How to buff Fractures? Brainstorm Thread

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Neo3602, May 2, 2015.

  1. SQPD

    From an NC standpoint Fractures also seem to have horrible reload speed and horrible damage against infantry. Either the reload speed gets buffed or the Fracture gets more splash damage. All TR weapons are gimpy.
  2. RedArmy

    this is why we abuse the pounders, its all we have. i suggested dual strikers rather than fracures
  3. Plastikfrosch

    or at least:
    1. more muzzle velocity
    2. less (or nearly 0) drop
    3. faster reload or bigger mag size (its really the worst long range AV weapon in this game)
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  4. TheMish

    Few ways

    1-Buff velocity, alot, and eliminate the recoil.

    2-Drastically increase rpm, and increase ammunition.

    3-Increase damage, eliminate recoil

    4-Make the rockets coyote rockets

    5-Copy the ravens, and make them laser guided, and eliminate recoil

    6-They work like lock on launcher, except they insta-lock on a target you look at.

    7-Go the way of the Pounders and give it a devastating anti-infantry capability, also eliminate recoil

    8-Turn it into a different weapon altogether, like a anti-armor gatling gun. Since TR loves the dakka.

    Either one of those choices would be a better fracture. Pick one you like basically.
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  5. Turiel =RL=

    You can easily buff the fracture by increasing projectile velocity.
  6. Covah

    TK an harasser and steal his gatekeeper, put it on your shoulders.

    Here, no need for that fracture garbage anymore.
  7. Wind_Walker

    Can you imagine a MAX with dual GK (essentially a quad barreled fracture)? Lol

    But in all seriousness, I'd like:
    1) recoil decrease. Since amount of recoil is inversely proportional to the dmg per projectile in this game, shouldn't the fracture have little to none?
    2) velocity buff, idk how much but anything's good at this point
    3) maybe 2-5 more rounds per mag, currently you can afford to miss only 1 shot on dual fracture mag dump on rear of lightning/vanguard. (More testing needed for magrider)
    4) CoF decrease? Idk about this one (more testing needed)

    These wouldn't do anything to the AI game, and TR gets some much needed AV for MAX. Off topic though, basilisks don't do much. NS automatics, anyone? Just an idea I thought I'd fling out there, not worth a thread
  8. Ryo313

    yeah i tested it today (again) and Fractures don't even feel different compared to pounders when fireing them its basically the same but a tiny bit longer range ( i'm not talking about the dmg but just in general it doesn't feel like you have a different weapon equipt and fractures which should be a long-range AV weapon doesn't really fill that role)

    i like your idea and i'd like to see those changes on the PTS because those don't require too much work to do.
  9. DCWarHound

    Basically just make them exactly like the current gatekeeper.

    I love the gatekeeper and i know the devs will probably cave in and nerf it (unfortunately) but it would work perfectly on maxes and fill in the long range gap we have in infantry.
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  10. Ryo313

    another TR nerf? as if it isn't enough that our faction traits are given to everyone ( NS Striker and the VS Vulcan for example) xD

    but yeah i'd agree with you ... a weaker version of the gatekeeper would be ok as fractures.
  11. Imp C Bravo

    Personally I think Fractures should do more damage with consecutive hits. 1st hit does x damage. 2nd consecutive fracture hit does x+y damage. 3rd hit does x+y+y damage. And so on.
  12. Zalesan

    Make it like the striker. Auto lock on to any ground vehicles in proximity of the projectile. Disabled in lockdown.
    Lockdown: Make them belt fed with no need to reload, can fire continually, double rate of fire from current lockdown ROF. An immobile target, we need to be able to do the damage very quick.

    Increase RoF when not in lockdown, its too slow for its pathetic damage.
    Greatly lower or remove projectile drop. Its too much.
    Make it far more accurate at longer ranges.
    Way faster projectiles. Again we need to hit fast if we're immobile. No time to wait for projectiles to hit.