness, should be ridiculously weak.
  5. Scr1nRusher

    The spitfire is very very weak..........................................

    Also have you EVER used a spitfire yourself?
  6. Dirge.

    Yep, and nope.

    It is my opinion that the spitfire should have never made it into the game. It is annoying to people that don't use it, and almost useless to the people that do. PVE, where the E can shoot, is just a bad idea.
  7. Migs

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  8. Scr1nRusher

    Where........ where have you been interms of playing games?

    Spitfires are part of PVP not PVE

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  9. CorporationUSA

    Well it's in the game, so it should have a purpose.
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  10. Dirge.

    Not where you have been, apparently :p. What is the correct term then? PAEDM?
  11. Scr1nRusher

    Let me explain to you the difference between PVE turrets and PVP turrets.

    PVE turrets are turrets placed around the map that controlled by an AI system that targets the players.

    PVP turrets are turrets dictated/created by player interaction.

    I'll give you an example to really describe the difference between PVE & PVP.

    PVE = Zombies in COD. Players fighting off hordes of enemies.

    PVP = TF2 multiplayer with engineer Sentries. Placed around by players and are used against players.

    You have to remember that player based deployables(which includes auto turrets and such) are part of PVP.
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  12. CorporationUSA

    If the spitfire is PVE, then so are AV and AI mines. They just have a higher burst damage, and a lower range. So PVE has been in the game all along, and no one made a fuss about it until the spitfire came out.
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  13. DorianOmega

    Agree to both of these, I do also believe that the spitfire turret should get a considerable buff to its health up to over double what it currently is, as it is now the spitfire posses no real threat on the battle field with its very low damage output and extreme fragility; make HA a go to class for dealing with the spitfire instead of making them so weak that a sidearm is considered a reliable way to deal with them.
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  14. BlueSkies

    Sounds pretty reasonable

    I give it a 2% chance of happening :oops:
  15. sustainedfire

    The Val should have squad spawn. That's easy no doubt the simplest "buff" it can take.

    The spitfire maybe should be on a timer. Though a long timer. A minute or longer.
  16. Klabauter8

    I can't count anymore how often people already jumped out of my Valk just to die like Lemmings, because they apparently thought they could survive the fall. However, I would find it a bit cheap if everyone could just jump out of it whenever they want for free, because it's already such a stealthy vehicle and not some big monster like the Galaxy.

    Group spawn-only should be standart, imo, because it's really annoying always having to find a gunner and it's often hard to land right near Sunderers with the Valk when the Sundy is too near to the enemy.

    The parachute effect I honestly don't really care about. It's not that hard to fly precisely with the Valk, low and stealthy enough to drop people otherwise, imo, and if they just jump out of it although it means their death, then it's their fault.
  17. 4wry

    In essence, I agree.

    If there was one thing I'd change about the Valk, it would be making the squad spawn a passive feature.

    Regarding the spitfire: yes a cooldown instead of resupply would be very nice, it should however be a bit longer than that of the MANA turrets. I picutre somethin in the range of ~20 sec at least.
  18. Nintyuk

    The spitfire one I would love as a career Engy but honestly isn't needed. As a heavy user of the spitfire I understand how to use it, it's best used like a alarm and support fire. It gets kills finishing off enemies that it's alerted allies too and it's great at picking out those people who sneak by the front line and generally watching your flank.
  19. Liewec123

    yep, these additions need to happen,
    plus i'd also make the valk immune to small arms fire like gal and lib,
    i get that its meant to be like a flying harasser, but its just too jucy a target to be damaged by small arms fire,
    the moment one flies over everyone just dakka dakkas it down for free certs.
  20. Plastikfrosch

    i like both ideas but another suggestion could be that it is possible to only carry one spitfire like now BUT you are able to rebuild it at the place where it got destroyed (like the base mounted turrets).