Haven't Played For 8 Months - Some Questions

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by KTsAviOr, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. KTsAviOr

    So I stopped playing because I originally rolled Infiltrator and I hated that it was 90% Tanks and the class felt useless to me.

    Has anything note-worthy been changed? I was also hoping that they had Credit Resets.
  2. DeadliestMoon

    No cert resets yet. Currently they are focusing on optimizing the game. But 8 months is a long time to be away from the game, quite a bit has changed. I'm not sure where to begin.
  3. KTsAviOr

    Are infiltrators still worthless?
  4. Deschain

    Mostly yes. it's still 90% tanks, 9% Air 1% infantry, Infils are a minority class as you remember.
  5. DeadliestMoon

    Depends on your definition of "worthless." They can still hack terminals and turrets, they can carry two Proximity mines (or Claymores if you're TR), they can't get OHKs with Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles from above 75 meters if their target has Nanoweave Armor 5 on, the Nano-armor cloak got a duration buff, and anyone with a low end PC who has to play on very low or low settings are screwed because infiltrators are virtually invisible on those settings. In all it really just depends on what your play style is and how well you can adapt to a situation.

    Edit: Oh and you can now have access to Battle Rifles and SMGs.
  6. Deschain

    Hmm, infils cannot access battle riffles.
  7. IIXianderII

    I think that depends on who you ask, and how they play. Are infiltrators relied upon the same way engies are relied on for ammo or medics for revives? Not really, unless you play with an organized outfit that needs the infiltrators darts and hacking abilities to perform certain tasks.

    I believe the infiltrator has use beyond just providing darts for organized outfit style play, but how useful they are is kind of up to the player. For me, if you put a sniper rifle in my hands I am going to live longer, get more kills, and have more control of a fight than I would with any other class. This alone makes the class useful to me because for me to help the team the best I can, I need to be playing my most effective role.

    Some people on this thread will most likely try to convince you that the class itself is not useful, and that other classes have more/greater use in almost every fight. They might be right, or that might just be their perception, but I think you should play yourself and see if you feel you are being a credit to the team. At the end of the day this is a videogame, if you enjoy it and have fun then play it, but if you do not, either find a different way to play or don't play it. (spandex and lasers is the most fun combo in the game btw, in case you haven't picked a faction.) If you do decide to come back, I hope you find what you are looking for with the infiltrator class, because its definitely my favorite.
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  8. DeadliestMoon

    Really? Then I must be thinking of something else. What's that Rifle that's mid-ranged and fully automatic but only has like 20 rounds in the mag/battery.
  9. Zacieas

    @DeadliestMoon Scout rifle mate. Scout rifle
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  10. SirIBON

    There are a lot of changes.
    Have a look ingame and welcome back.

    This does not depend on the class, it depends on the player.
    A lot of Infiltrators are lone wolfs and/or snipers, they have nearly no or only a small benefit for a organised squad. If they take the supporter role, then they will be a great support for a team.
    But the Most will have a look on their own KD and Exp.

    SMGs yes, but no Battle Rifle, they have Scout Rifles.
  11. MoonRaven

    Well, I do not think the infiltrator is useless. When assaulting a base, the infiltrator can sneak in and use his SMG to kill the high-threat targets, hack the turrets and hack the terminals. This can help a lot.

    When defending amp stations, I found that the infiltrator is really nice at defending the shield generatrs by cloaking and killing the enemies with SMG's.
  12. Stinneyt

    I love the infiltrator and think the recon dart is the most under used and under appreciated tool in the game.

    Infiltrator is not a class that is suited to the majority of people, but if you persist and get good with it, its immensely rewarding.

    Oh and in the 8 months since you last played, almost eveyone has stopped playing. The player base has dwindled drastically. There a now an alert and lattice system which concentrates people into specific areas giving the illusion of an active player base.
  13. m44v

    Measuring the infiltrator's worth in how many players it can kill is worthless. Any class can kill if played well.

    Anyway, the scout radar got a nerf, now you need to be driving the flash for it to work. So having an infiltrator around for recon darts should be more valuable now than it was before.

    But that's it, recon darts and the occasional hack is what the infiltrator has to offer. Stealth gameplay is still impossible.
  14. Dr. Euthanasia

    Just about everyone who tries to defend the class will point to things it can do that other classes can also accomplish, often easily. It has yet to gain a significant and unique feature since the end of the beta, and although an infiltrator update is supposedly coming (it's been bumped back multiple times), SOE has been characteristically silent and vague about what this update will contain beyond a recon-focused UAV which is so far looking to be absolutely redundant compared to recon darts and a waste of development time overall.

    Probably the biggest positive change to our class was the introduction of SMGs, although they aren't class specific. There are far too many negative changes for me to keep track of, but three of the most recent and crippling ones I can think of are that you now show up on all radar devices even while your cloak is active, friendly infiltrators now glow a faction specific color to their teammates (so there's no ambiguity when you see a cloaked player who isn't glowing), and our recon darts now pulse on enemy minimaps.
  15. DeathSparx

    I should point out that there is sometimes a bug (atleast for me anyway) where friendly infiltrators don't glow. I usually double check that there is a name tag in my factions color before I unload my smg into them.
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  16. Dramonicous

    To keep it short:
    No major changes to infiltrator, aside from added SMG.
    Small changes:
    EMP nerfed
    Cloak nerfed thru bugs and a IFF shimmer.
    Nano cloak buffed (buffed duration and lowered recovery time)
    AI mines nerfed, with lights and longer deploy time.

    The boltdrivers and semi snipers are identical to the way they were 8 months ago but the amount of people running around with nano 4 and 5 have increased dramatically, so your hard earned 200m+ headshots arent worth a thing.

    As you are prolly aware... the infiltrator update is scheduled for september, but with 9 days left I'll bet you anything its gonna get delayed again. It was first scheduled to be released in MARCH!!
  17. DeadliestMoon

  18. DeadliestMoon

    The IFF glow was in no way a nerf to cloak and seeing as how it doesn't work half the time, it's also a non-issue. AI mines are for Engineers too. How was the EMP nerfed? Through walls, yes, but in plain sight and when used tactically it works fine.
  19. Dr. Euthanasia

    ...You really have no idea what you're talking about, do you?

    A major reason why people react to infiltrators is because they perceive them as enemies. Since the cloak is quite simply too visible to let players reliably sneak past their enemies, the fact that it removed their texture made it more useful as a sort of perfect camouflage - all cloaked infiltrators look like each other, regardless of faction. With the IFF changes, this advantage was utterly destroyed, and the disadvantage was immediately obvious to everyone who used their cloak in close quarters. The fact that this IFF thing is unreliable due to bugs makes it an even bigger issue, leading to deaths by friendly fire all the goddamn time, and offers no advantages to infiltrators themselves since it will never make you glow like a member of another faction (and if I'm wrong about that, you'd still be an idiot for rushing in expecting that to happen).

    Furthermore, the EMP no longer removes players' UIs at all and its visual effect has gone from actually disruptive to completely negligible. That is objectively a nerf to what is already one of the worst grenades in the game.
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  20. Keraira

    Haha wow. I just reinstalled, read this thread, then uninstalled. Close to a year the game has been out and infils are still a broken worthless class. Thanks for saving me a buttload of frustration. Will try back in another 6 months!
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