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  1. ZeroErrorz

    Seriously now i losed about 30 reaver,20 vanguard,40 lightning and countless gunfight due to this,its game breaking rly,also i got a i7 3770k and a gtx-680 so dont say my rig is bad,cos its isnt and the worst part is on amerish i got 0 fkin ZERO FPS THERE, dear SOE pls fix this and bring back what we get from OMFG since at this point ITS GONE AND WORSE THAN BEFORE OMFG
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  2. Mekeji

    I am running an i5-4670k and a 760 and I get 70-90 FPS. I actually get a bit disturbed when it gets close to 60 and I am on max.

    There is something wrong with your set up. Try turning down some settings and make sure vsync is off. I notice it likes to limit the GPU a bit too much.
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  3. Udnknome

    I'm running a 3770k with a Geforce 560Ti. I run on all high settings (medium shadows) and I get more than smooth gameplay even in big fights. --something else must be wrong with your rig.

    For some reason I still get the blank screen bug even though I've upgraded my drivers though...
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  4. ZeroErrorz

    dude i run max fine all the time before the last patch and updating the nvidia driver,its not just frame rate drop but stutter as well
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  5. ZeroErrorz

  6. Pikachu

    My fps goes down to 30 in big fights. I play with most things on highest. Shadows are high instead of ultra and models are on low. I wish I could set shadows on ultra. :L
    i7 2600k
    gtx 660

    Speaking of shadows why does PS2 have this shadow radius outside which shadows stops render even if they have started to render inside it? You often not see the full length of the shadow from a rock spire on Esamir or other talls objects because it cuts off outside the shadow radius from the player. While other games always render full shadow when a shadow has been determined to be rendered. It looks really bad night time on Indar with all canyons supposed to cast shadows everywhere but they don't because they are out of range so they only cast a little bit of it.
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  7. MichaelS

    another OMFG phase like last year and there are no players left to profit from that.
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  8. Paragon Exile

    My performance has been steadily improving, what is your computer doing wrong? :)
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  9. ZeroErrorz

    idk, i got a break for 2 week after my 2 month break from feb-april, it was still fine but after the 2 week break and some update and nvidia update it **** up hell it was already broken before the nvidia update,its not that my frame rate going too low its kinda too high i guess since i see it sometime go to 65-70 fps which i never got before and my screen is only capable of 60hz which result a lot of stuter..
  10. Nerp

    What exactly is your problem? Are you getting hitching/stuttering? Random 3 - 10 second freezes? Just low fps in general?

    Try downgrading your drivers to 332.21 and making sure shadowplay is off. That helped a ton for me, and I'm on an i5 3570k and gtx 770. I run on ultra settings with shadows off ( Shadows cause a lot of lag too, try turning that down ).
  11. Paragon Exile


    Spell check.

    OT; try reverting to some older Nvidia drivers, I had some problems earlier myself and it helped considerably.
  12. TheBlindFreak

    I have an i7 (albeit bottom of the barrel) and I have been getting incredibly poor performance lately. GPU is irrelevent since I'm always bottlenecked with the CPU.

    Personally, I get very noticeable drops whenever I look at explosions or have a lot of dorito markers tracking in my view.
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  13. ZeroErrorz

    stutter mostly.
  14. Verviedi

    I play on Very Low, GTX 560, still get unplayable lag spikes while flying that often cause death via wall.
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  15. Nerp

    As I said, if you haven't already, roll back your drivers to 332.21 and don't use shadowplay. That helped a lot for me ( However it still happens occasionally, it's just not happening every 30 seconds anymore ).
  16. Kunavi

    I decided today not to play any more until HitReg is fixed, so I can fight with less than 60 bullets per target ETC ETC ETC. I am particularly tired of all this crap.
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  17. Pikachu

    Ever had those times when you have to shoot someone with 4 shotgun shells at 5m before they die?
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  18. LIKE A BOSS!

    Lowest frame drops I get is 45fps. But with my rig I need MOAR.
  19. Kaktwox

    Maybe after the PC beta phase is over and they finally launch the PS4 version, they might fix the absurd and numerous issues with the game.
  20. Ubad00d

    i5 3570k
    AMD HD7950
    8gb RAM

    Horrible microstutter/frame jumping, short freezes when new textures or buildings are rendered, 40fps in a biolab, 55fps at the WG, input lag.