How to buff Fractures? Brainstorm Thread

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Neo3602, May 2, 2015.

  1. Neo3602

    I think that we can agree that fractures need a buff when compared to their NC and VS counter parts the wire guided Ravens and ultra high velocity Lancers the Fractures are lackluster. I made this thread for people to post their ideas on how to make the Fractures better.

    My idea would be to possibly give the Fractures a Coyote mechanic but only have it work against ground vehicles but it would probably be pretty frustrating to deal with considering how annoying it is to deal with strafing raven Maxes at long range so I don't think my idea would be the solution.
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  2. Liewec123

    the wobble needs to go, right now if you're shooting at something distant your character will be wobbling all over the place and the rockets won't go anywhere near what you're aiming at.
    that would be the biggest buff, i'd also suggest a velocity buff. the drop, damage and ammo capacity all seem just right.
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  3. xMaxdamage

    Remove splash damage and add laser guidance?
  4. Steza

    So just played around with it for a bit and I see a few things I dislike about it, but only thing I can think of to fix it is with anchor it shouldn't have the same vertical recoil as not in lockdown. Suggest decreasing the amount you need but I think that fix would just be a issue with Lockdown in general with every weapon so far. Other then that when I tested it in VR I was able to hit the magrider from 300m's away with lockdown.

    While actually playing it and fighting other players only did this for about a hour so not much gained completely. Found out if in and around 100-150m's (used range finder implant to help and keep track of this) It was a pretty decent AV weapon. Against infantry it obviously lacks being a Anti Vehicle weapon and all. The ideal range I found was 50-75m's for rapid vehicle killing. Haven't tested it against magriders yet which I imagine will be the most difficult to hit consistently. As it stands though I don't really see anything wrong with it, yes it's not a sniper Anti Vehicle weapon like the raven or vortex. It is however a great weapon to use in say Tech lab gun decks or bridges near the SCU shooting down at the vehicles we all know that roam outside the point.

    That is only what I found out about it but if I were to make a slight little tweak to it I'd say raise the damage to 220. Hope this is some insight on you fracture players out there. :D
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  5. Uncle_Lou

    Very limited play time with Fractures, but I would say ditch the acceleration mechanic and increase the velocity and see how it feels. If more tweaks are needed at that point, then I would say a slight damage tweak or minor reduction in CoF on the rockets. But I think having the rockets fire at full speed and a velocity increase are all that are needed.
  6. RedArmy

    just give us dual wielded belt-fed striker maxes. if the fracture sux at AV just make them like coyote missles so atleast they can do something rather than nothing, adding one feature to the already terrible fractures and also equally terrible strikers - mix 2 things that nobody wants to use to make them a viable option
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  7. Neo3602

    Something that I do think that the fractures really really need are better effects when the rounds impact the ground because right now when shooting at long range with them it is really hard to see where the rounds land.
  8. Pomelo

    I would say they need a little bit more speed, and a little bit more dmg.
  9. FieldMarshall

    Less/no drop.
    Tighter COF.

    It doesent have range. If it doesent have range, it doesent have anything that the Pounders cant do better.
    When using Fractures you still have to compensate for drop, same as Pounders just a little less.
    If you learn to compensate for Pounder drop instead then there is really zero reason to use Fractures at all.
  10. Certs-For-Days

    I'd say make them more like the Striker and Ravens' baby. Keep them dumbfire, but let them lock on only to ground vehicles if
    they fire in close proximity to an enemy vehicle. Alternatively, make them TR Ravens.

    ATTENTION: I have a YouTube channel that is just starting out and I would love feedback/constructive criticism to improve my videos. Thanks for checking out my channel if you have the time. Here is the link.
  11. CMDante

    Buff velocity and remove/drastically lessen drop.
  12. Nagant

    I like this thread, basicly all statistics are mentioned where it needs a buff...

    Speed, damage, CoF, drop, recoil, more visual feedback and target acquiering/dumbfire mode.... I think we can agree that something is utterly wrong with this weapon!

    I'd pick COF, drop and recoil (especially with lockdown)... keep it dumbfire, no need to make it faster, don't add more damage, no more splash needed... All I want is to fire a salvo exactly where I want if I have sacrificed 240 degrees of my firing arc and gave up all my mobility and the ability to crouch.

    Currently it's like "HERE I AM BIATCHEEES, EAT THE ROCKETS, LOOK MA' NO COVER!, BRAVE MEN DON'T LOOK BEHIND!!!! SHOOT-SHOOT-SHOOT.... wait, where are my rocklets flying and why don't they hit any...KABOOOM." NCnoob killed you with AP Vanguard shell from 300 meters away... :(
  13. Pfundi

    Well you guys are all suggesting the same thing you want to avoid with nerfs. Why dont we just buff the velocity first (wich results in less drop) and look how it works?
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  14. Dualice

    That sounds pretty fun - I'd be on board!
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  15. Cyrek

    The main rule for using fractures is shoot at anything that doesn't move.
  16. cobaltlightning

    Ooh, my turn, my turn~

    Give it Coyote mechanics for ground vehicles.
    No, wait, but then that mechanic would need to be coded in. Hrm...

    Honestly, while I don't use the TR MAX all that often, the Fractures (in the VR) feel like a close-range killer and a long-range deterrence. In close, fire both at the same time, and at range alternate your shots.

    You'd be surprised how many Vanguard drivers don't want their paint scratched.
  17. Serialkillerwhale

    Remove the recoil.

    1: It's a ******* giant robot suit
    2: Rocket launchers actually aren't high-recoil
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  18. jmdafk

    Your all missing the point, the fractures are fine.
    TR are for farming, not landing shots on the enemy. Duh....
  19. Neo3602

    Agreed, any fracture buff should start with this.
  20. DirArtillerySupport

    So we can all agree they need to be made lock-on?