FNO: September 21st, 2012

Discussion in 'Friday Night Ops' started by Luperza, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. Luperza Community Manager

    This week on FNO:
    - Hang out with the Smurf Assault Squad
    - Check out Validus Gamers' super secret ops
    - Watch the Terran Republic Guard's (TRG) in action
    *More segments will be added to the upcoming show. Be sure to PM me if you have any big events going on this week!

    Let us know you'll be there!
    >>> RSVP here <<<

    When: 9/21/2012 4PM - 9PM PST
    Server: To be announced before each segment on the live show

    Don't forget to use our hashtag #ps2fno!
  2. Arktype

    Would you mind having a Cameraguy like me to record the event ?

    I made this for the community:

    ps: can t wait for tonight's show !
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  3. Luperza Community Manager

    Hey Arktype!

    I think I might be making a photo segment. Feel free to take photos and what not all you want and reply to the recap thread when I create that. I would love to showcase something like this during other episodes.

  4. Domnonos

    I enjoyed the first show but since the one today doesn't start until 1am CEST, is there any chance of this one starting in a more EU friendly time slot?
  5. Luperza Community Manager

    I do want to do one or two a month that fit an EU friendly time. What time would you suggest is best for EU peeps? Please let me know and I"ll do what I can. :)
  6. DoctorWhose

    I think 09:00 PM CET/CEST would be okay. Dunno what that would be at your time.
  7. Domnonos

    I agree with DoctoerWhose, sometime around 08.00/09.00PM CEST would probably work. Depending on the lenght of the show :)

    I would probably be willing to watch a show that ended around 2am CEST.
  8. MooMasher

    Nice video what do you think of mine?

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  9. Genocide7

    Seriously? VS versus NC? I call bogus. #TR4LIFE. We need the streets to flow red!
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  10. Sardus

    Higby might have some steal some TR blood if he wants to win this :)
  11. Bags

    What time is it?
  12. RedCat

    Why not make this a 3 way battle? That would make things so much more interesting! Is there no developer representing TR? Me and my outfit would be glad to represent The Terran Republic ;) ;)
  13. TUFCommander

    My Outfit would also be happy to Represent the TR! The United Front! :)
  14. Whalenator

    Yuck, TR.
    NC's going to win because you can't win wars with flashlights.
  15. reac1337

    jes EU FRIENDLY , server-up times aren't really EU-firendly, too
  16. project3way

    so RadarX will be representing the TR and picking his team from the this thread too right? ^_^
  17. Luperza Community Manager

    You should convince him to! That would be awesome. TR folks... Bombard his Twitter ---> https://twitter.com/RadarX
  18. Whalenator

    Ahh no the TR will just spam Cycler MAXes.
  19. PapaSmurf

    We're in this weeks FNO, 2am on Saturday morning is going to be, er, interesting for us. (EU timezone) :eek:

    Luperza - "So, Papasmurf tell us a bit about the Smurf Assault Squad"

    Me - "Zzzzzzzzz"

    Luperza - "Papasmurf!?!?"

    Me - " Zzzzzzz (snort) Zzzzz"
  20. Luperza Community Manager

    Hehe. Stock up on those Redbulls and bananas you were talking about!

    Also for those FaceBook users, I added a FB event. :)

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