Dev Letter - Onward to 2020

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  1. 2uv1

    Remove all cloaks.
    Give new players anti tank and anti air.
    nerf c4 vs players.
    balance server pop.
    nerf liberator range.
    sunderer buff.

  2. Koluchiy

    The big mistake is not to create Russian localization for the game. PS2 would still be alive, since Russia has a total population greater than in all of Europe, and we love free games very much. We are also generous in donations if we see a good attitude.
  3. Koluchiy

  4. FrankieLowNRG

    I entered the game today, I waited 10 min. queued while I was in the Training Room, finally I enter Indar, I automatically join a team, press "INS" to spawn near the team leader and I find myself back in the Training Room, waiting another 10 min. to return to Indar, in the meantime I leave the platoon, finally I enter Indar again, I press "INS" to join a team, I try to spawn near the team leader and I find myself back in Training ... I lost half an hour just for come into play. It would be better to automatically remove the members who are in Training from the team ... otherwise it is just a waste of time.
    I apologize for my bad English ... !!!
  5. Tortricat

    Please listen to my idea. This game will sink in the coming years if more resources are put into PS3. They need to build upon what they currently have. People have complicated suggestions, mine is the simplest. It is best to keep things simple here, no over analysis.

    What this game needs is more variety. Periodic events that force every single player to fight on one continent. A Team death match mode with a counter for the global kill score, winning faction gets a cert bonus, that would be amazing. Other game modes, forcing everyone to fight on Koltyr. These can be called continent war, all players forced to fight on one continent for 2-3 hours. There could be points on the map that factions are directed to go into for this team death match.

    There can be other modes for this instead. A simple conquest of the continent, winning faction gets a cert bonus, using the system already in place.

    The most iconic feature of this game is the potential for huge battles, my most enjoyable moments in this game in the past was during huge battles. Playing on my friends old account and on my account. PS2 must go back to this. Every single player fighting on Koltyr would be an epic and amazing battle.

    Then there is Oshur. The player population is only being divided further between the continents, this only increases the need for my suggestion. Seamless transitions between player continents/worlds can be saved for PS3. This game needs far more work and better marketing to generate more interest, PS3 is jumping the gun. Balance is not a huge issue since all factions have almost the same number of people 24/7.
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  6. UnstableLiquid

    It was great when base building was introduced. it really made it more fun for the majority of the players. However! It is not fun when 1 infiltrator camps your base waiting for you to leave to knife away your whole base. It is annoying and currently no way to fight them without spending hours looking for them till one or the other gives up and lets them have their way. This is not fun, nor is it in any way fair. Base building needs a new Tactical building that negates cloaking for all players within a certain range (120m would be great) Its a base for heavens sake, it should be able to defend itself, not be taken out by one annoying infiltrator with a powered knife that can destroy it all in minutes. Class updating is great as well as server updates. BUT GIVE US BASE BUILDERS A CHANCE TO BREATH.
  7. BulletKin

    I currently want some base building changes and some more varied events. High pressure and and aerial anomalies get pretty old

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