Favorite sights?

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  1. Ballto21

    All the different reflex sights and scopes change how you aim in some way with how their designed, like the triple chevroms vs cross, and more subtle differences like the size of the x1 reflex with the red circle and the one with a plain dot. which one do you use on almost every weapon?

    I use 3.4 and 4x chevrons, and triangle x2 on vs, x2 square on ns
  2. DashRendar

    I always used the 1x reflex, but after the scope "fixing" patch, I've been using the 2x reflex and liking it. I just use the standard red dot sights, haven't really given the others a try in the field. I may try out the yellow dot tho, that seems nice.
  3. LodeTria

    I use the Vanu 1x sight on VS guns that can have it.
    On NS stuff I use the 1x red circle.
  4. Jawarisin

    1x with dot on everything except for the CQC BASR for which I use 4x trueshot (the one with the cross)
  5. Uncle_Lou

    I use the 2x reflex red dot almost exclusively. Usable at medium range and not useless up close. Anything with higher magnification I use the mildot style reticles because they give me aiming reference points. I have been playing around a little lately with the 2x yellow dot and of course the HSNV.
  6. LordMatt XLVIII

    On TR, T sight, VS, Vanu shaped sight, and on NC, logo sight because hell yeah.
  7. Kevanov

    I use 2x yellow dot mainly.
  8. Iridar51

    Never had any reason to use something other than regular red dot, for all the 1x to 3.4x.

    For the 3.4x+ scopes, I actually base my scope choice more on how good the scope model looks on a weapon then the crosshair itself :p So for NC, Trueshot is pretty much the only viable scope for me, even if it's 4x crosshair and not a red dot.
  9. Rogueghost

    I use 1x red dot as my go to, 2x for more long range orientated weapons.
  10. JudgeNu

  11. Eternaloptimist

    Red dot 3.4x and yellow dot-plus-circle 2x whenever I cans get them.
  12. Liewec123

    i love the 1x sights, and of them all i love the vanu one the most,
    though my favourite ADS in the game has to be the TR MCG :D
  13. qquqq

    I like the 1x red dot the 2x yellow circle or chevron(wish it was thinner), I hate the 2x vanu those side fins are distracting,
    i don't do much in higher scopes,
    love the tr tsight
    and does any one know why they nerfed the NS scopes? they use to be the NC scopes best in game other than vs1x and then they made them all 2-3 times as thick,,,,,,,
    and why when they added new scopes did they not leave the old ones in?
  14. PurpleOtter

    I'm quite fond of the view to the North East from the top of The Crown..
  15. KnightCole

    I have been using the x2 yellow circle sight, the red one I seriously find confusing to use, I have legit aimed the corner of the sights at the enemy, they are to close together, and in split second aiming, sometimes I mix em up...lol. Wish it was just a x2 optic with a red dot in the middle...so much easier.
  16. DrPapaPenguin

    T- sights on everything that can take them. 1x magnification. The only exception I would say is SABR-13, it has great iron sights.
  17. NinjaTurtle

    Yellow 1x and 2x when possible and IR/NV
  18. Azarga

    x1, x2 red dot on everything.
  19. 00000000000000000000

    1x Reflex, on everything.
  20. Demigan

    My favourite sight is seeing ESF and Liberator debris fall out of the sky, burning. Beautiful smoke trailing it as it crashes down, the bodies of the pilots unrecognizably fused with the wreckage...

    More on topic:
    I use the 3,4 sight (with a dot in the middle) on almost everything that can. I find the extra range useful and with some skill and timed ADS you hardly ever will have less accuracy than with reflex sights.
    There's a few weapons that just don't need the range, such as the high ROF Carbines where I don't use them. But on everything else it's a go for me.