How much health? How many bullets to kill a Max.

Discussion in 'MAX' started by GImofoJoe, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. GImofoJoe

    For a Max? Anyone know? I heard someone said Max has default 80% bullet resistance. But they go down fast. So I'm guessing those 2 bars of health probably equal 1000, same as default infantry 2 bars with 500 hp and 500 shield.

    If this is true, then Max unit last 5 times longer than infantry, which equal to 5000hp without resistance. The NC default LMG for example does 200 dmg per bullet, 5 bullets to kill. Hence it'll take 25 bullets to kill a Max?

    I do remember someone killed me in 2 clips of Assault rifle, which does around 143 dmg per bullet, don't know if he use all 2 clips. Anyone know or want to test to see how many bullets to kill a max? It's sad that infantry can kill you fast and NC max can instant kill you.
  2. HerbertKnivez

    Well, I use the flare with softpoint ammo. It doesn't even take me one clip to take down a full HP max.
  3. bigsam656

    You were probably getting hit in the head, it does considerably more damage than body shots.
  4. GImofoJoe

    Soft point only extend the optimum damage from 10m to 15m, but reduce dmg at longer distance. Can you guess how many bullets you use? Flare does 167dmg per bullet, 75 per mag. Also are you sure you didn't miss any shot?
  5. HerbertKnivez

    Roughly half a clip, the math is below (If you need proof)
    SP: <10m=-5%
    MAX, %80 BR (Bullet resistance) Approx %20 damage reduction
    Tests done at 13m range (approx)
    Flare damage: 167: F SP damage: 192
    MAX HP: 5000. 192-20%=153
    153x75=11520 Total damge to MAX per unextended clip (F SP OP EC=17280)

    So, in total, if you had optimum range (OP) , Extended Clip (EC) Soft Point ammo (SP) with the Flare (F... Duhh) If you had all these things you could take down 3 maxes per clip. Take into account the hit rate (HR), lets say %50 (The average player) You could take down a max and a half. Or a more decent player (%70 HR) You could take down 2 maxes, no health upgrades.
    (Sorry for the long reply, couldn't think of a shorter way to put it)
  6. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    How the hell do you get 192 damage?
    Soft Point doesn't magically increase bullet damage at specific ranges, it just delays the damage falloff, thus effectively dealing more damage than a weapon that already suffered falloff.
    How much more that is depends on the faction, weapon type, and sometimes specific weapon.
  7. Kyutaru

    He's using the horribly outdated Reddit information that claims Soft Point Ammo offers some magic bullet damage increase. He appears to be unaware that it was debunked by actual game data.

    Here's how SPA actually works:

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  8. GImofoJoe

    Can anyone confirm how much Hp Max has? Is it 1000hp?
  9. MaxDamage

    Excluding headshots.

    20% of the damage from a 167 damage round gets through the armour of a default MAX.
    That is 33.3 damage a shot, out of 1000 health.
    That's 30 bullets.

    15% of the damage from a 167 damage round gets through the armour of a MAX with full kinetic armour.
    That is 25 damage a shot, out of 1000 health.
    That's 40 bullets.

    I'm knackered so I can't remember how much friggin health MAXes even have.
  10. KnightCole

    Sooooo...if it takes 5-7 rounds to kill infantry and 30-40 rounds to kill a MAX, then my math of needing 9-12 rounds with NC and 15 rounds with TR guns is lag? Because, well, Ive sat point blank with the CARV and wailed on a MAX unit and never killed it, certainly not in 30 or 40 rounds......its always, a rocket, somebody firing in the back and my gun hosing it down with 50 ronds of my own...that lag? Guess the lag in this game is kinda bad.
  11. MaxDamage

    Depends on what MAX health is. Someone here is saying 5000, which would mean both 30 and 40 (which were rough figures anyway) would be multiplied by 5.

    I've also heard it's 2000. But bear in mind that against small arms fire, that equates to 13333 points of damage when calculating exact unfiltered damage numbers,

    This guy put it fairly succinctly:
    "A much easier way to see the difference is below, so order of operations doesn't get in the way.
    And actually shows how good kinetic really is when not everyone knows the 80% without any.
    2000 health gauss saw = 200dmg - 85% = 30damage = 66.666 bullets so = 67 bullets to kill
    2000 health gauss saw = 200dmg - 84% = 32damage = 62.5 bullets to kill so = 63
    2000 health gauss saw = 200dmg - 83% = 34damage = 58.82 bullets so = 59
    2000 health gauss saw = 200dmg - 82% = 36damage = 55.55 bullets so = 56
    2000 health gauss saw = 200dmg - 81% = 38damage = 52.63 bullets so = 53
    2000 health gauss saw = 200dmg - 80% = 40damage = 50 bullets to kill"
  12. GImofoJoe

    So... Can we confirm Max has 2000 hp with 80% default bullets resistance? The 2000 hp, where is the source?
    Even with 2000 hp 80% resistance, Max still die when shot with almost 2 clips of Assault rifle. That's just too quick.

    If the Gauss SAW can kill Max with 50 bullets, then it takes only 6 secs to kill it.
  13. Kyutaru

    If every bullet hits. Even at medium range on fullauto, every bullet will not hit even if your cursor is dead center on the MAX. I can confirm that it does take less than one clip of the Gauss SAW to kill a MAX, so if you see one and have full ammo, you can SAW IT IN HALF!
  14. Ender

  15. GImofoJoe

    So I guess we can confirm Max has 2000hp with 80% bullet resistance, which is equivalent of a soldier with 10,000 hp no resistance.
    The test you've done confirmed it.

    We know stock infantry has 500hp and 500 shield. A Max is effectively will last 10x longer than a soldier. But Max cannot strafe and dodges like normal infantry.

    It'll take a Gauss Saw 5 bullets to kill stock infantry and 50 bullets to kill a Max. That's still too fast, considering you have a bunch of people shooting automatic guns at you. 2 clips of assault rifle is more than enough to kill MAX.

    I think the devs should
    1. Double health or bump the default resistance to 90%
    And/Or 2. Reduce the cooldown timer from 10 to 7 mins default.
    3. Nerf NC Max shotguns!!!!!!!!! 100000x times!!!!
  16. Olek

    I think doubling health would be excessive and would also cause an outcry, I think it would be best to lower the damage that the lighter small arms do to MAX's, especially pistols.

    In addition to this, if the MAX unit is considered a amoured target, then burst damage from HE should do much less damage, it always pisses me off when I dodge a rocket only to die from the blast, don't these people realise that AT & HEAT rockets have very little to no blast radius?
  17. Ender

    It's NOT considered an armored target, it's considered infantry with extra hp and bullet resistance. That's kinda where the problems start.
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  18. GImofoJoe

    But what do you call the 2 tons of armor they're wearing? And yet only good for 50 Gauss SAW bullets before death. At 500 rpm it'll take 6 secs to kill a Max.
  19. hostilechild

    If they did anything to max armor or resistance they would have to do something about the Engie in his ***.
    An engineer fully spec'd can keep a max from dieing to an NC MAX at 10m, at 5m NC wins. An HA can barely hurt a max with engie repping it with gauss saw/shrike. Put a couple engineers on current max and they are deadly.

    It really is a 2-3 man suit in its current form. I wouldn't mind a slight increase in hp or resistance but then the engineer tool would have to repair less/slower to level it out.

    Max also seems to have a huge hitbox. I rarely miss with my EM6/gauss saw at range 50-100m when they run for cover.
  20. GImofoJoe

    Gauss Saw 50 bullets, 6 secs to kill is just too fast. I want it to be at least a full LMG magazine to kill and 3.5-4 mags of assault rifle. Max need more hp or bullet resistance.

    Most of the time engineer aint there, and after they repair they run off, they rarely stick around.

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