Have you died in a Dumb Way?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by TwistaX, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. TwistaX

    Im sure everyone has! Share yours!

    Dumb ways to die Planetside 2 by OUTFIT-X:
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  2. HappyStuffin

    Besides the usually game bugs like getting launched into orbit from spawning at a Sundy...

    Nothing is sticking out in my mind as a noteable "dumb" way to die at the moment.

    But give it time, I'm guaranteed to die from some incredibly stupid thing I do.
  3. Prudentia

    Does knifing the 2 bricks of C4 you placed on a deployed HE prowler with proxy radar to maximize the humilation, only to remember afterwards that the knife isn't shown in the killscreen now for several months count? :confused:
  4. z1967

    Easiest way to kill me in any game, make falls easy to miscalculate :|
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  5. NinjaTurtle

    I jumped off a cliff thinking I was still a LA only to find I switched to Infiltrator
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  6. HadesR

    Attempting to cloak and dying because you have really just thrown ammo at the enemy ... :confused:
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  7. LodeTria

    I got killed by a concussion grenade once, I think a Flash one too at some point. I don't mean the result I mean the tiny explosion they do.
  8. Dieter Perras

    getting into a 1v1 and clicking F out of reflex....

    ....I was an engineer
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  9. Thrones

    As a light assault, flew up on a branch. I was ads as galaxy wreckage landed on me....
  10. Alectfenrir

    99% of my Engineer deaths.
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  11. qquqq

    It wasn't me but the best one that comes to mind was I shot a max and got him to low hp in a lightning, I was trying to run him over bailed out when it was really low hp, he killed my lightning but it blew him up,

    I drove up next to a friendly harasser once by the warp gate, he tried to c4 me out of nowhere I got out and shot him and told him he owed me a new ride,

    It always kicked me in the face when I fall off a high place trying to scope below though, need minecraft edgeshifting, lol

    A couple times some one has lightly bumped me on the road and flipped my tank,
  12. qquqq

    I want to be able to put that on a different keybind, heavy shield reflex is strong.
  13. Xind

    At the bottom of a hill preparing to charge through a doorway ->
    Throw a grenade ->
    Think it went through the door->
    Bounces back and kills me as I run towards it...

    *Blames VS*

    Best part of this is when you still somehow win the fight.
  14. Linedan

    Feels, man. Feels. I do that ALL the time. It's what happens when you play engineer 4/5 of the time and heavy the other 1/5.

    Also I fall off things. A lot. And run across the wrong-color bridges on Hossin. And stand too close to friendly mines that get detonated by incoming fire (sometimes even my own mines). Mostly I just die by sucking.
  15. Erendil

    I got run over once by my own magrider after I jumped out to repair it on a hillside.... :eek:

    That was in the early days before they gave mags parking brakes....
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  16. The Rogue Wolf

    Pretty sure I've done that with every class except for the MAX. (And give me time, I'll get that one too.)
  17. Plastikfrosch

    I wanted to drop on a hostile tower out of a val at full speed (works good normaly) but i hit an edge and got shot away nearly 400m and came to a rest inbetween enemys (i was stalker). i was happy that they didnt recognise me and then my own abandoned val landed on me.
    Couldnt stop laughing for a while because it was the stupidest suicide i ever did in this game.
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  18. Plastikfrosch

    that happend more than once to me too.
  19. AlterEgo

    Using the knives...
    You know what I mean.

    P.S. That video was strangely heartwarming...

    Almost reminds me of my older days of being... a... be.. being... a... a...
    A newbie:')
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  20. Ronin Oni

    Pulling out a stupid shield dome thingy when you wanted to activate aura heal in a direct 1v1
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