GU011: Weapon and Vehicle Changes

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  1. Riggity_

    the IRNV scope wasn't that great, it's range and uselessness on esamir were far enough drawbacks for a nice balanced scope. The weapon sway for a 1x scope is just stupid. too stupid for words.

    C4 should effect vehicles differently. 1 brick of C4 should not damage a main battle tank as much as it does a sunderer.
    The way C4 reacts with vehicles should be on a per vehicle basis.
    • It should overwhelmingly destroy aircraft because they must remain light for mobility and thus the armor on them shouldn't be as strong against a localized explosive. (I personally miss the system where if you placed a C4 on a lib cockpit it would kill it in one brick, but if you placed it on the wing or tail it would only set it on fire. this meant you were rewarded to take the time and risk yourself to place the C4 just right. it was hard to do and was a good reward. oh well.)
    • It shouldn't damage a MBT as much as a sundy or lightning because the armor on MBT's is much heavier. regardless of vehicle health it should literally deal less damage to MBT's due to it's armor (currently I believe C4 does about the same damage to MBT's and sundy's, however MBT's just have greater health so the damage is perceived to be less, could be wrong about this)
    • I believe C4 should blow bigger holes in galaxies. They're aircraft, they shouldn't be able to withstand 10 bricks of C4 (slight exaggeration, slight...)
    There's my 2 cents, I could go on about how much I dislike this update and SOE won't see a dime outta me towards any membership benefits (which I was actually considering prior to reading the update notes) but I think the overwhelming response from the community states that just fine...
  2. ytman

    • Facilities and Outposts on Indar and Amerish now have Sunderer No Deploy Zones. These function just the like No Deploy Radius around allied deployed Sunderers. These zones prevent you from parking your Sunderer right on top of the capture points. You’ll have to fight to the capture points on foot.
    This is going to be a huge change.
  3. Vanon

    Higby didn't even menchen the vehicle resource changes in his post. Are they still scheduled for GU11?
  4. metrotw

    I have no problem with the harasser costing more than a lightning. Properly certed and armed a harasser SHOULD demolish a lightning. And 150 resource for a flash was just silly, even with wraith\fury it's still too much.
    100 is more than enough.
  5. Nogrim313

    id suggest pushing for a similar change to the jackhammer that 3 shot burst looks nasty, if they do this i just want a lasher for my max
  6. Mitsyo

    Yes. Coz it's take time to learn how to fly and how get kills. And MBT is easy - just be with zerg, shoot into windows and doors, profit...
  7. CptFirelord

    Have you played it? It's by far the WORST "update" they've added.
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  8. Morchai

    I'm relieved that the lightning and harrasser only went up to 300. Still, I think that tanks are too expensive, particularly MBTs. As much as I loved the Prowler, I suspect that this will convert me into being a dedicated lightning driver.

    I wouldn't be surprised to end up seeing lots of idle tanks at the warpgate now. My character is in game as I type this post. While in the past I would have logged out to go eat lunch or read the boards or whatnot, now my incentive is to stay logged in in order to avoid losing my expensive tank.
  9. Riggity_

    yeah, already friendlies are destroying friendly vehicles crippling players in armor. **** this update, **** SOE, **** this game.
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  10. Riggity_

    no. just no.
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  11. DOmy

    No and no this it's by far the WORST "update" they've added.
    This update its a shame, just an excuse to make more money
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  12. Zadok13

    Well here's my feedback (not that any devs will ever see it, let alone care).

    The negative:
    -Vehicle resource costs needed increasing slightly, not mercilessly doubling/trebling all over the damn place. For a start, MBTs for 375 would've done just about the same job without being quite so heavy-handed. And that AV engy turret's gonna need a hefty nerf now. The flash didn't need its cost increasing, all it needed was the M40 fury nerfing/removing - you fixed M40 farming by removing the vehicle's primary function of cheap & easy transportation. Utterly ridiculous.
    -No-deploy zones are a terrible idea. No, really. It removes one of the better aspects of gameplay - creative placement of sunderers, and defence thereof. Back when the forums had a downvote button (it was a terrible idea to remove that too BTW) the no-deploy zones idea was almost universally reviled - last I saw it was about 90% against. Speaking of which we really need the downvotes back on the roadmap - it's the single best tool you have for player feedback prior to implementing something goddamn stupid and getting backlash! This benefits you as much as it does us! Finally, making apply to attackers only is another kick in the teeth.
    -Now that IRNV optics are completely f*cking useless, couldn't you refund those certs? I don't expect that for minor tweaks but a nerf of this magnitude surely warrants it. Or give everyone who had IRNV thermal optics. Or a cert discount on thermal. Seriously, if you nerf out 98% of something's functionality, you need to give something back (and don't pretend a piddling range increase on now-useless optics is "compensation"). IRNV Sure as hell isn't worth the certs as it stands, regardless of whether it needed a nerf. The only way I can see to redeem it would be to reduce the cert cost, but add a second level that functions exactly as before.

    The positive:
    -UI changes good across the board.
    -Especially loadout screen, major quality of life improvement there.
    -I'm liking the underbarrel launcher changes.

    In short, had you stuck to the alterations posted in the preview, it would've been boring but fine. I've generally liked updates in the past (grudgingly in some cases - sometimes, things do genuinely need a nerf), but I hate, hate this update as it stands. Just my tuppence.
  13. Schwak

    I wouldn't mind the cost changes if they didn't nerf half our vehicle weapons into the ***** ground.
  14. Partybooper

    Ok, I haven't played PS2 for a while but... Why can't I switch to my UBGL anymore via my mouse wheel? Is there a way to re-enable that again? It is a weapon after all, so I should be able to switch to it using the mouse wheel...
  15. TheBloodEagle

    I believe instead of being 2 you have to press 1 twice (primary).
  16. Robes

    Pressing 1 is a toggle for it
  17. Nogrim313

    yup its quite nice and even remembers if you had the nade launcher out if you switch weapons, re-bind that mouse wheel to map zoom trust me much nicer
  18. Furluge

    RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE (thread)!
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