GU011: Weapon and Vehicle Changes

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  1. NC_Edacyn

    Sometimes, the apparently "boring" jobs are the more rewarding. I've earned upwards of 45K-50K/hour experience-wise doing sunderer defense. And I've seen plenty of other factions doing sunderer defense. It's the perfect farming opportunity.

    The caveat is that it strictly dependent on SMART sunderer placement, instead of lazy placement say ... next to an enemy's spawn building.

    The point is that people in this game have an apparently short-attention span and need to realize that there's a diverse set of things to do, not just pull out the same weapon, run down the same corridor, and shoot the same people over and over.

    I think that's the point of all these changes. SOE documents the trends, and when the same single-dimension action yields excessive benefit, it will get changed to promote diversity. (e.g. Chain pulling low-cost armor without consideration to resource gains)
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  2. Astealoth

    Fix infantry consumables cost if you want MAX to cost 350!!!

    This is not reasonable. You're forcing us to do a ridiculous amount with one currency. I'm a long time subscriber and I use resource boosts and I can't keep up with infantry resources even now trying to reserve 100 to pull a MAX. How do you expect anyone, your paying customers and your free players to micromanage our infantry resources on this level? Just rename the game Tedious Resource Micromanagement Simulator.

    350 resources by the current infantry resource costs is NOT, I repeat NOT in line with resource gain rates. 100 for a MAX is too high with the current consumables costs. With a 350 MAX we'll now be spending more time in the menus making life or death decisions on what infantry consumables to carry than actually playing. What kind of game are you trying to build here? 250 is bare minimum how much it costs to run a light assault or medic for one spawn cycle...
  3. JarJar2

    I'll give the update a shot. But, the vehicle cost increases are concerning. If the flow doesn't feel right, I'll just stop playing and wait for an update that reduces them again or a resource system revamp. I do play other MMOs.

    I also hate the IRNV scope nerf, due to that stupid scope sway mechanic. Scope swaying as a solution to balancing snipers more difficult is an industry wide scourge. If anything nerf range, or have the scope fuzz and lose accuracy on movement. I simply do not play the sniper class because of that mechanic.

    I understand metrics drive tuning and design. But, danger Will Robinson that's what created ModernUI on Windows 8.
  4. Meeka

    As someone who rides exclusively on a Scout Radar ATV... I can tell you these things

    (a) Good luck trying to find a stealthed Scout Radar, I hide them at enemy bases all the time... rarely, do people find them and destroy them. I've had them last across several bases...

    (b) It is one of the hardest vehicles to hit with a weapon as it moves and turns incredibly fast... I've driven these things through entire platoons without taking a hit. I've driven them directly into the middle of enemy lines and out again safely. I've used them for easy kill streak suicide runs... they might die with one rocket (if the rocketeer is lucky enough to hit it), but it takes a few magazines of ammo to take one out.

    (c) I drive the thing like a maniac, jumping hills, hitting groves sideways, and I've flipped maybe a half dozen out of the hundreds I've spawned... and in those cases, I was leaping off bridges and cliff edges where I couldn't see how I was landing. I'd have to say, learn to drive...
  5. Brightconn

    I have been wanting both those buffs for my Lasher for so long now this news makes me very happy. So long as the increases aren't so marginal that they are negligible. My Lasher might be able to kill a enemy player in a one to one fight now, instead of winning only 1:10 engagements at close to mid range. Sure ill still kill myself all the time in close range and just continue to make myself the a obvious target at long range. Anyways, two thumbs up on that.
    Good call on resource increases. A MBT is realistically way to hard to kill for how easy it is to just back it up and repair the DMG away. Seriously real tanks don't take 3 AT rounds to blow up. God bless the advent of shaped-charges and EFPs, which auraxians are somehow incapable of.
  6. Meeka

    I think the new resource cost is the perfect solution to the MAX spam encountered at every base fight.

    With less MAXes running around, you can focus MORE on fighting and less having to deal with resources.
  7. Meeka

    Or, alternatively keep your tank parked away from buildings and you'll be fine.
  8. malden

    Light assault with adrenaline pump is going to be the new flash i guess. Go Infantryside yaaay.....
  9. Lemonses

    How is it averaging out the resources...I never have enough to do anything
  10. EV2013

    This game encourages teamwork, instead of zipping around individually in Flashes. Sunderers now have a purpose as TRANSPORT other than being a mobile spawn point.
  11. EV2013

    This game encourages teamwork, instead of zipping around individually in Flashes. Sunderers now have a purpose as TRANSPORT other than being a mobile spawn point.
  12. EV2013

    Maxes were way too cost-effective
  13. Stellus

    Because that person isn't the only thing on your screen. Try picking that person out of a crowd every single time. 50m isn't that far away.
  14. Excidium

    I play on your server and I'm almost always in a lib or esf. My max which has never played a double xp weekend and only played maybe 2 hours with ZOE when it was launched puts out 600 score per hour bro. Max units are abusive farming machines that lock down Air, own armor and completely destroy all infantry. You seem to have issues, but actual good players abuse them silly. You know the first level 100 on our server was a scat max right? Actually, he was so far ahead of the pack it was absurd.

    Oh don't believe me? Look at my stats. As long as they can be resurrected they need to cost a crazy amounts of resources to prevent max crashes.

    Edit: I Just looked at your stats, your max is your highest SPM class/vehicle you play. My point has been proven by your naive whining.
  15. Stellus

    1) You're a child. You debate like a five year old.
    2) How can it be my fault if the game doesn't render players until they're 50 meters away and I have to correctly pick that person out of the sea of people shown on my screen?
    3) Vehicles that cost upward of 450 resources also have timers before you can pull again. C4 does not.
    4) 200 resources is nothing when you can store up to 40 C4 and chain pull them over and over again.
  16. x7xBillyDaKidx7x

    Still no added appearance slot for vehicles. Want to be able to put my wheels and havoc bumper on sundy
  17. Get2dachoppa

    Just throwing out my 2 cents but I think the new Flash & MAX costs are a bit too high. I think 100 for the Flash and somewhere between 200-300 for the MAX is more reasonable.

    Haven't read the entire thread so don't know if this has been brought up, but this could be crippling for underpopulated factions that don't gain resources as quickly because they've lost all their territory to the overpopulated faction.
  18. Zar

    come play on my server ill end your life XD tanks are walking cert wallets that i just pick pocket with c4 or tank mines. also i run a stock vanguard...well i have the ground flares but other then that stock never been killed by a striker..... ive been killed by "Strikers" like 4 guys shooting at me but any rocket would have ended my life then.
  19. grayhawk36

    I will be honest I have not sat and read all the post here but I feel I need to say this , regardless if anyone else already has.
    it looks to me that the only devs that play NC are the ones who make all the shiny decals cos the last few game updates have all been buffs to tr and vs and nerfs to almost everything that makes NC a viable faction to play. nerfed just about everything that actually puts pain on the other factions. this will probebly get looked at and then removed like my last post about NC getting nerfed again , so hopefully atleast someone may to read this and agree / disgree , I dont care which as the facts speak for themselves no nerfs to tr or vs but plenty to the NC its just funny way to make this game a 2 faction fight lol.
  20. joshua

    Update: The resource costs have been reduced on the below:
    • Lightning & Harasser = 300
    • Flash = 100
    And also, the NC MAX damage change is being offset by an increase in damage range (they now match the infantry weapons with scaling starting at 8 meters). The end result is slightly less upfront damage for more damage in the mid shotguns ranges.
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