Higby: Return of the Tankside

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  1. Reclaimer77

    We're not saying "nerf tanks". Hello?

    We're saying we don't want to have tanks who just camp all day made STRONGER!
  2. FateJH

    As was mentioned, tank primaries were already adjusted in pursuit of reducing lethality. We're on the other side of whatever SOE wanted to achieve with the changes and whatever metrics they discovered following in their wake was enough that they felt they didn't need to do more. Frankly, examining statistics about the tank primaries from the Oracle of Death, I don't know what they accomplished by doing that. What followed, they promised, however, would be a reduction in Infantry lethality against tanks ("so take this pill quietly").

    They were ill-specific with details at the time but most people probably thought SOE would do things with resistances and ranges. The tank HP increase was the last thing on anyone's mind.

    C4, though a common complaint, probably only entered into the equation because it ends up being one of top five, if not within the top three, reasons tanks die. There's a nice chart somewhere that broke this down. Since it's divided into factions nicely, C4 tends to have both other factions listed within the mentioned bracket for the third faction's tank, with an AP cannon and AV mines taking up other slots. SOE listens to metrics long before they do complaints, but they tend to listen to complaints when they have metrics for it.

    I'm also interested now if SOE plans to do anything with AV mines. I don't recall reading anything, but they do count as "Infantry AV" and my Engineer can't help but be concerned.
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  3. HadesR

    BTW Prowlers Vulcan is getting a CoF reduction
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  4. FateJH

    What, again?
  5. Flag

    ... what for? :eek:
  6. Hatesphere

    I'm fine with that, its needed, but the H-variant needs to have its mag reduced.
  7. HadesR


    Prowler Vulcan getting a COF reduction to give it more range projection. We'll have another playtest w/ these changes + working minimap!

    Evening out Saron and Saron-H shots to overheat, they'll be 6 default, 7 w/ attachments for each gun

    Enforcer lower mag size, lower recoil, faster "dry" fire rate
  8. MarvinGardens

    I always though the Vulcan was a weird weapon to be an AV weapon. I would have thought a giant double barreled chain gun would be the TR's faction specific AI secondary, kind of like the NC's stupid tank shotgun. Like two tr max arms mounted on a turret spraying bullets(Hot man bullets!) all over the NC and Vanu's faces. Instead of the Vulcan being the AV weapon, it should be another pair of tank cannons mounted on top of the Prowler's existing pair of tank cannons. Smaller caliber of course, like the two of the default lighting tank's cannon. That would be pretty sweet...
  9. EliteEskimo

    Because it is somewhat better at CQC than the Enforcer/Saron while being crap past 100 meters. Glad Higby finally realized this since it's underperforming in like almost every way on the oracle of death.
  10. Flag

    Seems fair to nerf the P2 primary guns then. So they're "even" with the Supernova and Titan guns.
  11. EliteEskimo

    Welp if Vulcan stays bad then TR will just use the Halberd, the best AV secondary in the game ATM. Not sure why we can't have something useable, since you know we use the Halberd which is powerful and effective. Do Halberd Prowlers make you mad or come of as unfair to you?
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  12. Pelojian

    the problem isn't with balance, the problem is VS/NC think TR shouldn't have decent ES weapons in certain categories i.e we have to be so deficient at certain roles that they can completely dominate us. see: max AI/AV weapons, tank secondaries etc.

    they can't stand it when we have something good in those categories like pounders for it's flexability as an AV weapon that is good for direct hit AI.
  13. FateJH

    If the NC and VS want to blame someone, blame SOE for not fixing the blasted Pounders and actually make them decent for AV but not decent against Infantry and get off the TR's case about it. They certainly can't change the numbers on the weapon.

    The thing is: SOE always seems to change things in ways other than that which would actually make a weapon good at what it's supposed to do, whenever they do change actually weapon stats. The convergence fixes and the reduced arc were good handling changes, but the weapon still underperforms against Vehicles even when it does hit. The Pounders need to rebalance splash (less) and direct (less), but they need a resistance table entry that actually keeps that reduced direct damage competitive against Vehicles. I also wish they'd fix that visual bug where Pounders sometimes don't animate their shots properly (has anyone else ever had that?); makes it even harder to aim them.

    If this is SOE's idea of a measure of asymmetric balance, I'd wish they'd just come out and say it.
  14. Flag

    I don't, as most TR prowler people I run into are so bad at range (sans anchor) they don't really hit all to much compared to way, say vanguard crews do (Anchor mode seems to have conditioned a lot of TR to not bother to get good at judging range, not yet). However buff the vulcan to the point where it can almost compete with the halberd at medium range (for tanks) and suddenly the tank with the by far highest damage output (a trait with the potential to be a massive problem if handled poorly) can easily cross some lines.
    There is the halberd, yes. In this regard however I don't really care. The way I see it you just don't give a single vehicle the highest damaging weapons in both slots, and give them both decent range on top of it.
    TR trait isn't really damage anyway, it's dakka. Damage -should- come at the cost of range (see: Saron), having both makes things overpowered.
    Not that using the Vulcan really takes much form the user anyway. Hold down button, do damage. No time between shots to really have to guestimate movement etc, or a CoF to manage. Just damage.
    Really now, and people expect that kind of gun to also get good accuracy. Tsk.

    That would be an interesting point if not for TR already having the best primary of them all, and possibly the best AI secondary. For the pounders, they're an atrocity that never should have happened. They buffed it's splash damage, leading to the current situation. That was a massive blunder, and if they did it for a reason that isn't do drive sales of MAX guns/cosmetics, then it may be one of the most ******** buffs in PS2.
    Especially considering they nerfed the comets for being good at the exact same thing the pounder is good at now.
    TR don't really have much to rightfully complain about. Besides the fracture.
  15. EliteEskimo

    Unless the enemy has 0 cover it won't really compete with it due to the Vulcans damage over time TTK rather than a one shot punch TTK, it will still be very bad for peek a boo fighting or hitting hulled down vehicles or Alpha Strike or for being stealthy for an extended period of time.

    P.S come to Emerald, we have Armor Columns which will kill you from 500 meters away easy.:D
  16. Pelojian

    TR trait is dakka that's why our MBT has two barrels and is designed like an artillery piece/tank destoryer for DPS.

    enforcer is medium range, sauron is medium range, vulcan should be medium range. if the devs are going to improve Vulcan's CoF further isn't that a sign they are trying to match all three weapons and mid range AV with faction flavor and achieving the same thing with different statistics?

    just because weapons look different and work mechanically different doesn't mean they can't fill the same role.

    the wya i see it developers want to keep secondaries in line with one another and let the tanks go at it with their maingun differences.
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  17. Yago

    I have a noob question on this subject (do I have any other kind? :p)

    Only ever drove a lightining twice, was quite fun last night.
    When the defenders were pushed back into their base and it was time for boots on the ground, I was wondering what are the rule applicable to vehicles when the driver exits.
    If I wander too far will I lose the tank, or is it a timer, or can I wander freely and return to my tank any time?

  18. ColonelChingles

    It's a timer thing. All vehicles have a countdown timer, and when that countdown timer expires then the vehicle disintegrates.

    I think the length of the timer varies by vehicle, but for Lightnings it is a 5 minute timer.

    For other types of vehicles that seat multiple people, the timer resets each time someone enters and exits the vehicle. This is useful for resetting the timer and keeping your vehicle. However since the Lightning only seats one, you either have 1) to enter/exit the vehicle yourself to reset the timer or 2) set your vehicle to "squad only" and have another one of your squad members pop into your Lightning for you.

    But be warned, if you're not careful they can totally drive off with your sweet Lightning! :p

    If you log off, then your vehicle becomes "free" to anyone on your faction. I think the first person to hop into it gains ownership of it. This might also happen if you switch continents.
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  19. Foxirus

    Why? It kills in the same time the other Empire specific versions do. The only difference is that its ALOT more forgiving if you miss a couple shots while you calibrate your aim. Missing even one shot from the NC/VS secondaries and you lose MASSIVE DPS. As for the Harasser version. Vulcan is fine, Its the harasser it self with its 0-100 warp speed and ability to fly over 90 degree inclines.
  20. Yago

    Thanks Colonel.

    That in itself will discourage tankers from stopping camping and putting boots on ground imho.