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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Hutsk, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. Hutsk

    I'm only posting this here because DBG player report screen isnt working. This TR Connery hacker named baatar721 has been around for months now doing the same hack being, shooting the LA rocket burst non stop without reload. This guy never gets reported for unknown reasons but here is video proof. **** this guy

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  2. Johannes Kaiser

    He might be on the glider jetpack. But then again, that one has a faster drop than what this guy is displaying.
  3. Liewec123

    The issue is how he is firing rocket rifle bursts constantly without reloading ;)
    Each burst should cause a 3.4 second reload, but this ****** is cheating to spam it.
    And as he's BR113 so noone can pretend that it's accidental, if he's not a script kid intentionally cheating,
    he's still found a glitch/bug to skip the reload and he's exploiting it to cheat.
    Caught red handed. Ban the sucker.
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  4. TwwIX

    A cheater? On Connery? No way!

    There's no cheating in this game according to the brown nosers. Didn't you get that memo?
  5. Campagne

    The fact that he has an auraxium medal on the Rocklet Rifle of all things is damn near proof enough!
  6. DocLorria

    /report does nothing it seems, there is a black hole nearby and this is where any /report goes.

    I really think there is something amiss - some new hack that battleye is not detecting. Nothing will be done it seems.

    I went to one of the hacker selling websites, they said,

    "They rarely ban for lag switching and they never hwid ban, so just make a few accounts and go crazy..."


    "... since the month I'm back in PS2, but not for fair playing, also a month since I'm using my program and what's the conclusion? ... And what" And nothing. Daybreak is simply marking reports as solved all the time, without even looking who is reported for what, its uber fun..."

    I have seen a resurgence of 1.7+ kdr folks I have not seen for a while on Emerald... let's face it, PS2 is a small community. I am not the best out there, I am just average (for people that want to try to be salty and deny things.)

    /report does zilch... (pandatv anyone?) . Battleye is a failure or it is not being used properly (PUBG has thousands banned?)

    Let loose battleye and perhaps do something about lag switching.

    I love this game. I want to see it continue for a long time. However, it seems PS2 is the red-headed-step child while the company pursues failed initiatives... hell the first day of PSA, there were hackers laughing about how they hacked the game and ruined the fun. BE is NOT working.
  7. ObiVanuKenobi

    Not a cheat but a well known bug which Daybreak don't seem to care about. It's very easy to reproduce so i don't see why it's not fixed yet.
  8. gunnner10

    Why I don't waste my Dough on this game, Its not skill based
  9. Skraggz

    Use the support page and give them the link.

    I know it's a bit extra steps for reporting. I found one of these on emerald yesterday and yes I reported. Ain't got time for these exploiters. He was same faction as me but doesnt excuse this behavior.
  10. Skraggz

    Not a cheater but definitely a exploiter. If you reproduce the big to abuse it, well then... that's exploiting.
  11. ObiVanuKenobi

    Excluding cheaters and exploiters it is. Almost all games have them.
  12. Liewec123

    Found a clip from 3 months ago showing the same ***** abusing this exploit,
    Meaning he's been doing this crap for 3 months and neither DBG or Battleye have done anything...freaking useless.
    It only took me a minute of googling to learn how to replicate it so the source of the bug is easy for DBG to find,
    But once again theyou show their utter incompetence.

    And fix the mofo exploits!
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  13. Exileant

    :confused: Now THAT is a blatant Immortality/Mag cheat. o_O May the Hammer be brought down upon him swift and with conviction. :eek: For Christ, For Vanu SOVEREIGNTY...!!! FOR THE SANITY OF AAAAAAAALL!!!! You all on P.C. have it BAD.... Still there is a simple way to defeat it. ;) Simply get your distance and attack from there, or kite him to death. You messed up when you let him circle you.
  14. Towie

    Geez that's pretty bad - well as far as i'm concerned, he is utilising a known exploit (extensively - has been for a long time) so just ban him permanently. As in - delete.

    Fortnite has attracted a lot of attention recently for a lifetime ban on a well known player - who frankly had a heck of a lot more to lose. DBG at least need to pretend that they care.
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  15. Beerbeerbeer

    He won’t get banned. Hack and exploit policing is non-existent.

    Google the exploit and have fun abusing it yourself because it will never get fixed.
  16. Towie

    Just had to stop playing - underground beacon - can't be destroyed - may as well give up.

    Top tip for PS3: Assume people will cheat. Base every other decision off that founding principle and be brutal with the consequences.
    If not - you have no credibility - and people will stop playing. Simples.
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  17. DocLorria

    I just logged into the game 11/12/2019 at 10:00 a.m. EST and Baatar is online having fun....
  18. Towie

    ...well he's having such great success with it and the problem isn't being addressed - so - he'll just keep on doing it and racking up those vehicle kills:
  19. Trebb

    I've found that the /report code simply generates a random ticket number, and says it will be investigated. They are 100% thrown out.

    If dozens of people start opening tickets about this guy on the Planetside2 WEBSITE, and flood them with tickets, they may finally realize it will save them work in the long run if they just ban the guy full out. So, do it!
  20. Beerbeerbeer

    I’ll say it again, they’re aren’t policing or enforcing anything.

    The /report is a placebo and nothing more. In fact, next time you /report, fill it with profanity and insults and watch what happens....nothing.

    If you are curious about how hacks work, now is the time to satisfy that curiosity, because nothing will happen if you do. If you’re curious about exploits, have at it, nothing bad will come of that, either.

    The mouse exploit is an easy one. Likewise for the rocket exploit. Try it out, have fun and don’t worry.

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