Game keeps crashing

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by AdrIneX, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. AdrIneX

    As the titles says. Happens after the latest 40MB update.

    i5 2500K
    8GB RAM
    6950 2GB
    Win7 64-bit

    Anyone else with the same problem?
  2. Itor

    I have the same thing happening. The game will not even load for me anymore. I get the launcher, click play and the game crashed.
  3. Itor

    OK - I tried every compatibility setting known (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Administrator, etc...) and its still crashing during launch. To be clear, the Launchpad comes up, but when I click play it crashes after a few seconds. I was successfully playing this morning before the server downtime.

    My system specs:
    i5 3570
    16GB Ram
    NVidia 670 2GB RAM
    Windows 8 64 bit
  4. TSR-SeanF Customer Service

    Are you receiving any kind of error messages? Where exactly does the crashing occur? Please provide us with as much specific information about this issue as you possibly can and we will be happy to assist you further.

    Also, feel free to open a support ticket with us and one of our support agents should be able to take a look at your system specs and provide you with some more information about this issue.
  5. Itor

    The error message I get is "PlanetSide2.exe has stopped working". It happens after I click "Play" on the Launcher. I see a splash screen that says "Game is starting, please wait". Then I see a Windows Error Message as above.
  6. Caterpiller

    Same here, I play for like 10-20 minutes and it crashes with this planetside2.exe has stopped working.

    I meet all the sys requirements.

    i5 650 @3.2Ghz
    4GB RAM
    600W PSU
  7. erizias

    LaunchPad says everything is okay, then I click "Play", then Windows asks if the game is allowed to make changes to the system, I then click "Yes". After 3-4 seconds the splash screen shows and a message saying "PlanetSide2.exe has stopped working". I click "Close" and when trying to do something in the LaunchPad again it just crashes without a warning.

    I'm on Windows 7 and trying to run the game through Steam. I tried without Steam as well, same stuff. Tried to DL the game without steam as well, same stuff... I've googled everything and tried everything I found, same stuff...
  8. TSR-Jesse S Customer Service

    You may want to try right-clicking the launcher set up file and selecting 'Run As Administrator' to install the game, also, ensure that launchpad.exe, awesomiumprocess.exe, and planetside2.exe added as exceptions in any Firewall/Anti-Virus software you currently are running in order to ensure that the game will run correctly with this kind of software running in the background.

    This particular crash can be caused by a variety of different issues, it's difficult to say what could be the cause. If you're still running into issues, I suggest you submit a support ticket so we can give you more concrete and definitive solutions, instructions to submit a ticket can be found in my signature. Go ahead and PM me the incident # once you have so I can take a peek and see what might be going on.
  9. Itor

    I tried the "Run as Administrator", but the game kept on crashing. Also tried the program compatibility modes, and the same thing occurred. Here is the WER:

    Fault bucket -997956875, type 1

    Event Name: APPCRASH

    Response: Not available

    Cab Id: 0

    Problem signature:

    P1: PlanetSide2.exe


    P3: 50c39fef

    P4: DINPUT8.dll

    P5: 6.2.9200.16384

    P6: 5010a805

    P7: c0000005

    P8: 0000ff7f


  10. AdrIneX

    I'm sorry what? Don't want to sound like a complete dirtbag but this issue only started happening after the last update. The game worked perfectly fine with that so it can't be the installation process otherwise the system would've told me.

    Basically what happens is I log in fine, jump into the game and after 10 minutes it crashes saying "PS2.exe has stopped working".
  11. erizias

    Already tried every variant of compability-options, including "Run as Administrator"...
    I'm opening a support-ticket now.
  12. OldMaster80

    Same here. I can play but after 5-10 minutes the game freezes for 4-5 seconds and then crash to desktop. It's happening since last update, never happened before.
  13. Itor

    I just saw my own error report related to DInput. So I unplugged my G13 controller, rebooted and now everything works just fine. I hate that I cannot use my G13 anymore....
  14. erizias

    Jesse, please take a quick look at this ticket: #121210-000932
  15. Harvog

    Game just caused a BSOD on me completely outa the blue.
  16. Noxffm

    same prob after last update, play the game for 30 sec or 2 min..then freeze..planetside exe..not working...

    lol the patch was ********
  17. Itor

    I just got a response that it has to do with USB gaming peripherals.

  18. FERENG1

    need help games freezes 10-20 min after entering a game then crashes, i have win 7 home premium 32-bit operating system 4 GB ram any fix
    I also have a laptop,it runs win 7 home premium 4 GB ram but it is a 64-bit operating system and works perfectly but don't know why doesn't run on desktop computer
  19. SgtAlvinCYork

    I'm running on steam, and I installed in steam for the first time yesterday. When I launched PlanetSide it went through it's own update process. When I hit "Play Now", I get a black screen with a mouse in the center. After a bit I get what appears to be a part of a HUD. If I hit escape to bring up the menu, the menu comes up for ~2 seconds, and then PlanetSide crashes and Windows looks for a solution to the problem.

    I tried Validating Steam Cache files, and I found 7 that needed fixing. Steam then downloaded some stuff. When I tried to re-launch, the PlanetSide updater installed some stuff again, and I got the crash. I tried validating steam files again, and once again I got 7 files that needed fixing. So something went wrong in the PlanetSide patching process, or perhaps Steam and PlanetSide are communicating poorly.

    I'm on Windows 7.

    As a side note suggestion, things like "double XP weekends" should just be a server patch, right? No need to patch client files to give us extra XP, it would seem to me.
  20. FERENG1

    im also on steam and have done the same thing but mine went from 7 to 4 then 2 and has stayed like that since and still doesn't work

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