GPU Physics?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Ravijn, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Ravijn

    Did they disable GPU physics in the game? I cannot select it and it worked in the beta last week for me. Odd.
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  2. Torque221

    Some people said it was enabled with the new beta drivers - idk as I haven't tried them.
  3. Basti

  4. SpcFarlen

  5. cc2001

    Same issue here. I downloaded the new Nvidia drivers today too.
  6. Kardes

    yeah does anybody remember what the toggle was in useroptions?

    I had them on at the end of beta but now the box is grayed out on launch : /
  7. PapaSmurf

    Latest beta drivers - No option to turn on GPU Physix.

    Previous beta drivers allowed enabling Physix
  8. InsanityOnABun

    Same. Latest beta drivers (310.61), can't enable GPU Physics.
  9. Ravijn

    I am using a GTX 680 btw. Yeah the GPU physics were working for me with the 310.54 drivers in beta. I tried to uninstall the newer drivers and going back to those but the option is still grayed out.

    Thanks for the replies.
  10. Shubniggurath

    Same here. Was working fine with the last nvidia beta drivers during the end of beta.
  11. Pinback

    Grayed out with old beta driver (which enabled it in beta but not in release) and also grayed out with new beta driver.
  12. warmachine1

    Also greyed with beta drivers, tough i barely saw difference turning it on in beta
  13. Pinback

    Small issue really but buggin me. I'm sure they will get it sorted, though it may be low on the priority list for them at the moment =)
  14. freehotdawgz

    Wow, what a load of crap. I had it on the entire beta and then when it gets released it's greyed out? wtf? I use a gtx 670. My computer has more than enough power to handle this game at max.
  15. Vachek

  16. Boris

    The only way to get Physx on an amd gpu based system is to run it in software mode on the cpu (taking a significant peformance hit) or by installing an nvidia 8600gt or higher as dedicated ppu.
  17. Master

    Using newest drivers. It does not work. Has anyone tried reverting to the older beta driver to see if physX is working?
  18. Jack the Smack

    They're probably fixing it or something. My framerate tanked with GPU physics turned on, and that was with perfectly smooth gameplay on High even in huge battles.
  19. Wintyr

    game company's should be liable for recomending beta drives that can distroy you card if your not carfull
  20. ExarRazor

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