FNO: September 21st, 2012

Discussion in 'Friday Night Ops' started by Luperza, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. Vanu Sovereignty

    8 years? It's only been announced for like 1 year.
  2. MacGoose

    I would buy the Alpha Squad. Oh, wait, I did ...
  3. Vanu Sovereignty

  4. Gabe

    I know it was announced like a year ago but some people have waited for it to be announced
  5. Gabe

    The thing with alpha squad is I have the money and Want to get it, but my Dad says its a waste
  6. Vanu Sovereignty

  7. Gabe

    Yeah I bet If I tell him I have the money he will let me but Idk
  8. Gabe

    I cant wait for the FNO
  9. MacGoose

    Well, being a dad myself ... is not relative to my story. Let me tell you this little story.

    I few weeks back I was out buying some junkfood for dinner. I was sitting at a table waiting for my takeaway when a girl and her dad also waiting for their food. Not takeaway btw. They had paid for the food and drink, and the girl goes over to the fridge and ask her dad "Do I have to take a coke?". "No of course you don't have to." he says. So she grabs a bottle of water and the dad quickly replies "No, not water. We don't pay for water". She puts back the water and takes a coke instead.

    Now my point to this story is that dadies often are wrong. Not me though. The girl wanted water, but had to take a coke because the dad didn't want to pay for water. Talk about being a healt freak - not.

    You can tell your dad your computer is a waste if he won't let it run PlanetSide 2.

    Seriously. Stay in school, don't do drugs, and listen to your parents! Though you are allowed to give them a nudge in the right direction.
  10. Antagonisten

    Now that's good ol' American parenting!
  11. Sardus

    Hope you guys enjoyed. I found out afterword that were was a comms problem. Luperza could not hear anything we were saying :( She may of had TS3 whispers turned off i think. We still had a blast though.
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  12. Vanu Sovereignty

    How do I open FNO's? I missed last night's for two reasond:

    1. I had to go somewhere

    2. When I got back I didn't know how to open FNO.
  13. Gabe

    Go to page 1 of this thread
    Click on the link to go to the website
  14. PapaSmurf

    Few technical glitches and being right after a patch wasn't ideal at all for us, but it was nice to chat to Maggie & put the word out about Smurf Assault Squad.

    Shame she lagged so badly but we'll do it again and play on a US server to improve things.

    Thanks for all the nice comments in the chat and hope what people did see was OK :D

  15. SiskNeo00

    It was great papa smurf. I enjoyed the conversations actually.
  16. PapaSmurf

    Cool. It's hard for it to not sound like a dating advert when replying to the questions etc.
  17. Gabe

    If I do get into beta or Buy the Alpha squad I look forward to meeting you in game :D
  18. TrueDanny

    Hey man, saw your guys part. I have minor suggestion whether you'll take it or not. You should probable pull Luperza in a different voice coms then your outfit so you don't clog the voice coms or someone doesn't say anything bad. We did this with Ventrilo binds. People wanted to hear the entire outfit coms but I cannot vouch for the 50 or so people in my ventrilo channel to say anything offensive. We heard something on stream:
    "Hey man, shes not even showing us **** on cam." Or something similar. Don't take this the wrong way. We are just trying to help another outfit whether you'd like to take the advice or not.

    Good luck to your outfit, best wishes to all TR.
  19. Sardus

    That was what we're doing. Someone snuck into the channel who was then removed when they made that comment. We had everything set up with whispers and Luperza was in our command channel. Unfortunately I do not think she had whispers turned on. She was not hearing any of our whispers down to the other channels where the guys were playing yet everyone else in the room could.
  20. Luperza Community Manager

    Yeah, I had whispers turned off because people were spam whispering me. lol.

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