How easy is it to hack you ask? Reddit to the rescue

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Jawarisin, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. Jawarisin

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  2. Liewec123

    your heart may be in the right place, but please don't post guides (i know you say it isn't, but it kinda shows you exactly how to do it!) how to cheat on reddit and the forums XD
  3. FateJH

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  4. breeje

    yes it's easy but not everyone can do it, most cheaters will by it as a hack
    so you need someone who knows his sh.t with the purpose to make money from it
    a easy to find site where he can sell and people that are willing to pay for it

    now if enough cheaters are using it then and only then DBG will find the cheat and do something about it
    white had Hackers will never sell this but they will test and post it somewhere like on YouTube
    now if the door is not closed some white had hackers will keep using it

    the question is where did this movie come from
    i would say on how this movie was made full of information and hiding some important stuff it's a white had hacker
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  5. Ragnarox

    Just increased my medic KDR from 1.4 to 3.2 this way :) Praise the lord now I am pro too.
  6. oTec

    You should never have posted it here. I didn't knew about this and as if the current problems with ps2 aren't annoying enough, this comes up on top. As if the clientside detection wasn't a dumb enough mechanic, now this easy trick makes the game even more dodgy. No much use in playing this anymore now...
  7. customer548

    Dummy using dumb social medias promoting dumb stuff.
    Congrats, dude.
  8. Jake the Dog

    Can't the game just do a file check on these randomly? If its an easy fix its easily detectable I'd imagine...
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  9. theVelvetAlley

    Well that explains a lot.
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  10. Haquim

    Dude, I appreciate the effort and intention.

    But seriously, don't post a how-to, showing the effect would have been absolutely sufficient. Also I'm 200% sure its against the TOS.
    So if you can, take this down ASAP.

    But I must say that his really explains a lot.
    Very often I see shots go to my left and right and while hearing the *PLINK*PINK*PLINK* of consecutive headshots...
    Which doesn't make this one bit better, because my shoulder-devil is now whispering that I should try it myself - if I die to it using it myself would only be fair after all....
  11. Jake the Dog

    Jawa you should probably take this down man.
  12. Moridin6

    all of this and then
  13. Jake the Dog

    While Jawa did put it nicer than the previous guy, I dont give a **** about the other guy, I can't shoot Jawa's lib out of the sky if he gets banned.
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  14. ObiVanuKenobi

    He's not showing how to do it, just an open file that you can't search by name because it's not accessible without doing... stuff.
  15. Jawarisin

    For the record, this is not my video nor my reddit thread. I just linked to it >.>
  16. Blackbird

    How hard is it to locate and change the file ? Not asking for instructions just the difficulty . Can the average player do this easily ?

    The reason I ask is because if the average player cant do this it isn't a huge problem .

    like those experts that get on here saying BANing computers/Address/Mac wont work for cheaters . Most people don't know how to get around that type of a BAN and if they did how much work would they do to cheat in a game .....
  17. Alesteex

    Thanks for breaking this out. DBG should have fixed this a long time ago.
  18. Jawarisin

    The average gamer can easily find this, yes.
  19. Alkasirn

    Pfft I wouldn't be surprised if the average player didn't even know the operating system they play PS2 on.
    But on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is "drag and drop a file" and 10 is "Bypass security and inject a DLL" I'd say it's about a 2.

    It turns out while I was skimming through the links posted here, Reddit informed me of which is probably worth mentioning.

    I don't know how I'd feel if the dozen or so BR80+'s that always killed me due to what I thought was "severely bad lag" all suddenly don't "lag" anymore.
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  20. Haquim

    We'll see.
    I'ts not like 50% of the people who killed me did, but the amount of guys who killed me while I saw the bullets flying left and right ast me was definitely noticeable. I always assumed it was just the lagcompensation, but this video is too perfect a fit for that explanation to last.

    I kinda planned to resubscribe if the construction system is working well, but after this reveal I'll stay F2P.
    I could ignore a lot of situations where I died and thought the server was ******* with me and it was lag etc... by consoling myself that the other side had the same problems.
    Now that its very propably a lot of them have been THIS - I'm quite... annoyed.

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