[FOG] Fast Operative Group (Russian VS outfit)

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Nosik, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. DaVinci

    We have thought about it, maybe in the near future. At the moment, we accept not only Russian-speaking players, but you should understand the basic commands for the game in the group
  2. DaVinci

  3. DaVinci

    FOG is looking for partnership among VS outfits. We have a stable squad online during prime time(6-7 CET) and seek for outfits we can form platoon with.
    We mainly focus on QRF and tactical gameplay. So if you have stable 1-2 squads online feel free to contact me in our TS (ts3.fog-gaming.com) and we will handle the details.
    Thanks for attention.
  4. ✖КрашуРжавчину✖

    Друзья подскажите, под каким тегом сейчас на миллере состав ВДВ с рушки? Захотелось вернуться в старую добрую игру, в старый добрый коллектив. VDV ушли еще до закрытия ру оф PS2.
  5. Dennis

    Кто-то ещё играет?