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  1. Basti

    I also put up a video that contains the stuff in this post and more. Vid is 30 min long, post is much shorter and misses some stuff because im in a Hurry. ;)
    (Gonna take a bit to upload.)

    Smaller outfits:

    Issue is simple: we have nothing to do. In Planetside 1, we could hold Generators down to deny the enemy any number of benefits thanks to the lattice system, or do re secures. In planetside 2, nothing of that is possible.
    What outfits that aren’t Azure Twilight, Ghosts of the Revolution or the Enclave, basically outfits that hold much more than a single platoon, need is side objectives that are important and happen away from the zerg. Generators that actually power those benefits bases give would help a ton, just make sure you place them inside defend-able buildings that wont just get shelled from the outside.

    Key issue really is that right now, smaller outfits can just join the zerg. If we try anything else, we get steamrolled, or face no resistance. Because why defend that small outpost over there for the off chance of someone coming? To fix that, we need longer hack timers, MUCH longer, like twice or three times as long.
    This means you can mount defences, as you know where the enemy is and where they have to go next.

    Longer hack timers would also likely fix the whole “attack attack never defend” issue we have. Right now its impossible to mount a proper defence. If you see the enemy zerg attacking some place, you try to set up a defence line somewhere, and yell for help via /orders. But till people are actually there and got ready to stop the enemy, the enemy is already there. To fix this, I tired to mount defence lines further away, but that turned out to be not working, as a chunk of folks went right into the enemy. Turns out our defence line was not strong enough because of that, and we get steamrolled. People stopped trying to defend quickly because of that.
    Longer hack timers would mean the enemy would stay at a base much longer, means defenders have more time to form up, and also re secures can actually be done, as opposed to the current “this is getting hacked, we need to re secure it asap OH ITS ALREADY GONE”

    So, in short: 2-3 times longer hack timers, and side objectives like Generators that power the benefits of bases.

    Its dull, completely, and broken to the bone. There is no reason to not spam Q all the time.
    Putting some kind of downside on Q wont work and only make people mad. Instead, change spotting completely. Remove Q, let spotting be done by vehicle radar and Infiltrators.
    Give Galaxys a sidegrade for an avacs like radar dish, maybe make it somewhat more complicated like the higher the galaxy is flying, the less it spots (low flying it spots everything, med flying only vehicles and some infantry, High flying only some vehicles).
    Also, enhance the infiltrators tool, and also give him another tool option. Binoculars that spot whenever the infil “fires” with them at enemy’s. Spot stays active as long as the infil keeps his eyes on the target. Something like that.


    I cant possible stress enough how quick we need those 3 other continents and the continent metagame with them. Video goes into more detail here, just need to say it again: HURRY CLEGG! <3

    Quick and dirty, done. Please tell me what you folks think. :)

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  2. Natir

    I just wanted to quote that and say anything that is done to help smaller outfits actually helps larger outfits as well. For one thing, that means they know they can rely on someone else to do that task and not worry about it. If you only have a few squads or one platoon, the larger outfits have confidence a smaller group can accomplish those tasks. Right now, you pretty much have to bring large numbers to any fight. This game has absolutely nothing to do with tactics, objectives, etc and has everything to do with the amount of numbers you bring and the amount of spawn points you have. Getting "zeged" and finding a good farm is the metagame right now. Oh, and capping empty continents.

    What boggles my mind is how many good ideas were in Planetside 1 and it seems the development team were either clueless about PS1 or there was a golden rule that the devs have to start from scratch and cannot use ideas from PS1... I guess that what you get from developers who got certificates in cyber security who were a car salesman and got a their BA in health administration from the university of phoenix.
  3. smokemaker

    Its about digital murder.
    I cant do in in RL. And believe me many deserve it.
    But in game.... yea digital murder.
    I dont care about the base, or the resources.
    I want to kill you.
    over and over and over
  4. Fox234

    I gotta agree. PS2 is just plain boring. It has so much potential but so many brain dead design choices ruin it. I've lost track of how many fights I've been in that were amazing but then one faction rides in with 20+ vehicles and ruins it. Not to mention PS2 is just an exercise in repetition.

    Edit- Lets not forget the completely broken population lock.
  5. Silent255

    By the time they push out their big items, most of the population will be missing. They released the game in an uncompleted state and are trying to complete it "as time goes on" and THEN push out post-release stuff. Their timing sucked, the game has a hierarchy of dominance which starts with Air at the top of the pyramid, Tanks in the middle, and Infantry at the bottom. If you're not a pilot, you're robbing yourself of quick certs and XP. There STILL isn't much of a metagame.

    The game is zerg and be zerged. You attack and constantly push troops into a base until the other side gives...there is no repelling. Planetside 1, you were able to repel attackers. It may have taken hours to do it but there were chokepoints outside the base, in the base walls, and in the facility itself. Popping an AMS seriously damaged attackers, on here there's so many deployed that it's a non-issue. Now it involves skirting around the outlying shields inside a CY covered with stuff to hide behind, drop the shields, and pour in and win. Once the outer shields are down and the zerg is waiting, the base is lost.
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  6. Basti

    You completly miss the point.

    Its not about killing each other. Plenty of games provide you with that.

    its about playing with your mates, or with randoms, to kill each other together.
    You can do that right now, but the majority of players who do play together in outfits get bored, because they can literally do nothing else than run into the meatgrinder.

    So, the idea is to give them other objectives they can go for, that cause enemys to attempt to resecure/defend.

    Goddamit, youtube killed vid due to 30 min, forgot about that completly. Gonna split it up now...
  7. Basti

    <-- video (part 1, part 2 link in description)

    Goddamn youtube 10 minute crap. And why cant edit the original post? :eek:
  8. Domnonos

    Video still showing as being "processed" not sure if it's just youtube being a dick or what? :)
  9. Basti

    No, ity my 6k DSL being slow. 83% uploading, should have waited with posting the new link.

    rerecorded tho, and also two parts. I hate youtube for its 10 minute stuff. :/
  10. QuantumMechanic

    I think releasing the game without the mission system was a very bad idea.

    The mission system should be directing battles, and giving you a lump XP reward for completing a "defend base XYZ" mission. Basically it should be adding structure and direction to what currently is an utterly chaotic and unrewarding game.
  11. Basti

    no automatic system would help here. People wouldnt listen to it. The mission system, as a player tool, would have been useful however.

    But thats not the point. There are a lot of things the game would have needed before release, and we could argue endlessly about what those features should have been.
    Release has passed, we are now live. Gotta focus on that, and get the stuff that fills us with joy asap, so we keep playing and paying their bills. ;)
  12. Domnonos

    Ah okay. Well it's live now :)
  13. nubery

    I'm reinstalling PlanetSide and nostalgia is already smacking me in the face and telling me how hollow PS2 really is.
  14. Basti

    no point, its empty.

    Wait till the 10 year event (assuming we get noble to say "lets do this" ;) ), it shall be mighty full at that point. :)
  15. nubery

    But it's free to play now, right? I really just wanted to look at old mechanics and play with the old gear/vehicles. It's been a long time.
  16. Basti

    Nah, isnt F2P. Gonna be a while till that happens, if ever. Its not high on SOEs priority list. Even then, PS1 requires a lot of work to be ready for F2P. Lots of people cant even launch the game, most have massive Performance issues (remember, its DX8). And if i would go F2p, it would have loads of cheaters, as hacking in PS1 is literally editing some memory the easiest way possible.
  17. DrNickriviera

    I don't think it's about outfit size I think it's about a lack of variety in the metagame. I miss gen holds, last minute resecures, opening conts, tower whoring, llu runs and the variety of other antics you could get up to in the original game. Fancy an Ant demolition derby in sanc? Easily done.

    Hopefully they can implement some of these ideas and give us some of the depth that the game sorely needs.
  18. Basti

    Well, the lack of outfit size is the reason why it hits us so hard. With enough people, you can effetivly zerg a base. If you dont have enough, your out of luck. It hits everyone tho, as we all, regardless of size, can just zerg bases. Really need more stuff to do asap. :>
  19. HunterLuigi

    The main problem in PS2 is that players cluster to much. The zerg is to big, and everyone stays around the zerg because of the easy kills. And easy kills give a better K/D and makes you feel proud. Right now, PS2 is about 1 or 2 zergs running around capturing everything together with smaller, more organized groups trying to capture side objectives and smaller bases. Those smaller groups/outfits will die in one way or an other, as from the enemy zerg, or just being bored to death.
    I would wait and see what the dynamic XP system is going to bring. I'm hoping it will be designed that running around in an overpowered zerg will give you small to no XP.

    With made me come up with an other idea. What if they, instead of giving every individual player XP rewards for captured bases, give the group the reward and divide it so every individual gets equal. If you're able to capture a fairly large base with a small group, you'll get much more XP, and if you capture it with a zerg, you'll only get like XP worth like an assist. I'm pretty sure this will spread out everyone.
  20. BloodMonarch

    I think its safe to say the devs are aware of the fact that the main appeal of PS2 ...(huge scale battles) is not happening anything like as much as it should, and that it is mostly zergs, where defenders are only able to hold out for a short period of time.... and they will do something about it.

    Keep in mind that what we dont want....is entrenched warfare where every base takes 5+ hours to take......it would be equally as boring and people would complain about that....defintiely a balance is needed between the two.

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