Do not purchase the new TR Infiltrator helmet

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Astraka, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Astraka

    Please fellow TR Infiltrators, do not waste your money on the Bravo Helmet unless you enjoy playing on DK mode. As you can see, because the Infiltrator wears a skin tight bodysuit the helmet looks disproportionate as hell. I am even wearing the bulkier composite armor with this, and you can see it does nothing to alleviate the problem. This of course says nothing about how it would fail to even match the color scheme of the rest of the armor even if it was proportionate compared to the rest of the body.

    On another more positive note, the Light Assault version of the helmet looks pretty cool and does not suffer from these issues.

    For comparison:

    TR Bravo Helmet with Composite Armor


    TR Composite Helmet with Composite Armor:


    P.S: None of the other helmets look good on a TR Infiltrator either. Stick with default or upgrade to the only exception: the Composite helmet.
  2. AnuErebus

    Yeah, a guy in my outfit talked about this. Supposedly it makes it easier to get headshots on you but that might just be speculation. I already thought the design was pretty poor, and hardly attractive for an infiltrator. The size is yet another drawback so yeah. Unless you really like it, it doesn't seem worth it.
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  3. Ztiller

    Not really a PSA. More like your opinion. "I don't like the looks of it" is not a PSA.
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  4. Astraka

    Well you are certainly never going to catch me with that abomination on in the field, so a braver soul than I would have to test that theory out.

    What I don't understand is that someone, somewhere, looked at that and said that it was ready for the shelves. In a free-to-play game where your primary source of income is derived from Weapon & Cosmetic sales, you would think they wouldn't ignore Quality Assurance on half their income source & push stuff like this on to the customer.

    I am unlikely to purchase any more cosmetics for my character after this debacle.

    I think giving my fellow TR Infiltrators a heads up by showing them the new design in game, regardless of my opinion on it, is a public service and of interest to the Infiltrator community.
  5. VKhaun

    Thread is a bit inflammatory, but thanks for the heads up about the size.
  6. ikillyou1990

    ROFL it looks sooooooooooooooo funny. It makes you look like an alien!

    Looks like this:
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  7. Astraka

    Perhaps I should have made the thread when the feelings were a bit less raw. I kind of feel taken for six dollars, which while isn't a lot is still more than I would have paid for the helmet had I a place to properly test it out.

    The resemblance is uncanny.
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  8. ThElement078

    Pardon my ignorance but what does PSA mean?
  9. Astraka

    Public Service Announcement. For instance announcing the fact that the new Bravo Helmet for the TR Infiltrator is disproportionate when compared to the body, showing that fact through pictures, and thus doing a public service by giving TR Infiltrators an easier way to decide whether the helmet is worth purchasing.

    Of course others may disagree or have a better example.
  10. Ravenorth

    Public Service Announcement
  11. Stinneyt

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  12. Audi03

    Thanks for the PSA, that really looks weird. But TR infiltrators in general look weird and no camo, helmets or armor can change that.
  13. Astraka

    It doesn't help that many of the Helmets are literally strapped on to the default mask, instead of replacing it entirely. That's part of the reason I was so excited for this one - it is actually a full-head helmet. A real shame it looks so poor when it is compared to the NC & VS versions (though the VS one doesn't actually work out of VR yet).
  14. Badname0192

    At least you don't have to memorize a complex code for a bighead mode on infiltrator, like you would for players in NBA Jam!
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  15. botosan

    too sucks A.....had to do it

    but i love it still
  16. Rift23

    They should release a helmet with a bullseye on it. Wearing that thing on Esamir would be the ultimate expression of ballziness.
  17. Astraka

    I used to wear the Crested Helmet for that reason alone. I feel that it would piss people off more to get killed by someone that looks so outrageous and obvious. I never got angry hate tells, but I could feel the anger through the screen.
  18. c0r3

    TR infiltrators look like they just wandered out of some S+M party anyway.
  19. Canaris

    we got any better pics of it than the OP's they're not good quality, I can see what you mean Astra about the size but I'd like to see some more pics and in game shots of it.

    But if it is as bad as that then the smed bucks I was going to shell out on it and going else where. :confused:

    Oh and
    I iz in your shower, waiting to shiv you!! ;)
  20. Zerran

    That does look a bit funky, but I have to say I think the NC one is even worse. It looks like something made by someone who just learned how to do 3d modeling.