How about you fix Dalton round dimensions?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Yuki10, May 6, 2015.

  1. Yuki10

    I've always suspected it, but only now was able to catch it on video...Dalton rounds appear to have a HUGE size when fired against ESFs. I've done so myself (it's not easy due to low speed, but if you get even close enough - you will hit). Here is a screenshot where Dalton round barely fits on my screen (and i'm actively moving away from it) and it still hits my plane somehow? Seriously?

    I have no problem with clean shots, but this is just BS.

    If it is not clear - the Dalton round on this screenshot kills me a fraction of a second after the pictured moment.

  2. Czarinov

    It hits you on their screen.
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  3. Yuki10

    Not with that much distance on my screen, that's just too much to blame on hit detection. If that's the case they may as well hit and kill me while i'm on another continent, as long as it happens on their screen. With that amount of BS no wonder game feels broken.
  4. Czarinov

    There is a very short time delay between the position of you on their screen and on yours. So no, hit detection works quite "fine". An error of hit detection time translated into distance is so little compared to the distance of aim or lead amount for that matter.

    About hitting you on the other continent. If someone manages to do that, he certainly deserves it.

    This is really quite a small thing. Saying "game feels broken" because of it is BS.
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  5. Yuki10

    If you have to put "fine" then no - it doesn't work fine. There is a substantial distance between the shot and my plane. Just because some guy is lagging doesn't mean the mechanics is not broken. We play this game based on what we see. I can just as well say - on MY screen, he didn't hit me, so I shouldn't die. The error is clearly significant based on the visual alone. There is no way to play this game if both of us are looking at each-other and can't agree at what we see on the screen. That's a definition of a broken system - we are supposed to be able to agree on what we see, but we can't.

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  6. 00000000000000000000

    [quote="Yuki10, post: 3177715, member: 170454"] on MY screen, he didn't hit me, so I shouldn't die.

    Would you be okay with firing rockets at someone and seeing them do no damage? (because on your targets screen they missed)

    I would find that infinitely more frustrating than occasionally dying to something I thought I avoided.
  7. Obstruction

    first of all it's not the Dalton, or its projectile, it's the latency and the game's lag compensation.

    second, for every time we fight and kill you with the Dalton, at least one shot has usually already hit you and not registered on either my screen or my gunner's screen. so to complain about random times where your own lag betrayed you to clientside hit reg, is sortof, well... what i'm saying is it happens to everyone all the time. it's not just ESF and Dalton, but ADAD movement, 400+ ping lag wizards, jedi C4 faries, whatever, all all the rest.

    and it happens to us worse from our side, considering the punishing nature of the Dalton's high damage and long reload. double no-reg in a fight with a decent ESF will basically give you AIDS. versus any good ESF you get maybe 15 chances to catch them slipping or run them out of fuel and shoot them before they whittle you down or some other threat factors in, trying to steal the credit for your death. it's really not a large window in which to defend yourself, and not an ideal weapon at all for the purpose.

    that there's a hit registration problem at all should make the Dalton almost unusable, and i think that is indicated by the very small number of players who are able to use it to serious, reliable effect in air to air play.
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  8. Czarinov

    Yeah, I had to put "fine" to alter the sense a bit, but really, the dalton shot hit delay I see on my screen doesn't bother me at all.

    How significant? Better show a video, not a screenshot.

    If you get hit by dalton, it's not because hit detection screwed you, it's because you screwed up. For you it doesn't make much difference if you see it hit you directly or not, you've already made a mistake and you're gonna die. That's what my experience tells me and I die to dalton very rarely at the same time killing almost every lib I meet.

    Stop this whining.
  9. Archiadus

    Sadly it's like that with most all projectiles, AV turrets, rockets, tank shells etc. :(
  10. Vixxing

    If anything buff Daltons speed so its easier to hit ESF...
  11. Mythologicus

    I can be driving my Harasser and a tank shell passes about 10m behind me.

    I explode.

    Latencyside 2.
  12. FateJH

    Bit of a question, not just to the OP Yuki but to the thread in general. Do Dalton rounds render correctly on other people's screens? By that, I mean to ask whether, as an ESF, you ever get to see the Dalton round flying towards you, whether it hits or nearly misses. We've corrected the behavior of Phoenix rounds for just this same reason, that the rockets were not actually being rendered to the targets, and that is what I am trying to ascertain.

    As for the rest of the thread, you get a few people saying that the ESF must have screwed up it he got Daltoned. If what the OP saw above was what he saw moments before death, did he really screw up, though? As far as he could tell, the Liberator had not even responded to him visually. You can't be evasive about an attack for which you can't see the trajectory.
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  13. Czarinov

    First of all, we have no video. If OP posts a video it would be so much better to discuss. In my experience, if a dalton hits - i wasn't far at all (1-2 meters). Those 1-2 meters are usually a matter of less than half a second time. On the picture we can only subjectively decide how close really was the projectile when OP died. Also we have a graphical representation of the projectile and a tracer. Which direction was dalton really flying?

    So it goes like this, if I didn't plan to evade, I wouldn't be able to change my speed or direction of movement in a matter of 500 ms. Reaction time is ~250 ms, so we are left with 250 ms to move our ESF outta the way. But ESF has some momentum and 250 ms is not enough to dodge with a big profile. Also there is lag, ping of ~100 ms + ~ 50 ms of enemy delay.

    And if I planned to evaded, if I did it right - my enemy would miss. But two things must be valid:

    a) enemy has perfect aim and aims for my future position,
    b) I react the exact moment my enemy shoots.

    Such way the shot will SURELY miss.

    But it's hardcore to impossible to dodge incoming dalton when you see it that close as in OP's screenshot. So it doesn't matter if you see it with 2-3 meters offset. You either reacted earlier or you didn't react at all.
  14. sustainedfire

    Worse, try playing on Emerald. Lag exploit liberators fly your general direction, you evade and they pass no where near you on screen, and a second or two later your health rapidly drains and or you spontaneously explode.
  15. Czarinov

    lag exploit liberators... what a nonsense. Do you realize they have to fly in your character ON THEIR screen. How is this an exploit from them?
  16. Eyeklops

    I'll agree this is a client-side hit detection issue. PS2 has an average server latency from 250 to 700 milliseconds depending upon server load. Now add in latency for both players. Your enemy sees where you were 1/2 to 1 second ago, and it's HIS screen that counts. So how far do you think you traveled in half a second?

    ....and since we're on this topic (and I'm in the mood to ruffle feathers), why don't they just implement some mechanic so the Dalton isn't used for AA duty period.
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  17. DashRendar

    They should make Dalton rounds larger since there is no splash anymore.

  18. Yuki10

    Far enough for dalton to be almost outside of the screen for me. I don't care what the average server latency is - my latency to the server is 40--60ms. You might as well go and measure average temperature at the hospital - it's data alright, but mighty useless for all intents and purposes.
  19. Eyeklops

    You may not care what the server latency is, but it's absolutely relevant to the situation you proposed as it's a significant proportion of the player-to-player delay seen in this game.

    Wrel actually estimates the lag to be lower than I do.
  20. Czarinov

    No need, to hit with Dalton it requires the highest aim prediction and leading skill in game and accuracy is awful. If you got killed by dalton shot, your enemy deserved it.

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