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    F.O.G. – достаточно молодой русскоязычный аутфит, который был создан незадолго до старта ЗБТ Planetside 2. Не смотря на это, его костяк составляют ветераны Planetside, такие как: Astronix, Cent1233, Coparzo, DaVinci, Nosscire, Pantya, хорошо зарекомендовавшие себя в игре. Вместе с тем, мы стремимся набрать в аутфит не только бывалых бойцов, но и молодых, многообещающих игроков. Мы стараемся уйти от закостеневших, давно изживших себя традиций и создать современное прогрессивное подразделение.
    Наша цель – создание универсального боевого юнита, способного как быстро завоёвывать базы в тылу противника, так и длительное время успешно защищать ключевые точки.
    Мы приглашаем вступить в наши ряды и новичков, и опытных бойцов, желающих добиваться высоких результатов и отстаивать честь Суверенитета Вану в Planetside 2.
    • Возраст от 18 лет (возможны исключения)
    • Использование программы голосовой связи Team Speak 3 (наличие микрофона приветствуется)
    • Активность в игре и на сайте аутфита
    • Исполнительность
    • Адекватное восприятие критики и рекомендаций членов аутфита
    Сервер: "Мельник" Miller
    Наш прайм тайм: по будням после 17:00 по МСК, по выходным после 13:00 по МСК
    Наш сайт: http://fog-ps2.ru
    Наш твиттер @FastOperativeGr
    Наша группа в VK http://vk.com/fastoperativegroup

  2. Nosik

    English version.
    F.O.G. is a quite young Russian outfit, that was created shortly before the start of the Planetside 2 CBT. Despite this, it s based on veterans of Planetside outfit "Dawn of War" (Werner VS), such as: Astronix, Cent1233, Coparzo, DaVinci, Nosscire, Pantya well-established in the game
    At the same time, we are trying to recruit not only skilled old fighters, but also the young, promising players. We try to get away from the ossified, long outworn traditions and create a modern progressive outfit.
    Our goal - is to create a universal combat unit, which is able to quickly gain a key base in the rear of the enemy as well as a long term successfully defence of important objects.
    We are inviting all to join us, it doesn't matter - are you green novice or old veteran of hundreds battles - all of you are welcome to join us to achieve good results and protect the glory of Vanu Sovereignty !
    • 18 + (exceptions may apply)
    • Use Team Speak 3 (a microphone is an advantage)
    • Activity in the game and on the website
    • Executiveness
    • accepting criticism and recommendations of outfit members
  3. Nosik

    Our training

  4. DCTH

    So this is the outfit whos members team-kill for a lousy 200xp? Or is Kiko an exception?
  5. kretaro

    Check "The Vanu Accord" Alliance , we are tring to growing it up. Atm we are 9 outfit in in with a Ts where we try to coordinate. Check it on www.zureyon.co.uk
  6. Kiddneey

    I was initially interested, then I saw some of your members running bot scripts in the Amerish warp gate area. No thanks.
  7. BoMBuR

    "some of your members" - our outfit is not about using bots. Or u think that we're doing this as a group? I know just a few people which you could see on Amerish. And that's a personal choice of each member. Especially, if my mates are skilled - why should I care about their way of getting certifications ?
  8. Kiddneey

    It is this lack of morality that troubles me.
    Why should you care about their way of getting certifications?
    Why should you care if a member uses an aimbot to win a battle with you?
    Why should you care if a member is cheating in another way if it benefits them or you?

  9. BoMBuR

    Cheating is unacceptable - I (as anyone in our outfit) won't play with anyone, who uses cheats. However, it have no correlation to botting. Bots just frees you from some routine actions, it's typical for any MMO. We play for fun, our players respect the rules and won't do anything prohibited. I don't want others to think, that we're dishonest outfit.

    P.S. If you want to continue our argue, we should do it in another place. I'm not the one, who's in charge in our outfit, so my opinion is only my own opinion. Plus, I'm not an expert in botting (never have used it before), so I can't say anything for sure. Maybe, those actions you saw weren't bot scripts, but it just looked like them.
  10. Justicia

    Don't know if you're still active on this forum, but I would advise your members not to start intentionally teamkilling (chasing allies with libs and scythes).
  11. Dignity

    These guys were teamkilling earlier this week as well, anybody else noticed em doing similar stuff?
  12. Nosik

  13. Nosik

    FOG continues to play on the Russian server Werner
  14. Nosik

  15. Nosik

  16. Ocaml

    Fast Operative Group have returned to Miller. Join the war with us!
  17. DaVinci

    UP, we are accept not only Russian speaking players, for being a member of our outfit you need to write an application on our forum
  18. ValorousBob

    Thanks for letting me play with you guys even though I don't speak Russian! I can confirm these guys are very good and should be your #1 choice if you speak Russian and play on Miller!
  19. DaVinci

  20. Zoobe

    Would be great if you guys could start some kind of English speaking division. You are doing great for VS on Miller, really good players.