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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Hutsk, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. Liewec123

    we have enough cheating Aholes, we don't need anymore thanks.

    also everytime someone mentions cheating you seem to endorse it,
    which makes me think that you're one of those cheating Aholes.
    if so, uninstall and git gud.

    cheaters (like you?) ruin the game for everyone, we don't need any more exploiters and script kids.
    cheating Aholes need to have their internet taken away so they can only be dicks in single player games.
  2. Beerbeerbeer

    Hey tough luck. If you don’t like cheating then you should leave. It’s a reality. Deal with it or quit.
  3. Johannes Kaiser

    Hm, you are right. Can't believe I overlooked that on first view :D
  4. TRspy007

    I killed this dude a million times. If he's a hacker, he's REALLY good at hiding it. The rocklet animation could not be wroking based on his ping/lat. Idk if he's a high BR and didn't get banned after a few weeks of the report, he's not hacking.
  5. Beerbeerbeer

    No, it’s not that, they just don’t have the resources to enforce or police anything. You think there’s anyone left on DBG’s staff to actually take the time and watch this guy in game in the hopes of catching him cheating? Quit deluding yourself.

    I saw this happen in PS1, it’s happening here now. Lack of player support coupled with a lack of game developer support = hack-a-thon.

    This game is dead. No is supporting it and the developers don’t care and are too inept to fix it anyways. Seriously, you can hack and exploit without a care.
  6. Liewec123

    its an exploit, i won't say how to do it here but it didn't take me long googling to replicate it in VR training,
    so i don't know why DBG haven't fixed it already. (thats a lie, we all know why they haven't fixed it, INCOMPETENCE.)
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  7. Beerbeerbeer

    Google “Planetside 2 Exploits” and relish in the fun. You won’t get banned. There’s no one @ DBG that even reads the reports anymore.

    Underworld glitching is so easy and such a fun way to piss off the server.
  8. Liewec123

    You think fear of getting banned is the reason the rest of us aren't cheating dicks? Hahaha.

    Most people don't need cheats, we don't need the crutches and handicaps that YOU do,
    It almost makes me wonder just how bad you are at the game...

    Most people aren't attentionwh0res who want to "piss off the server"
    If you crave attention so bad go sing in public or something.

    If/when DBG ban that dude, I hope they ban your *** too, two cheating Aholes with one stone.
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  9. Towie

    In fairness, I think it's just that frustration that Beer (and all of us) is feeling that's prompting his posts. Well - I hope so anyway !

    But it's a valid point - that cheats are running rampant and nothing is being done to stop them.

    Oh - this guy (and all his alts) really wants Just Survive to come back:

    k/d 90 and SPM 5000 anyone ???
  10. Beerbeerbeer

    Liewec, you’re missing the point.

    First, he won’t get banned. To ban someone requires a real-life person at DBG actually taking the time to look at that person and his actions. There’s no one at DBG doing this. I think I made that very clear. This is exactly what happened in PS1. It’s inevitable. It either gets fixed or dies quickly.

    Secondly, you can’t read between the lines. You’re worse than Skaggs. If you don’t like hacking, then G_T_F_O, nothing will change it.
  11. DocLorria

    Are you a proponent of hacking then?
  12. Exileant

    :D I destroy underground beacons with E.M.P. Grenades and keep on trucking.
  13. TRspy007

    lol. I know it's not fair play to use bugs. I do not exploit them myself (though I have accidentally went through walls, become a flying LA/MAX hybrid (ik wtf), spawned with an extra half mag and all); I am debating however if exploiting them should be considered a bannable offense.

    It is of course unjust and I do not encourage exploiting bugs in any way. If you do have to use bugs to win, you're probably pretty pathetic - as is the case with that dude - he hasn't won a single 1v1.

    Bugs aren't player made, and I do lay responsibility to the devs for creating and keeping them long enough to cause such trouble. The people who use it are only partly responsible. It's war, you're meant to use things to your advantage. I understand that in a game it's a pain, and I respect people who just use pure skill to make their xp. That said, I can't blame people for using these bugs. We get flung under the map, glued to the ground, waste nanites spawning 2-3 vehicles at a time, get double reloads - it's understandable that when people see a bug that finally benefits them, they make use of it.

    For this reason, I think that this should be motivation for the devs to polish the game, instead of banning players pretending that's gonna solve the problem. We barely have the playerbase as it is, are we really gonna start banning dudes that make use of the bugs THE DEVS HAVE CREATED? I'll state once again that I do not approve of this, I do not do such things, but this measly exploits aren't usually game changing, and others probably have access to them as well.

    Ban the players that chain headshots, teleport and all, but are dudes that exploit really serious cheaters? In many videos, they're just guys having a good laugh at the absurdity of the game. Focus on fixing the bugs, players will stop exploiting them, and we don't lose some farming material. Instead of banning dudes for something the devs caused without actually solving the problem.
  14. Liewec123

    Both, they should do both.
    Would anyone shed a tear when fun-ruining cheaters like this guy are banned?
    I bet his entire server would be much better off without his cheating butt.
    And at the same time DBG should take a moment away from PS:A to fix these bugs and fix their useless anti-cheat systems for PS2

    So yep, I absolutely do think exploiters like this guy should be treated just as every other cheater,
    And DBG should fix their damn game.
  15. Towie

    If they are spending time on PS:A, I fear it might be wasted.
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  16. Liewec123

    yup well we all knew it was wasted from the very mention of it.
    it was only ever going to damage the franchise
    and now they're flushing all of their money down that toilet while PS2 bleeds out players.
    (due to lack of new content, bad changes not being reverted and scriptkids and cheaters going unpunished.)
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