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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Achmed20, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Achmed20

    My awesome LA moment
    We were trying to take over one of the Bio Domes. Most of my platoon didnt got the concept of teleporters (even after i told them several times) and thats why they all were mindlessly jumping up to the landing pads in order to get in somehow. not need to tell you that the usualy brutaly got slayed there several times. bought me plenty of time to harass the enemy from the inside.
    so as i was sitting up in one of those trees, slug shotgunning the **** out of them without them noticing me, a bunch of 10-15 people gathered behind the wall to the outside landing pad, playing the shot'n cover game. a nicly tossed grenade and i killed them ALL. I swear the wall was all red :D got myself like 5 certs or so instantly.
    as if this wasnt fun enough, a medic came by rezzing people. and nothing is more fun then just shoting the guys who just got rezzed by a doctor. no shield, no health, all instakills. did this this till i was out of ammo.

    so, what fun moment did u have?
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  2. Hael

    I had a great moment yesterday playing LA where having the jets really shined. I was hopping around the launcher pads outside of a base, and I came across a couple of guys and a MAX. I dropped one of them and injured the second before having to reload. By this point they had noticed me, so I dropped a grenade as I jumped over the railing and jet down to the elevator in the middle. The grenade killed the last guy right as my reload finished so I rode the elevator up and finished off the MAX. Then I reloaded and went about my business.

    Not the most exciting story ever, but it was the only time I felt like the jet really made a difference in active combat instead of just getting me somewhere high to shoot people from behind.
  3. Achmed20

    Speaking of jets paying off,
    i was just cleaning a sniper spot when a HA apeared directly in front of me. he seemed to be as baffled as i was so we were staring a sec at each other before any1 did anything. then he activated his shield and started shooting, I activatet my jets, flew above his head and landed behind him while permantenly throwing bullets at him. long story short, i won ^^
  4. Lakora

    Had a lock on my reaver, no flares. Only friendly Galaxies inbound, can I make it? No I hear the lock still on me. I notice I'm down to 1/4 of my reavers HP. I decide to bail, see the friendly Galaxy incoming and I start praying. I start using the jetpack with short bursts just to keep me hovering, very very short bursts. Galaxy 150m away, me starting to wonder if I'll actually make it. Fuels out I'm starting to fall and get slapped in the face by a Galaxy while spam pressing E... I survive to tell the ta... Except the Galaxy got shot down shortly after. xD

    Might not sound awesome but at the time it was AWESOME since I thought I'd just fall n have to walk back.
  5. Conq

    I suicide C4'd a Sunderer at a Tech Plant and broke an hour long, 300+ troop battle in just seconds. I don't let it go to my head though, It's just a job.
  6. FieserMoep

    It was an unimportant fight in a building surrounding the tech plant near a spawn room. Me and my friend were trying to capture the "complex" back so we approached the area in the darkness of the night while tanks were engaging the enemy armor and planes lighting the sky with their shots. Our infantry was bound by defending the plant itself so there was no established front-line. Never the less we had been spotted and heavy fire forced us to take cover in the building i was talking about. Sadly my friend did not made it with its jump jets into the save cover and I was on my own. The first vanu stormed in, just a few seconds after us, he was killed by my trusty LC2 Lynx. After that I rushed the stairs up to the second floor and then to the third floor just to walk right into the arms of an LA that got killed by me. I saw another one though I was reloading so I had to go down, just running into another one that soacked the whole magazine my Repeater pistol. Completely dry, without any loaded gun I jumped out of a window, took the walk around the building and reloaded both weapons. At this point I was sure that with me being discovered there was no way back so I entered the building again on second floor and luckyly two vanu were aiming up the stairs and my Carbine brough them both to fall. When I was reloading I walked up the stairs again to meet the LA that jumped on the roof, I activated my JJs and was flying in the room to make it hard for him to hit my, it worked and he was killed right in the spot. Another guy entered the room and was shot at with the last bullets of the carbine and still stood. He made the most damage to me but after two burst of the pistol he was dead too. Out of the window I saw another three guys approaching and I threw a Nade in front one of the doors and luckyly made another frag. After that I ran back on top of the building, jumped down and got one standing in front of it, looking trough his sights, not to mention that he was killed too. Though I was complelty dry now. We had some minor firefight before we reached this building so this was all ammo I had left. The third guy of that group was killed right after I entered that building and gave him the knife two times. Then someone shot me in the back.

    This was my best solo infantry rampage I ever had and all thanks to the mobility my JJs gave to me. Moments like these make me unable to play any other class. If you had the jump jets one time, you can never stop it again. We might be called "light" assault, though we are the Kings of CQB and though we might be outgunned, we are never outmanned - even if outnumbered.
  7. FluffyM

  8. Paragus

  9. ozziewolf

    That was a good run to watch. The only thing I would have done differently is push B to change fire modes to single fire to conserve ammo.

    No video from me unfortunately. My favorite moment was when my wife wanted to go to bed. I said hang on let me die really quick. I proceeded to run through buildings and killed 10-15 guys in less than 30 seconds. I could have had more with C4 but I made a mistake and died. It was a great way to end the night.
  10. Imperialus

    Had a nice run in a biolab last night. Went in through one of the landing pad doors, jumped onto the trees... I accidentally overshot it and ended up landing on the far side right behind their defensive line of turrets. I figured I was dead anyhow (jetpack was drained) so I just opened up on their rear line. Killed 3 turrets, a couple HA's and a medic or two before tossing a grenade into another crowd and racking up 4 or 5 more kills. I still hadn't been noticed and my jetpack had recharged so I jumped back up into the trees and managed to batman 3 or 4 more with my pistol before getting taken out by another LA.
  11. MarlboroMan-E

    TR was pushed back to the WG on Amerish and NC were having a grand time camping from Highland station. I grab an ATV and try to close the distance. Flanking around to the east, I bump into a Vanguard, so I hit him with the Flash grenade launcher, then run away. Engy gets out to repair, I gun him down, and destroy tank with secondary gunner in it with C4. Running up the hill, I kill about three infantry in sequence, but not at the same time, then find that the NC aren't really in the base, and aren't using the spawn room. I jet up to the roof tops, find the AMS, and then see the motherlode. About 10 turrets and 5 maxes with a mess of HA running around them, all with their backs to me. I killed and killed and killed till I ran out ammo, including TRAC bullets, underslung nades, and regular nades. Eventually I pulled my pistol and got one last dude before going down in a blaze of glory. That was beta, right after the Amerish patch.

    Another time, TR was caught at a tech plant meat grinder, trying to go through the two doors of doom. I wasn't really in the mood for that, so I just started climbing with jets to see what the legs of the tech plant looked like up close. Lo and behold ... 1 sniper, then another, then a group of them, all looking down. Bang bang bang, run away, and ... wait for them to come back. And they did. Time after time. I kept going till I got tired of it, then jetted up to the turret deck, killed all the engies and used my C4 to get a damaged turret and a max down. It was glorious.
  12. Velron

    Yesterday NC was pushing a tower hard, there was a group of infantry including a max being healed by a engineer that was hidin behind a wall. The max was shredding people.

    I got up high on the tower, used the jetpack to FLY! my way all the way to the huge rock ridge they are on the other side of. I let the pack regen, then I hovered over top, dropped my c4, began my flying back to safety and detonated it. The max and engineer dropped and the line got broke, allies pushed immediately.

    Later I was on the same rock ridge and a max was running by down below. I followed him flying above his head for a while until I got just ahead and dropped the c4, landed just a little bit away looking right at him and pushed the button. That one made me laugh
  13. Sharmanti

    A guy followed me around the jumpy towers thingies. I knew he was after me. Took up c4 midair and when I landed on the next platform I put it down.

    As suspected, 3 seconds later he arrived. I with a big smile pushed the tiny red button and saw him go kaboom.

    That is the most recent
  14. Hellkyte

    Last two nights I have found myself defending the tech plant. The moment you get to the two door defense is when I switch to LA. Jump into teleported to roof, turn left, lemming myself off the building and throw on retros at the last second to land in the little "boot" looking thing near the two doors. Crouch down, see 20 medics chain healing/rezzing each other. Out pops grenade launcher. Bravo 1, fire, bravo 2 fire, switch to throwing grenade #yolo and end up with like 15 kills.

    Rinse and repeat. Made like 100 certs in an hour.
  15. Sobieski14

  16. Moor

    Was assaulting a point. Took the "scenic" route in order to flank which involved scaling a medium hill. As I peeked over I saw that 6 people were huddled behind some obstacles and a turret healing up. they were facing away due to our team pushing from that angle.

    Tossed 1 grenade and let loose my grenade launcher the moment the grenade was about to burst and BAM got 5/6 kills instantly. the 6th died due to crossfire but I did a ton of damage to it.

    Makes all the deaths worth it for times like these! :)
  17. Playaskillz

    This thread is fantastic.
    I started after release and I'm pretty new. I just bought my first C4 brick and was super excited to try it. I'm in some base flying around on the towers with the jump things that kick you over to another tower, so I'm jumping around hunting bad guys and somehow I land on a tower and get thrown way the hell out away from the base (no idea how this happened). Now the big battle was between NC (me) and TR, but as I'm flying I see like ~8 Vanu tanks, a deployed sundy and like 20 infantry and they're attacking the TR base too, but from the other side from where I was at. So I'm about to land in the middle of them and I start to panic. I jet pack to land gently and I take some cover. Not many have noticed me, but I'm getting shot at and one of the 1 man tanks is coming toward me. I run out of cover and fly over the tank, pull out my C4 and throw it. I miss the tank, but I'm still flying/gliding and the tank RUNS OVER THE C4!! I fall to the ground and detonate the C4. It kills the tank, the driver, and someone else near the tank!! and I start sprinting sure I would die. I see a bunch of NC on a hill at medium range so I run zig-zagging toward them and somehow I lived, lol. I got cover and some medic healed me. Light assault 4tw
  18. Achmed20

    nice story bro,
    i can imagine the thrill you went through :D
    PS: does c4 realy insta kill a tank from below? or was it a small tank?
  19. RoosterNE

  20. Turelle

    Plenty of good moments, but i think my most memorable was yester at a base on Amerish. I don't know what type of facility it was, but it was mostly built around one tower with landing pads. I somehow ended up there after having got hopelessly lost on an ATV, got shot at and bailed. Made it up onto this tower above the landing pads and noticed that it was crawling with infiltrators and engineers, a few heavies too.

    So miles away from any support, I figured, what the hell. See how many I can kill before I die. I had a great time toying with the enemy running around above their heads and sometimes running behind them (when they got a little smarter and looked up). I ran out of ammo of my Carbine, then my pistol, used up my last grenade and went out trying to knife a max. Didn't help my faction, but it provided me huge amounts of amusement.

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